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Daniel Rides Behind

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" Daniel," remarked tho President, aa :he fragrance of tlie flowera was wnfted 11 tlnough the wide wiudowsou thesilver lloods of lunllght, and the sweet May air brougbt the rose flush of youtli to liis etieeks, and the glad sparkle to liis eyes - " Daniel !" ' Yes, sir," responded Daniel, cheerily. " Will you order out one ot' iny gootl steeds " " With a saddle, sire?" " With a slde-saddle, Daniel ? " exclaimed the President, raerrily (ruzlng down upon himself. "Do I look like a side saddle fairy, Daniel?" "Is the sleed for yourself, aire?" and Daniel was all in a tremole. " Yes, Daniel." "But, sire, you are unaecustomed to '.he exerciue," expostulated Daniel. "You :iive not ridden in yeiirs.'1 " Go to-, Daniel. Go to. You forget thst I have been ridlng the Democratie puriy siucc 1SS4, anrt Uanlel, theie Ís not a rougher, inore unruly steed than ever clanged au iron hoof upon the bosom of the tender earth than that. 1 want to rest a llttle ere the summer circuit. Go 'etcli the steed, Daniel, and see the master ride " "True, sire," said Daniel, " I had quite 'orgot, and when you ride the steed, may [ get up behind as I have been behind befo re?1' "Ay, Daniel, ay," and Daniel hurried


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