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Sllght derangements of tlie stomach and bowels may oflen be eorrected by taking only oru of Ayer's Filis. Throiigh nor having ttie Pilis ut hand, your disorder increases, and ft recular fit of Mckness follows. "For tUe want of the nail, the shoe was loft," etc. PolicemHn to tired citizen- Do you think you can get liĆ³me alone, Mr.Sniith Tired citizen - Yesh, I can (bic) eet 't fron' rtor 'lone, but after that I (bic) guesh Pil have comp'ny. - N. Y. Sun. Wire puller- Well, 8pilklns, I trust that we sliall give yon a handiome majorlty when the election comes off. Spilking- I don't care if it's as homely ap ii brush tence, as long as t's a mujority. - Burlington Free Press. Startllng Facts. Pbysiologlsts state that with each contraclion the henrt exerts fifty pounds of force. Thls amounts to 3.U00 u minute, 216,000 an hour and the etiormous number of "1,184,000 pounds In a day. No wonder tUere are so niany wenk hearts and tliat people drop dead. If exerclse makes you short of breatli ; If you have Hattering. paiu in de, faint and huiijrry spell?, swollen ankles, etc., look to your heart and don't fail to take Dr. Miles' New Cure. Sold at Eberbach & Son's. Clilcairo young lmsbund - And willyou neyer take the wedding ring from your fineer darling? Chicago young wlfe - Never, Georfre; death ordivorce wlll alone remove It ! - E pech.


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