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TIip boly Is more susceptible to beneti from Hood's Sarsaparilla now than an; other sea30ii. Tlierefore take it now. " Have you seen papa's new dog Cario,' she asked. as tliey st in the parlor "Yes," lie replied uneasily; " I have liac the pleasnre of meeting the dog.'' "Istr lie aplt'iidld 'i He is so affeetionate." ". noticed he wns very demonstrallve," returned lie, as he moved uneasily i ti liis chair. " He is very playfnl, too. I never saw a more playful animal iti all my llfe." " I am glad to hear yon say that." " Why ?" " Because I ra a little afraid that when he bit that piece out of me the other evening, he was in earncst. Hut if he wiis onlj' in pliiy, of cour-e U's all rijrht. I can take fun is well asanybody." - Exchunge. ?? It is LT8eless for young ladies who are troubled with frecklcs, pimplei", moth and tan and a bad skin üfinernlly to use liqutd pit In tl or dry powderp, ior tlicy oniy make t:ie skin look well for the time bcinjr. To have a good complexión you must have pure blood. Use Sulphur liitters and your skin will bc fair and complexión rosy.- Youii){ Ladies Magazine. The youiic man on the look out for :i "soft place," throujrli a for htmest hard work, can find one under his hüt. Miss Gertie- "Professor, do you think that Ouida's novéis wenken the mini) '¦ Professor Snarlkindly- "No, dear because nobody with any mlnd ever reads them."


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