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The Verdict Inánime us. W. I. Kuit, ilnijraist, Blppoft, Ind , tcstifies: "I 'iiii m-omincnd Electrii: lüuers iis tlie very best rcimnly. Every boiile soUl hu aivcn n-lict in i'Vi iv cu-e. Olie man topk six boltlcs, nul WUB cuivd of Iiliimnatisin ef lOjwmttMHdtajE " Abi.iham Hare. drugstift, lieliville. Oliio, tlirins: "'riit' be.-t sellinir malkltiiq I have i'vi r handled in my20 ycurs ex'i iiicr, is Electric bitters.?' Tlionsanüs of ullifO bttre addcd thelr Icstimonv, su Iliül tlie verillct is HimiHinous thit Eleclric Hitters do cure uil ('.s nf t lic Livcr, KÍiImhns or MckhI. Only :i li.-ilt' ilullar a IhiIIíc at EberlitipliV ilriifi 8torc. She Tried and Knws. Ifll'iltl',' ciirmiM ' i s ¦ W .k-.iy-: . .iils(i- i.I'mii'! II, :l-i Un A : ii-ln-tdio-ni-. 'l , , e ImTiIIV li'ill [)¦ ililll'iM. ' , LI, . n lluvijtv lii'rTiTpíi' il. , ,!¦ ¦ H 1 1 ' I V in -I! ,¦',-,- lli--l llllll ¦.'. !'¦¦' 'M" I" '1' . Blitl l. il! .1 . ..:ll il (¦lllillllil for I d ! iMll . í'iir I:1IM8, arl.f, wo.ikin'-, I, .in . . i-u-., tllry tl .¦ II .Ir; 'i M fifllgn Rf, ¦ . . ¦ .i . nttni -. Ir la i w .i I , .,-r u .1 M1 o uiJ urn ij kl ii . t Mil.l ¦' tl '.. r :. il ut 1 l'oll't t'l lik H. In 'V . -ir .'!¦''. ,.,', (.ri ; -Iim.iM. r ii nu b -n fifi S.M.V. l.llt - ,tl ' ,v at all m 'W. !tj ;ni I, 43 Si-uil r, iviits l'ur tli.' !mi. : ,[.: ture ¦ Uri THEATHLOPHOROSCÜ. 112 WuilSi nf. r. DR. MILES' RESTORATIVE NERVINE JÊÊt B contaitis no Opiutn ordan. ggT 9 Eirous drug. Can be taken JihBSI ¦ auy one at any timr. MM The - and brut DUJe WkBÊ nkkVoisüesu, si-.Isms' laWW NÉBTOBS DI'SEISES'. II ïold by Druqqists. Sample Bottles Freí ¦nill Kewardcil are those who reuil H II. H .Ytllls and then act; ttiey win flni IIIVmU i liominibli' eniploj inent that wül not take thera trom their bouita and famlltei). The proflts are large and ure tor every linhistrlims person, many have madeand are uow innklng ievernl hundrrd dolUrs a munth. It Is easy lor any one to uiuke 35 umi pwards per day, wtio is willlni; towork. Klther sex, young or oíd; capital not needed; we Htart yn. Every Ihlnu uew No special ubllitv ïequirml, you, readiT, eau do It af wi'll im auy uue. Wrlte lo us at once for f ii 1 1 particular, whlcli we mail free. AddraB8S}iii,Sou A Co., r.irilunü. Maiue. A. Concentrnted I. quid Extract of MALT and HOPS. MANUFACTURED BY 6PECIALTY DE'T PHIL. BEST KRFWIN(J CO. Aids Digestión. Cures Dytpeppia. Sttungthrns the System. Restoren Sound, Ileftishing Sleep. Pricefrus to Xitrsiuy Mother. o Recomnicnded by Kmliicnt I'hj sicians. O FOR SALE BY ALL DttUCCISTS.


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