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A prominent citizen of Aun Arbor was on tlie cars a few days since witli a prominent professional gentleman, and as conversation progressed the subject of tbe tarlffwiu struck. The prominent cltizen wiis ft republiciin and a protectionlst, and was soon pouring hot shot into the free trnde theorisls. Finally the professional gentleman, stated his case: "Ilere you and I have kid gloves exactly alike, where did }rou purekase jrours, and how much did yon pay for ilicm?" "In Aun Arbor, and I paid $1.50," was the reply. "TliHt's jnst what makes me a democrat. I bonght niy gloves, in every way equal to yours, as you can seo, in Londoo, Eng., ¦ad paid about $1.25 for them. Xow if W had free tradc in this country I could boy this same glove here ín Ann Arbor jut as cheap as In London, and that is on ly one of many things. This protectivc turill robs ieoplc don't you see7" This professional gentleman is one who has a lïxed salary and a handsome one. He dresses richly, pnrchasiii"; the iines-t r.iiinent consistent witli his i)iirsc. The taking off of tbe tariff on kid floves would benefit him 25c per pair accordinjr to his tigures. 'J'hcn agaiu, the tarifl" off "t ïnaiinfacttired woolen goods would iloubtiess helj) htm in purchasing his hroadcloths and im portod suitings from 18 Dpwud per suit according to quality. Uut in tlio cflbrt to secure cheaper lovt'3 and clothes for liimsclf it would necesitate reducin the wages of every workman in the factorles just the extra price he now pays for his foreign made goods. It miht help him a very little temporarily, to be sure, but he mlght also tind bj biingingf the world into equal mpetition with our workmen he had brought such hard times upon our own CJuntrj' that his salar3 would be effected as well as the poor laboriug man's, for a general depression and stapnation of luisiness will elt'tct all classes nd all salaries. The lust Argus quoted some very unkind and unculled tor remnrks rclative to Gen. Alger, said to have been uttered by republicans. Be that as it may, Gen. Alger can stand them probably. A man wbo enlisted as a private and rose to the rank of Major General, througk bravery and merit alone, must be a man of aomc itrunjLtii of mina as wen as courage and tenacity. A man who entered the business world with nothing but his Iiead and his hands, and has hcivcd his way to the top tlirougli good judgnient and wise invedtments, aud the common sense handliog of business enterprises, must be a man of more than the averaje brain ca]acity. A man who havlng atnussed a fortune by his own exertions has heart enough to take snveral thousands of dollars of that every year, and give it outright to relieve the sufterings of the poor, must be a pretty good man, and able to withstand the attacks of men who have probably never given a cent in their livesfor any purpose whatever, except ¦omethlng that would pander to tlieir owb pleasures. And asfar as the Argus is concerned, the attempt to belittle the slatesmaiiship of any such man comes in rather bad grace, when we look at the head ot its ticket and read the name of Grover Cleveland. A decisión lias been rendered by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, that a marriage contract belng a contract in the eyesof the law, is illega), nuil and void if entered into on Sunday. With all cine deference to the court and the learned judges who rendered the decisión, it Ís a dangerous, foolish and unjust decisión, whieb u 11 greatly effect the happinesg of inany people in the State of Pennsylvania. To be sure our courts are entitled to the utmost deference and honor, and tlieir edicts should be implicitly obeyed, but as our judges are but human, after all, and liable to err, the people have a right to criticlse their error?, and this Is one of them. The contract of marriage s :i moral oue, and it is In accordance with the law of God as well as the law of man, and that law holds good on Sunday as well as any other day. These learned judges have erred in judgment in this particular and the decisión should be so roundly condemned by the people that the judges In other states wlll not fall into a like error. Anythlng done by courts, legislatures, or other law making bodies, to in any mantur interfere with or render in the least difflcult the sacred institution of marriage is a step in the wrong direction. What law of propriety, of religión, of good order, is outraged or even remotely interfered with by the performance of a marriage ceremony on Sunday ? The laws governing the people should be construed by the judges in the best manner to insure the happiness of the people, and not on mere technicalities. The judge or judges who rendered that decisión paid more respect to the letter of the law than to the moral well being of the people composing the commonwealth. A marriage contract is a sacred contract, and should bc made all the more sacred by beiug entered into apon the day set aslde in sacred wrlt as a sacred day. When Virginia soldlers Jolu in trewlng Memorial flowers on the grave of Gen. Orant purty deraaKugues should be aehamed of Ihelr altempt to perpetúale fur selflsh purposes the HUlmoltlos of a war happlly ended for 11 concerned almost a ceutury ago. - N. Y. World. Just so. But when a resolutlon offerin' syinpathy with Oen. Sheridan in his serious illness and liope for his recovery is introdiieed ut the democratie iationnl convention, and a risirig rote asked for, and every delégate of every soutuern state keep his Kat, should not the entire country be ashamed of such attempts "to perpetúate for selfish purposes the animosities of the war happily (?) endcd for all concerned almost a quarter of a centuryago?" The Virginia soldicrs were masquerading, the St. Louis delegates were phowinj; tip their true feeling?, that's the difl'erence. If the republicana of Washtenaw county lak f the ndvlre of J tin y lïeal they wlll notniimte Mrs. Mary ('. Whltlng for prosecutlDg attorney. BbaoonJd Uil tlie orliee all rlght, lf Hhe could leg lt fust enougU to get elecled. - Detroit Kvenlnj; News. If llikey Dee - not Mi-kah-do - of the Detroit Evening News will }jet his Dformalion ahnut the advicf the editor of this paper gives the republicans of this county from the columns of this paper in¦tead of from u democratie sou ree, he will be able to talk more intellisreutly and trutliliilly. Mrs. Whititiff Is a candidate on the democratie not on the republican ticket.


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