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Circuit Court Proceedings

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The toliowmg cuses have been disposcd of in the Circuit Court slnce oiir List ro port: Jamen II. Morris vu. Warren Tremaln et a] Ordered tlmr .1 F. Lawrence be substituto iis :i i lm iii-y lor deiendant on fllini consent o M. II. Brennan. Josephlue Ortman vn. Frank Ortinan. Dl vorce. Deereegranted. Dalsy Britton vs. Wm. Britton. Divorce Decree gran led. Sim on Simons vg. Ypsllantt Papr ('o Motlon for change of venue argued and sub mlttod. Motlon iIiüiIoh John lint n et al. va. Jacob Ilotli. Decree o loreclosure graDted. Wm. I). Harrlman. Judgc of Probate vs. Martha A. Bates et al. Judgment of $100.13 by default. Costs assessed by the court. Iioren Babcook vs. F'red. C. Sinllh. Judgmo„t hy .loiunit SÜ63.78. DamageM assessed by the clerk. Tratler's Insurance Co. vg. Geo. Moorman. Judgment ÍIÍI5.IÍ8 by default. Düinages assessed by the court. Mattie A. Emery vs. Wm.Emery. Dlvorce. Decree granted. The People vs. Walter Stafford. Charged wllli breaklng open a store In the day time at Ypellantl. Prisoner arralgned plead gullty and sentenced t Ionla for one year. Carlos Spencer et al. vg. MatthewKusterer. Demurer sutalned with leave lo amend blll withln M day. Amanda Kreoch va. Albert Case et al. Blll dlsiulssed without costs. Catharlne Hoffstetter vs. Adolph Hoffstetter. The court ordered Frank Joslyn to act as prosecutlng attoiney.


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