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The Common Council met at the northern end of N'. Main st. last Thurnday to iict as a cotnuiittee of the whole upon the loweriug of the grade of that street, in pursuaiice of action taken by the council in 188G. A .-Utenient of the case 8 this: ¦Vhen John J. Kobison bought the old jail property he commenced niakiiig iniprovementg. He tound tliat lie liad material and land enough tor the erectiou ofacuple of houses, but before doin; this he iisked that the grade of the street be chaoged a trille in front of the premises il that access to the new houses would be more easy. The matter coming up before the council it was referred to the general street eommittee, together wlth the city engineer, with power to act. Wuatthis committee afreed to do and (lid nnt do is a matter of dispute between Mr. Kobison and some members of tlie committee, who are yet members of the council. At any rate Mr. Kobison went on and built li Is two houses with reference to the newly proposed grade. When it bccame kimwn that achante of grade was contemplated a vigorous kick came to '.he front that scared out everybody cnnnected with it. It appears that this very portion of the street had been a botitar to the peopletravelingit for many yeurs. It was springy and til led with quick H.iinl. A few years igo Mr. Kyer beinir upon the council as alderinau of the 'M ward, succeeded In seraping out the spring holes, lilled thein with clay, and then put on a liberal supply of gravel. 'l'hH cost somewhere betweeu $300 and $400, which the3d ward pald. The fear of airain spoiling the road is the oiily po.sible objection to changing the grade. The objections urged by residents upon the east side of the street that the proposed change would injure their property will not hold for much with people ot good judgment, for it would practically not harm them a partióle. Whiie the council were looking the ground over Messrs. Kobison and Kyer both appeared upon the scène, each one being pretty lirm in their opinión, and sald opinión not agreeing to any appreciable extent, the argument waxed pretty warm. The council declded not to take immediate ucliou, but to wait for less sultry hrnrtm. and cooler judgments. We are Informed that a remoniitiance, signed by nearly every resident of the street is ready for presentation to the council, protesting against any chance in the grade of the sireet. Wm. Pohey, who was dolng ome rrpairins; at the resldence of J. P. Schuh, last Friday, feil thruugh the roof of a shed, broke hls arm and was otherwlse iujured.


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