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- THE - HlliSTERFER ICB CO. wlll furnish m Deüvered to Any Part of the City ! KOU SEASON OF 1SS8. 25 lbs. daily (except Sundays) $2.00 per lío. " (4) per Week, $1.75 " " ii .. (3) .. .. Jl50 u ., " " (2) " " $1.00 " " HoteU, IteRtaurtints. umi Hutchers will be suppliud by the ton or huudred. OFFICE: 28 S. MAIN SL, K. V. II ANGSTBRKER, - Manngcr. 3STOO?ÏCE. The Ann Arlior Preserve And Picömg Faclory I5EO TO DRAW THE Attention of the Ladies in Ann Arhor and vicinitu to the advantages to be gained this coming scason by bringing up or sending an order for their empty ca?is to the above Co., who are prepared to fill f hem with Canned and Prescrved fruits at a uniform rate, thussaving them all the heat, trouble, discomfort and expense of putting it up thcmsclves in llieir own homes. All orders should ie sent in as early as possible. Perfect sa tisfaction guaranteed. Canned smalt fruits - 10c per Ib. Preserved smull fruits . . 12c per Ib. Canned peaches $¦ pears 12c per Ib. Preserved 14c per Ib. Jellks 19c per jelly glass. Mixed piclcles 12c per bottle. I PlainpicHes 10c " HÜTZEL'S WATER BACK! A very important nvention wbich will be hailed with delight by everybody using a stovc or range for hot water circulation. After yearsof ex-l perience we have succeeded in producing a simple and perfect WATER BACK. It overcomes all the present tfoubles of extracting lime and other sediïnents which accumulate n water backs, often making them useless and in great maoy instances lecom ing dangerous. The outlay of dollars s'reduced to dimes. No household usiag a range can afford to be without it. No more trouble by using city water for hot water circulation. Can be used in any stove. Ask your stove dealer for Hutzel's Water Back. Mason & Davis Co's. ranges for sale at C. Eberbach are provided witli our improvement. Everybody cali and examine this useful invention. HTJTZEL &c CO., Plumlers aul Uamfitters. ANN ARBOK, - - MTCH


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