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iNtheSenate on the llth eonstderatlon of the flshery treaty was resumed In open sesslon ...In the House Mr. Dougherty (Fla.) oflered a ubstitute for the Mills blll, whii-h provldes that uil anieles or producís mt manufacturad or produced in the L'iilinl BtkMl shall enter the United States free of Import duty. Tne Tantf bill was further discussed. A bilí wa lntroduced to piuvide foran Asslstant Seoretary of the Navy. Abili. to amend the Inter-State Commerce law was considered In the United States Senate on the Uth. A reaolution was oftered lastructlng the Commflteo on Privileges and Elections to investígate the recent Stte eleotlon In Louisiana. The Department ot Agrl culture Approprintlon blll was reported....lQ the House the tlmu was occupied m debate oo the Tariff bill. In the Senato n blll was lntroduced on the 18th for the crration of a tribunal for International arbltratlon to promote peace among natlons, and the District of Columbitt Approprlatlon bill was passed. Mr. Halo made a apeech on the tlshery treaty, whlch he declares tobe a faüure. The bill for adjusting the accounts of laborers and mechamos aristng under the etght-hour law whs brought up, but no action was taken . [n the House the Tullí bill was further conslderod. In the Señale on the 14th bilis werc passed irrantlng leuve of nbsence to all porsons now in tlie employ of the Uovcrninent and who were praMnt at the battle of (iottysburg to attend the reunión there on July 3 next; approprlatinR L!7.V00 for the reconstruction ot the Government dam at the Koek Island arsenal, and the Agricultural Dopartmcnt and Post-omco Appropriation bilis. Adjourned to the 18th In the House, bilis were reportcil provldinp for an assistant Secretiiry ot War, and to retire Cencral Alfrcd PtouaatOlL Tho Tariff bill was lurtlier uoiiMdcred. TBlSenate was notln session on tho 15th.... In the Honse a motlon to consider the Aimy Aporopnation blll was dc(euted, and as no quorum was present no bmlMM mt truusacteil. DOMESTIC. AccoitDiNO tO a riMisus flnisliccl on tha 18tb Haltimoro has 4U',S0.") inhabitants, oí wliiih 64,500 are odored. Afibi la a tenement house in New York on the lth reeulted in the death of one miin aml the burnin or wounding oí a dozen porsons. Mits. Hun Jun Whitei.inu, of Philadelphia, coiifesscdon the 12th that she had poispned her two children and that she funiishi'il her husbaiid with the ]K)ison with whlch, she dcciarrii. be tookUsown life on account oí dMpondency causad by poverty. The National organization of tho Colored Tottng Mcn's Cliristian Association was comjiletiHl at l,ouisville, Ky. , on the l'-'th. Uharlet L. Morris, ui that city, belng chosen president. Five HLNDKEU cowboys of the Chickaaw nation were In a state of rebellion on the l:ith over the payment of a cattle tax, and tho Governmeut Uoops at Fort Kcnu were preparing to take the Beid. Petkh Ai.t, a hotel proprietor at Baltimore, Md.. was shot to duatli by his fifteenyear oíd son on the 12th. The killini? was the outcome of a family quarreL Axdhkw Howakd, a cash boy a?ed fourteen years, confessed on the 18th to start ng the great tire in BufTalo, N. V.. Fobruary 1, by whii-h f 1 .(KX).(KK worth of pmp.-i-ty was destruveil. He said &e diil it bocause he was angry with a Hoor walker. Fhank bosoVAN, aged tin years, was shot and killed on the l'ith at Osweo, N. Y., by LewU Clark, aged thirteen ycurs, vihile playing with a pun. The twelfth animal convention of the Millers' National Association was opened at Buffalo, N. Y., on the ISth. Two yolno tuou, John Tinke and Hnry Frayer, the flrst a elerk and the second only known by a card in his pocket, committed suicide at Cinciunati on the 12th by shooting themselves. A heavy seizure of opium was made by tho United States customs authorities at 8t Louis on the lith. The negroes in tho Chickasaw nation were on the 13th said to be planning a general exodus to Oklahoma to engage in farnnintr. The sixth annual meeting of the American Seed Associatiou was begun in Chicago ou the l'Jtu. A fiue on the lath at Indianapolis destroj'ed the establishments of the Indianapolis Veneer Company, D. E. Stone & oo., iuuc,y cabluetware, and M. J. Ogood & Co., lumber. Total loss, $100,000. Bevb.n men were buried at Menominee, Wis., on the ISth by the caving of a clay uuuK in u orKKyara, ana iw- wrrr irtlind two fatally injured aud the othcrs seriousl burt. Nixeteex persons wore poisoned on tho 13th at Kasota, Minn., f rom eating checse but all would probably recover. Tiiiutken uogs we re struck by lightning and killod on the 13th at Wtiitewator, Wis. The Auditorium hall in Cnfcágd in whu-1 the llepublican National conveution takes place will hold about nine thousand people Up to the l-'ith thero had been in tlie neigh borhood of one hundi'oi thousand applioations for tickets. The thermometer registoivd LOS in tho shade at Nebraska City, Nel)., 011 tho I8th and there wero several oase of sun-stroke A monument to üeueral Thomas J ('¦Stonewall") Jaekson was unvailed ii Chancellorsville, Va., on the 18th. The date of the G. A. R. National en campment at Columbus, O., has been fixei for September 12. JonN McCulluch, of St. Louis, a broom makor, shot his wife on the 13th and then walked a Uock aud sent a bullet through his own head. The floods in Minnesota had on the 13th done damage to the extent of T)00,000. The St. Louis rivor for thirty miles was a rag ing torrent and presented a wonderfu scène as it plunged through the Dalles. A i.AitüK portion of the village of Greenup, 111., was destroyed by fire on the llith. TnE recently published statistics of tho Chicago Union Stock Yards Company anc of the Chicago Board of Trado show thal the Chicago, Burlington & Quiucy railroad isagain leading all other Unes in the nuni ber of cars of live stock and grain brought to that market This fact indicates tho rapidity with which the roa 1 must have re covered f rom its recent labor troubles, and furnishes additional evidenco of the efficiënt manner in which tho management handled the recent strikes of employé on its lines. Evidently, from a business Btand-point, the road is in able hands. A koloh named George Taylor shot anc fatally wounded Belle Brown in Indlanapolis on the 13th and then put a bullet through his heart. ONthel3thone hundred and fifty Mormon iniiiiu'i-ants arrived in New York, and immediately left for Utah. H. M. Dihi.kdat, of Bouth Royalton, Vt., was on the 13th victimized to the extent ol t5,0U0 by the gold brick swindlers. The partios escaped to Canada. Isaac Bhonson and wife, of Pokeville, Conn., were found dead in their farmhouse on the 14th. It was thought Bronson killed his wife and then took his own life. In a saloon row at Monarch, Col., on the Hth a gambler nameU ftrhenrk shot and killed George Davis aud fatally wounded an imknown man. A mob thfn tooV S Iniii k .ni i hangod hlm K . tclegraph polo. At B.ausas City, Mo., uu Uie Htli E. T, Plank, of Han Francisco, wai elected president oí. th.j International Typographical Uu ion. A storm on the 14th dtd considerable damage in Hancock County, O., houses being struck by lightning, fences blown down and orchards ruined. At the sessiou oí the Supreme Lodge, Kuights of Pythias, at Cim-lnnati on the 14th William Ward, of Newark, N. J., was chosen Supreme Chancellor. At Aitkin, Minn., the Mississippi river had on the 14th completely submerged the rosidence portion of Hungerford's acldition, and inany families had bteu oompeited to vaeate tlieir homes. hack water iu Mud river had eaused huudred of families along its bauks to loare. In a quarrel on the Hth over flfty cents inyolved in a settlement of a sale of cattle at Las Vegas, sixteen shots were flred aud two men killed. Tim Wii.i.iams, a Lcbanon (Oonn.) her mit, aged sevonty six years, was stung to death on the Hth by bees which he was trying to hive. Mits. Hm knun was fatally burned at her homo at Little Hoek, Ark., on the 14th. Shewas lightinga flre with (kerosene, when the can exploded.. UkOAGe Klink uiid William Keefe, aged eleven and tan years respeotively, were drownedon the 14th iu Winon's cove, near Baltimore, Md., while bathiug. The main building of the Salem (Mass.) Lcad Company was burned with its contonts on the 14th. Loss, 11.",IHX. A FiKiic i' storm on tho 14th at Tiftin, O., causod mm h danaga to grain and fruit. Smul Jon Kaïns and his son were killed at Juoksboro, Tex., on the 14th by W. W. TciVcll. Au old family feud was the causo of the tight. Klisha ritiNcn, of Emanuel County, Ga., who desertne. liis wife three months ago, returned on tho Hth, and when sherefused to again live witli him he shot her dead and then killed himself. A skviihb storm on the Hth blew down houses iu Big Bond, Mandt and Barnesville and other towns of Northern Minnesota, and injured several persons. The damage was very great. TnB Ifabaah National Bank was organiml at Wabash, Ind., on the Hth. A Chinamas was on tho Hth said to be at the head of the smuggling gang whosc transactions were recently brought to light at l'ort Huron, Mlch. They have a capital ot over a million dollars. ttmck one of the wire cables of the Wisconsin Telephone Conipany at Milwaukeeon the Hth, molting it and doiug thousands of dollar worth of damage. At tho ('urtichl liomostead at Mentor, O., on tho Hth Mollie l'arfield was marrted to J. Stanley Brown, fornierly President Garfield's private secretary, and her brother Harry married Bell Mason, eldest daughtcr of Hon. Jamos Mason, fsunous as a railroad lavvyoi-. Ai.i. the wlndow-glasi fuctories of PittsInirjrh, Pa, and the West ctosed down on thelStb ti) iTiiuin closoil until September 1, or loutfer, unless the workers and emIloyers agreed on a soale of wages. lx a race on the 15th at Ironton, O., one jockey was killed and another crippled for Ufe. Tuk Arnerioiin milis at Full River, Mass., wére struck by lightning on the 15th and totally destroyed by flre. Ix)s, 1 100,000. Eldkh John W. Tï a vi-nouible ministor of the Christiau church, was fatally injured in a ruuaway accident at Decatur, IU., on the 15th. Hoxdkeds of familie at Norway, Mich., were homaless on the l"th owing to the recent flre, and a mass-meeting had been called at Ishpemiug to providê help. A rowDEii explosión on the l'ith in the Arrastrong cement works at Kansas City killed three men. TwEMï khk freight cars fllled with general merchandise were burned on the 15th at Philadelphia. Loss. 100,0U0. Train-wueokkhs turned a swltoh on the Wisconsin Central road on the 15th at Westboro, Wis., and a sleeper wa thrown from the track, severely injuring several persons. Nbal Stark, sixteen years of age, was convicted at At lauta, (ía., on the 15th of murdering his eider brother, and was sentenced to life iiaprisoument. Flokenck Hh.tok, iio aaughter of woolthy parents, committed suicide with poison at her home in Goldsberry, Mo., on tUe 15th because her lover had jilted her. Orasshoppeus in countleBs swarms appeared in S uthern Indiana on the 15th iuiI wort; üeitroying all vegetation. Liqhtmino causod a $100,000 flre at Albany, N. V., on the löth. A wiSD-SToiiM on the 15th at Lexington, Ore., wrecked seveu buildings and killed two persons. The school-house, containing many puplls, was totally destroyed and many pupila were injured. FitANK MvKus, fifty-eight years old, acoldently killed himself on the 15th at Northampton, Mass., while trying to shoot a dog. A TBMrEPT raged on the 15th on Staten Island, N. Y., causiug great destruction of proporty. TiiKUE were 209 business failures In tho United States during the seven days ended on the irth, against 207 the previous seven days. A miONZE equestrian statue of Israel Putiiam, the Kevolutionary hero, erected by the State, was unvailed at Brooklyn, Conn., on the 15th. Ukasshoppehs were doing much damage on the 15th in Otter Tail County, Minn. Two boys, each aged eight years, whilo playing iu a boat on the 15th at Port Jefferson, 1 .. I., drifted out to sea and were lost. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. The Union Labor State convention met at Watorville. Me., on the l'Jth and uominated W. H. Simuion for Governor. Resolutions were adopted favoring postal banks, Government control of telegraphs aud railroads and an incoine tax, and denouncing tho impottation of labor and fusión with other partios. Ueneiiai. SiiiiinnN was reported to be doing remarkably well on the l'ith. He relishcd his food and his appetite seemed tobo growiug. He rested qnletly during the day. The Republicans of Maine met in State convention at Portland on the l'ith and nominated E. C. Burleigh for Governor. The resolutlons deuounce tho President' s mossage, the Mills blll and free trade, and oenaure the Government for its course ia the fisheries dispute. The Rhode Island Legislatura on the l'Jth re-elected Jonathan Chace (Rep.) United States Senator, and then adjourned uiitil January, 1889. Mus. Marï Siieridan, widow of the late John Sheridan, and the mother of General Philip H. Sheridan, died at her home in Somerset, O., on the afternoon of the 12th, aged eighty-seven years and two months. Gkxf.hal Shehida.n continued to improve on the 18th, he rested better and was getting a sharp appetite. The Vermout Prohlbitiontsts met at Montpelier on the tith and nominated Prof. Henry M. Seeley for Governor. Resolutions were adopted stamping the facturiii ¦ i ¦¦¦ I trame i:. :-: oholk: iiii.,rs us ,i IiíkIi Milu'. COttdewnlag intirnidallon of volei, au I tavoring equal suffraire for vromen Tbe Republicana of the Tweuty flfth Pennsylvania district nominated Charles C. Townsend for Congres ou the 13th. The Republicana of the Fiftli Minnesota district on the I8th Domlnated Solomon O. Comstock for ('un Wíi.ter .1. EUym, Democratie member of Congress for the Second Iowa district, was renominated on the lüth. Mrs. Ei. íes Ckonin. uifed one Iiundred and seventeen years, dii'd un the 13th at her home neur Mulfords, Miun. Toe Demócrata nominated Douglas Morris for Congress i n tlie Sixth Indiana district on the 18th and renominated John H. O'Neil in tbe Seeond district At Bpringfleld, 111., on the 13th the Democratie clubs orgauized a State Democratie league, with Frank H. Jonas, of Springlield, as president TitH Prohibitionists of the Teiith district of Indiana on the lSth noniinated Rev. J. II. Wilsou fór ('ongross. Gexehai. BnnSU passed a good day on the 14th. resting well and coughing but little. His pulse was good and his respiration more regular. N. E. Worthinotom was nominated for Congress on the lOth by the Deinocratsof the Tenth Illinois district. Bekt Stewakt, of Decatur, 111., who was nominated by tbe Uiiiuu Labor pariy for Recretary of State, declined the uomination on the Mth. l.iMisiv Musí (oolorod), the oldest employé in the service of the Uovernment. died at Washington on the Hth. He had boen amployed as a messenger to tho Secretary of the Navy sinee 18"J8. Thk Missouri rrohibitionists mot at Kansas City on the Hth and nomtnated E. M. Lowe, of Kansas City, ior Oovernor. Tiikiik WBB no chango to bo noted on th 1."th in tièlléltl Sheriilan's cmuiition. He restad well during day, his cough kroubliag him Httlo. Hls pulse was good, his respirati.m was imjtrovin, and he continued tu lak.' ¦ sumVicncy of nourishment. Makt N. I'itic .ir r, the gifted and widely-known authoress and poetess, died on the l.Mh al the reldenoe oí her brother-inlaw. Richard S. Spofford, at lH'cr lsland, Mass. FOREIGN. Advices of the llth i'roin Algiers say the locusts wére ádvancíng in a compact mass over twclve miles long by six in breadth. A panic prevailed in the province of ConBtantine, The valley of (ruolina had been licvastatcd by the locusta. lv a Imat race on I8U for :i,OX)a sido at Brllbane, Australia, Hanlan defeated Triekett by six lengths. A soiiktï of people favorable to Canadian Independence was bcing formed on the 13th in Torouto, Ont. Jamks E.vdv and Michael Rosette, half breeds, were hangod at Regina, Ont., on the 13th for the murder of Alexander Mcl.cish, a Northwest settler. Advices of the 13th say that a fire in Panama destroycd business property valued at icsoo.iXK).' The cashier of the Royal Savings Bank of Siegen, Germany, nbsionded on the 13th, leaviug a defleit of 4."0,l)00 marks. It was supposed that he had tled to America. Fohest üres on the Hth destroyed the village of Kast Rawdon, N. S., and were doing great damage in other places. Four personsnrere buruod to dcath. A rt:w Cabiiu't for Spain was organized at Madrid on the Hth, with Senor Sagasta as Premier. Kmi'kroii Freoekick of' Germany died at eleven o'clock on the morntng of the 15th at the Freidrichskron Palace, Potsdam. The dying monarch' last hours were watched over by the memben of his family and the royal physicians. The direct cause of dcath was suffocation, the doctors being unablo to keep the passage of his throat opon. Frederlck William, the only son of the late Kmperor William. was born on the lSth of Qctober, 1881, at Potsdam. On Januarv 25, 1S5S, he married Victoria Adelaid.'. Princesa Royal of Ureat Britain, and abe and aovan children survive him, the eldest son. Prince Freiieriok William, noiv becomi Kmperor. LATER NEWS. For the week emled ou the lilth the record of the base-ball clubs in tho National League was as toliows: Chicago (games won), M{ Detroit, 3H; Boston, 26; New York, 'M; Philadclphia, r_; Indianapolis, 15; Pittsburgh, 14; Washington, 13. The American Association clubs stood: Brooklyn (games won), 34; St. Louis. 28: l'hih.delpma, L; Cincinuati, 26; Baltdmore, 23; Cleveland, 17; Kansas City, 18; Louisville, 1:1 In the Western Association the fol lowing was the order: St. Paul (games won), ai; Des Minnes, 111; Mihvaukee, 19; Kansas City, 'JO; Omaha, IS; Chicago, 15; Minneaiiolis. lii; st. Louis, 14. General Siikhidan still eontinued to improve on the lTth. His strength was groater, his desire lor fooU was more natural, and his sleep was more healthy and refreshini. A posi-Miiiiri.M examination of tho lato Germán Emperor was mado on the lüth, and it was found that the larynx was completolv dostroyed by cáncer. The court at Berlin was ordcred to go iuto mouruinü for three months out of respect to the late Emperor. At twenty-six leadme i'learing-houses in the United Statos tlie exchanges during the week ended on the liith aggrsgdltefl Í9Í7,8'J5,673, against t8?3, 403,238 the previous week. As comparcd with the corresponding week of 1SS7 the deercase amouuted to 1U 9 per cent. Two tOOMQ men from Syracuso, N. Y., went to a Binghumton hotel, blew out the gas and were fomid flead on tlio morning of the I7th. The west-bouml train on tlio Northera Pacific when near Junction City, M. T., on the 16th was stopped by eight raasked highwaymen, who broke into the express car and secured a packajre containing #40(). Tho malo paffseiigerS were also robbetl of about t'ti). CLorii-iiLHsTs did great damage at Titusville, Pa., and vicinity on the lrtth. Ten miles of track of the New York & Pennsylvania railroad southofTitusville werepiled upwith dirt. rocíes, fallen trees, etc. Benjamin T. O. Ui mi uti. the lammis dofaultiiiL' ashicr of the Mönmouth (111.) National Bank, died in the Joliet penitentiary on the lTth of heart trouble. A tassenoeu train on the Midland road ran off the track on the löth at Pope's Head Kun, Va., and four men wero killed and M'veral persons badly injured. The corner-stone of the State Industrial Home for Glrls was laid in Chillicothe, Mo., on the löht. Isupemino, Mich., was excited on the lGth over the diseovery of a rlch vein of pure gold in the miñes of the Lake Superior Iron Company of that city. Albert E. Purdï, a prominent business man of Perry, N. Y., and Mis Lettie M. Strauss were drowned in Silver lake oa the 17th by the upsetting of their boat. There was no session of the United Btates Senate on the Kith. In the Housa the Sundry Civil Approprfalion bilí (2ií,T64,8"JS) was reported and the Military Appropriation bill was passed.


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