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¦ASO.VIC DIRECTORY. V 1KBOB ''"MM WDK.KY, No. 18 lllOfts tlrst Tui'S'liiy of eacb raniitli, C. K, Hiscnck, E. ,; jolin It. Utuer, Recorder. Vk-llrKSlW' rilMTIÜl, No. li, R A. M.- (efN lirst Monlav eacb mcmtll. J. L. gtnne H P. .. Roath, Seoretry. BUSINESS CARDS. HENRY BLITON, CONTRACTOR AND BÜILDER Baatdeaoe and sihii NO. 85 H 11 street, Ann Arbor, Mich. All work prompt ly execated, and satlsfiusUon guaran leed, "CHAS. L. ALLEÑT Contractos and Builder. Plans and Specldcat luns r:ireful!y cirawn. K.-i.ienee, 46 E. Catherine St., Ann Arbor, Mich. DR. C. H3WELL, PHY8IOIAN OrricE, Room i, Masomic Block. Oflre honra: fc to i'-i; 2 to 0 i. in. DR. H R. ARNDT, PHYSICIAN Orrici iis-ki'. First Natiohax ha.nk. HntlKH atokfuk: lOitOto -i n. m ; ¦!:!' to 8:i i). m. ':in be remhod :u raalrienca il liaron Htroet, the "l'rof. NU-lml pis ¦ ' iiv Lolopti ne, No. ut, mul wlll reply tn e-ilUln i iu e Mi tng. ITILLIIM HGBZ, House, 3ign, Ornamoatal and FRESCO PAINTER! l'aperi iir, GNzini;, QUdlog, and ('iitrinituinir, and work m' f.i'ry dencrlotlon done in ihu bust ütyl'j.and warrtmti-d to givo ctitfacU'n, Shop, No, 4 W. Washington St., Anr, Arbor, W. W. &, A C. NICBOLS, Kooms Ovor Ann Arlor Saviiisjs Bank, MiKonic Temple lilucl. GASorVITALIZED AIR A'lininiit'rci for fh psinleat extracUoa ot tceth. O. :m: 2sci&Ti3sr, CLOTH CAÜt'Í METALIC nil Oonamon CoAn ('al is :u icn tf! (o l r,y or Nlsht. Rmbttlmlni a peclalty. Btceroom on !¦;. MTashlnfftoa reet. Rsiileiicc Uor. Lilberty nad l'ifm. W. EI. JTACKSOX, r i E3!i 2a"iiBrixii sutil OFFIOR : Over BMh & A)cl's Irv Oood Store. Batranofl np.xr to .ition;i] Bank. Ia Vjhe Best and Purest Medicine L EVER MADE. , ].Itwlll'rivc the Humor fromymir III 4, jJL-v-ti-in, and make your Kkiiilll '',' '¦¦ 1 6Lcli':in aiul smooth. II ? VLl'lnipl. mul Illotoh' n'' '' Lwliirli mar jronr beautym U . ,, ti '', ' f-. hit i-ins'il liylmimreM V'''i.,"i ''e .&. 'ü.lil"l, aml can tx-ITI ia I'-iik,1I-,,i,ij atirï'S '.. ('¦!'.. - f. I nful. 'It i-, llii'k 4, 4O , "Cf . I iM-tainl ohapeat(v. V '-. vl I llmcilchic. Try it, and'!4, ' ,''¦„ I lUynii wlU bs Kiiisiicil. W 'v o O }& S Uutltof your Druiwlst. ' S jSLIlWTWAIT. GETITATONCKk ",. È3 I H vnu are BiiftVrlnft from K'ul I III ney l)lseao, aiul wUh h nk tii 1-1.1.. LPHUtt BITTEKS. I III 1 lii'y liever fail to cure. III Smd I i can) atnmps to A. 1'. (rdway & Co.. Boston. Mass., for best medical work inibltsbeur C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 South Main St., Aun Arbor. Theoldest agency in the city. Establlshed h r "ï Slmrter of century ago. Representlng over lowln8 flrst-class corupaules, wtth 80,000,000 Capital and Aswctft. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA IN3. CO., of New York. OIRAKD INS. CO., of Phlladelphla. OHIENT INS. CO., of Hartford. OOM KRCI AL UNION, of London. UVBRPOÓL, LONDON imd OLOBK. WASHINGTON FIRE and MAKINK, of Boston. Ratp Uw as the Lowest, Usses Liberal'y AOjiisted and promptly l'aid. . C. H. MILLEN. FOK Jams,Confections and Preserves Manufacturad by Ilio Ann Arbor I'reK.r VI ii( fjo., K' lo "BROWlï k CADT. MA 0'o Agenls f,r Ann Arbor, or lo tbe factory Plüslleid road . South. nflflfii-ii"a Wondorn exlat In thoDsandaof Utlur 'lMlt ar urpHswcii tiy tbc nmr ¦¦¦i v.-is l in vi-nt i.ii. Thnsewbo are In j„n. nPl'l of profluble Work iliat -an be ni?T ." "vh"5 Kl '"""" liould !ll ..!,. Mii. ddn-s lo tiallet & Co., PortUnd iiiii Hnd recpive fiee.full InformattOD bow ""lerex, of nu ages, oan earn from ir. to tñ Cl"y and Dpwarda, wherever they live ¦ou sro Uftrted rrfc. Capita] uot reqalrad JJJjne have made over ."i In a Klnglo duy n HUswork. All succeed.


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