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An Anecdote Of Webster

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One of the vcry best nuccdotes ol Daniel Webster, sis illnstrative of the exal ted and exallln? cliaracter whicli bil niind pre-eminently poMeWed, was told by the Inte St. Geor.'e Tucker Camphi 11 of Pliiliidclphin, liiiui-elf' a lawyer of great aml deaerved distinction. Mr. Tucker sald that li vi 11 f been rctalned in u Bomewhnt fainous case at the time witli Mr. Webster, who was deIsllied by li Is senatoria] dutics M W.i.-hIncton, the conduct of the cae through all Üie preliininunes devolved upon liiin, it being agreed that Air. Webster should dellver the cloelnjj nrgnment. " Jiut," suid Mr. Tucker, "day after day went by without briiijrina: the trrcat expounder anti] tin1 vciv iat day Lx't'dK! tliai on wliicli the clalng Rrjcuraeoi m to ic delivcrcil mikI I wns In despnir. I was sillín' In niv rouin at the hotel, debating witli mycell what t do, when Mr. Webtcr was aiiiKiiiiictd Alter the llttle clvilitle had passed he aakád me to teil liini Rhont tire o:ise." "Why, Mr. Webster." said 1, " is it ])o-ilile you know DOtiiiug of the oadef" "Nothinjr wlmtever," said lic. "Teil me about it." "I was utterly duinfbuiulcd, aD(l pointng toa pile ol tmtlmooy a loot deep on the lable, 1 silid - " Huw ani I lo convey all thut lo yoii in the linie time tlint is left ih." He s:iid - "Oh, ni'ver ininil details. Give me tin1 c.ise generalij' anil the salient pollltS." He nat down at the tabie oppoatte me, and I gave kim a rapiil synopsis t the cane, whicli took two hoon and more One polnt 1 etpeeially called to lus attention. The oppnt4ng raanael were ben) on sccurinK a eoiitintuuce nf the cmp, hile mr interest deinanded an Imme díate decisión. , a reaeon ngalnst HKnting the contliiunnce, I olted thefMd tliat Ilie othcr slde had protractêd the croM-examiuation excesslvel)', occupylng six da ys in the case of Olie WitneM. Mr. Webster haiie me fcood-nlgüt nfter I had concluded, and went to bed. Uu iK.xi mornlng h cnme into eonrt 19 mrene and majfstic as Jove hiinself, ulule I was nei vnus and apprehensive to the last degree. He Ixjjan his address to the court with that alow, ponderous rravity that was so Hianu-tenstii' of hiiü in the oiitsct nf his forenslc efforts, then gradnaiiy wainied and qulckeued, Ilwtened spillhound, for in HMDCe it was notbing but what I had pumped into him in the two hoius and a hall' talk of the day befbre. Bot how tranainoted and transformed. To glva yon an idea of the traiisfonnation, I wlll Uke the point in whicli 1 lm ulluded. He reudered it thns: "Tliey isk tor a continuante! Why, may it pleaaejlhu nuurt. tliey have taken r.xainmation as il took the Ahnility tb créate tl.e universi?" That represents the dill'erenee between hu speech and my talk; my limpie glx days icrew to the colossal Qxure I have descrihed intder the magte toncli "1' his gniilos, aml this instunce waseharaeterisUc ot Ilie winde.


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