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Altliough the Chicago Convention raisscil great leaders like Conkling.Logan, Grant and Arthur, it had inany good workers and the finest politlcal gaine waa plaved that has ever been seen. The oandidacy of Blaine waa the enigma. In order to understand the situatlon thoroughly, as to wliy K many tried to nomínate the man from Maine, we will give some of the inside liistory. A private and hitherto unpublished let ter from Eugland was written by Blaine substantiHlly as follows: "The hot am1) tion offorty-fouris abated atfifty-eight I nu longer desire the presidency of the U. S. Por the lirst time in my life I am tuking a rest and I enjoy it. Only one thlng could induce me to cast aside my penonal wishes ar.d be a candidate That is, If the contingency should arise wliercin the delégate, after long ballot Ing, should be unable to unite on some o the good men now before them and thej should request me (not necessarily uriaiiiinously, but with practical unanimity] to take it in the interests of harmony, 1 should obey their request even though i cost me my life to inakc the campaign But I shriiik from' the rencwal of the ok content and the subsequent four yenrs o annoyance In Washington. Tlierefore ! I Uope you will be able to choose one from the number of good men before you." Catching at this, the Blaine men tried to kill off the various other candidates so that they might spring his name on the convention. This wasdefeated, how ever, by the powerful combination for Hanison and Morton of New York, In diana and the Pacilic coast. The result is one of those happy surprises, such as tíives general satisfaction. For after the public' letters from Florence and Paris Jilainc's nomination would have been extremely unwise. It woukl have forcet another campaign of dirt throwing. As it is now, there are clean records for both candidates, and they will win on their merits, and on the strong platform ot' protection to American industries. 1 is the dinner pail agalnst the red baudanna.


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