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The republican national convention fo all other necessary business," réaclièd ballot last Thursday, but could not determine upon the best man until the followiiijr JJonday. Tlie result for president, although not as many of the republicana of Michigan would like it, is perliaps as satisfactory to the party at large as any man who coild have been chosen Halling from the doubtful state of Indiani wlth a record tliat no man c;ui assail, fither as a soldier or a civilian, Gen. Benjamin Harrison ivfll prove a stronger opponent tlian our friends, tueenemy are willing to admlt, while his running mate the Hon. Levi P. Morton, of New York a representative of the business interests of the eastern states, will prove lnvincible in the doubtful state from which he hallp. The two together will certain Jy win. The members of the Michigan contingent, who went to Chlcigo, proveri themselves excellent lichters, and died game, with colors flying. Tlie result ol the various ballots is shown In the lollowing table, the Gth, 7th and 8th ballots being taken Monday: BAIXOTS. lst. 2nd. 3rd. 4th. Aleer 84 11 122 ]. AlilsoD 2 75 88 88 Ore8linm 10(i ]08 123 98 Harrison 87 95 91 817 Sliirmau 2:l 21 244 2Í6 Plielps 22 18 5 Dcpew 99 9 90 Ulalne ï KI 35 42 RuRk 25 20 li; Ingalls 48 16 0 Lincoln S 8 2 1 Hawley 13 0 McKlnley 1 8 il Koruker ... .... 1 Dotitriasg ... ... 1 Haynionci . . ... 1 BALLOTS. 5th. filh. Tth. 8th. Alger 142 137 120 100 Alllson 9 73 76 Blatne 48 40 15 5 Foraker 1 1 Uresliam 87 91 90 59 Harrison 213 231 278 544 Sherinnn 221 %ii %ft 118 Lineóla ... 2 McKluley 14 12 ltf 4 Foraker 1 1 ürant 1 But after tlie clioice was made, and the convention decided that Mr. Ilnrrion mi the best man to lead the forces, Mr. Hoit arose in li is seat and told the convention that Michigan' tight for her favorito, Oen. Algrer, wa9 a sample of wliat the party in that state wonld do for Gen. Harrison at the pnlls in November. Gen. Alger, like the true patriot and noble mun that he is, upon learning: the result, promptly sent the following dispatches: Detroit, June 25 Hon. Morris M. Ktee, chuirnian nattonal republican conventlon: Convey to the deleyate- who have 80 loyally RupporTd my candidacy my heartfelt lliankH. No Ríate or man will glve the iillant gentleman who has won theöglit hearlier support than Michigan aud niysulf. "e's all rlglit." R. A. A t.c Kit. Detroit, June 22. Qcn. Ben. Harrlson. Indlanapoll, Ind: Aocept my Incere cougralulatlons for your Buccess fairly won. lt. A. A loer. Although Michigan republicana cannot have the pleasure of voting for the brave soldier they presented to the convention, yet Gen. Harrlson, also a brave soldier, and ;randson of old "Tippacanoe," is ao well and favorably known to them that the dUappointment will be sliht. Hon. Levi P. Morton, the republican noniinee for vice-president, lias alwaj'9 been vcry charitable, but never allowetl liis charities to be advertlsed. In 1880, when congress, moved by the suftering in Ireland, placed the ship's 'Constillation" at the dUpoml of any one willing to send relief to that country, it was Levi P. Morton who stppped to the front and oflVred to give sufllcient money to paj for (inc-tourth of a cargo, but refused to allow the NV. Herald, and other lapers, to give his name to the public. He was IOOB joincd by three other men, and an entile car;o of food and clothing was sent to the distressed people of Ireland. This is only one of hnndreds of such Instances. He has always been considered one of tlie most liberal men in New York state. There will be do tally-sheet forgeries in Indiana thil time.


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