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Our Teachers For 1888-9

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The school board has decided upon the following appointments for the next school year: Walter S. Perry, superintendent, 2,000 HIGH SCHOOL Judson G. Pattengill, principal, Greek and Latin 1,000 Lucy A. Chittenden, Higher English 900 H. N. Chute, Physical Science 1,500 Benj. E. Nichols, principal commercial department. Bookkeeping and Commercial Law 1,301 Levi D. Wines, Higher Mathematics 1.200 Alice Porter, Latin 600 Fred C. Clark, History 600 Mary E Dickey, German and French, 700 Mary E. Hunt, Natural Science 600 Mary Fisher, English and Elocution (00 Bertha Wright, English and Grammar Composition 500 Mabel Gormely, asst. In Com. Department 350 GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Eliza C. Ladd, principal 450 Mrs. Mattie O. Campbell, asst., 400 Abbie A. Pond, 2nd asst., 400 SPECIAL TEACHERS. Nellie Loving, Librarian 400 Geo. W. Renwick, Music 500 Alice M. Hunt, Drawing 350 1ST WARD. Mrs. Clara G. Plympton, principal 450 Emily T. Eldridge, 350 Mary Trueblood, 350 Carrie Baxter, 350 Anna D. Robinson, 350 Maggie T. McDivitt, 350 2ND WARD. Mary Mulholland, principal 450 Estella G. Mozart, 350 Julia A. Howard, 350 Emily Gundert, 350 Amelie F. Lutz, 350 Fannie Taylor, 325 3RD WARD. Hattie I Boyd, principal 400 Emma E. Banfield, 350 Mary C. Bock, 350 Sarah G. Come 325 4TH WARD. Annett Ailes, principal 450 Lucy K. Cole, 350 Mrs. Belle K. Edson , 350 M. Belle Sperry, 325 Celia Burke, 350 5TH WARD. Mattie E. Goodale, principal 400 Charlotte Millard, 350 Alice M. Lovejoy, 350 6TH WARD. Addie C. Jewell, principal 400 Ella S. Wright, 350 Nettie Cornwell, 350 French and German are to be united this year it will be seen. The new instructor, Miss Mary E. Dickey, is an experienced teacher, and has spent the last two years in France and Germany completing her education. Mrs. Chapin resumed her position as instructor in French, and English grammar. In the 4th ward, Mr. Sutton resigned, and Miss Ailes was appointed in his place. Miss Bertha Wright, who takes the chair of English grammar and composition, graduates with the class of '88, literary department of the University.