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Pricss Tuaïlug ui Mi Scllliig liiickly at F. SCHAIRER'S Bargain l'roin the Bankrnpt Stock of Kool, Strong A, Co., Detroit. We invite special uttention to this sale. SEAD THESE PRICE9 5,000 jmrëM l Printw at 3 I-2c per yard. 3,000 yards Choicc Dress l'rials at 0e per yard. '2,000 yards lh-r Sateens at 8c per yard. 25 picces i.imuI hiriiii at Mc per yard 30 picces Good Red 't ii-U inu :ii 10c, 12 l-'2c and 15c. 100 picccN Cholee Dress (joods at 12 l-2 per yard. 6O picces ii Spring Drcs .ls at 10c. 35 picces Wide M New l)i -. .mIn at 25c per yard. 20 plece 52 inch leadles Clolhs at 50c per yard. 10 picces all Himl Black Drcss ioodt at 30, 40 and 5Oc per yard. 5 picces Widc Black Cashinercs at 50c. per yard. 10 picces 48 inch Black Ilenrietla at 75c, $1 and $1.25. Big Drive in 52 incli Silk and Wool Drc Goodt at ;¦ per yard, wc re (Jüccwlndow). lOOpicccMChoicL v Drcss Luuna at 5c per yard. 25 dozen Ladics Black and Colorcd Glovei at 15c aiici SM i-v. pmu 300 pairs Ladies Bcrlin dilotc atlOcapair. 20 do, pure Silk GIovck at 35c a pair. Big Bar gain in Lodlei Silk Iflitl at IS a pair. 25 doz. 75c Corsets now cutto50c. Big Kargain in our $1 Kid OIOTei Tor 70c a pair 2O0 ....l Butlei at 15c cach 10 pieces Cartela Scrim at e per yard. 5 piccc. L.ace Stripc iiriuin Scrim at Se per yard Wc show the iCoi Valué in nr tafn Lace at 15, 20 and 25c per yard. 100 pnir Lace iirluin at $1, il. 25 and $1.50 a pair. 10 doz. large White 4prons at 25c cach. 50 doz. l'antj Border Ilandkerchiefsat 3 tor 10c. 15 dozen Ladtot Jersey Vests at 25c cach. 200 large Silk,fluruol at #1 and gl.25. Ladlet ninslin Drawers at 25, 39 and 50c a pair. Mii.lin Chealaea at 25, 3 and 50c each. Ladics Mghl Drcs.cs at 25, 3, 50 and 75c. Childrcns White and Colorcd Drcssc at 300 Boy Shirt Waists at 25 and 50c. Big Bargains In Black Milu at 50, 75c and 1. Tlirec big drives in Jerseys at 75c, $2 and $1.25. Wc ihow the best Bargains iu Iloslcry at 10c, 15c and 25c. Ion can gave Mom j Trading at D. F. SCHAIRER'S. We are always the clua;csr. INSURANCE KiSAL ESTÁTE and LOAN AGENCÏ OF A.W. HAMILTON Office, No. 2, First Floor, Hamilton Biock. Partlesdeslrlngto buy or sell Real Estáte wlll flnd it to thelr advantage to cali on me. I represent 15 flrst-class Flre Insurance Companles, havlng an aggregate capital over 130 - U00.000. Kates Ix)w. Loases Uberally adjusted and promptly pald. I also Issue Life and lovestment Policios In the New York Mutual Life Insurance Company, Assetts, 75,000.00. Persons deslrlng Accident Insurance, can have yearly pollcles wrltten for them orTraveler's Coupon Insurance Tickets lssued at Low rates. Money to Loan nt Current Rates. Office hours frora 8 u. m. to 13 m. and 2 to 5 p. m. ALEX. W. HAMILTON, Hamilton Blook A Concentrated Llquiil Extract of MALT and HOPS. o MANUFACTURED BY 8PECIALTY DE-T PHIL. BEST BREWING CO. Aids Digestión. Cures Dyspepsia. Strengttiens the System. Restores Soumi, Refreshhtg Slecjt. Pricelcss to ITurHng Mothers. o Reconimencled by Eminent IMiysiclans. - o - FOR SALE DY ALL DRUCCISTS.


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