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1 PAINT ¦ ¦I üyixln miTA CO"S ONR-Í OT lülü.ï I' 'M 1' uut 1 ri t iv, run ie to Church Sunday. BlKht JK Ia-.hitiiiabk5h.iilc!,: Itock, Maioon. Vei 2"1 l:h,. . YeUow, i í 1 iki . 1 .. v ; r ..¦ ' V. ,., i ' j i.itli u "liiui-." One Coat aiut job is done. S 'fl L YOUR BUCCY l p top for Chnirs, Lawn Sefttl, SaA, I 1 Pol, ]¦ iby Con-Ugo, - u ¦¦ Front Dooi il vors, Uuat, v JS5 M i . : , i ¦ : i ¦ ' " "i o " ihc tliing for the laches to ue aboat tlic ItoUki FOR ONE DOLLAT L COITS H0NE8T X0 re 'ou È0'"? 'o Paint this ycarï If so, don't m biiy ;i palnt LOiitaimrig w.Ucr or benzine khcii l"or Uic s une monc y (or nu.irly sol procure " ron A i rs ri Hl i'ir th n ís warrWiited t - ¦ bmn IUM1, .JMk UXSF.KU-OIL PAl'-T ": 3 .ind frte from water and benzine. DtmaMl thih & __ lrnm nnil tnkf 1111 ntliiT. M 1 hantt handting S &J t are our aeents and authorizvci bvui.ln vriring, 5 - 3 to wurnntlt iDwm : VIUKH ith I (0A18 01 LM $ riARI Hl. 2 lOiTM. Our Stude are the = g 1 Ktesi ¦ tyli . . d In tha 1 LEt nmv becoinltw eZ, ¦ J h popul .r in th Weit, and up ü1! the times C Jfi r% nryl . ' : I ol H0MC8T PÁIIÍT and ¦"' will f UB ¦ never rcyrn it. TÜl W itic tse U luffidcni ü! p HOUSE PAIWTf g corrs FiooR paintë ii Palnt that ncver drictl bcyond the stii potnt, {SET ¦m w.iste a weck, thfl I T? Ncxt time c.iil for COIT J ' KL4KIH VW I ZZm X ' pojwUrand I I rmal 'I ; 1 ¦¦ l, .... m hnrd it rurk mr nllil. No II N gjEWQNTDRYSTlCKïli It. MILES' RESTOftATIVE NERVINE LÊk Hl contains no Opium ordani S krf rons drují". Can be taken ¦SiB ' aiiv one at any time SLE ïhe iiíí and best Kis KkBB NKKVOISNKSS, SPASMsl V 52WWB SLKKl'I.KSSNKSS. KUS MHM3pBk Sf XI II UKAKNESS, au old by Druggists. Sample Bottlcs Frc 1111111) Itruardnl ari' ihOM WbO ri'ail Vt H Ytllls lu"' UB acl; llify will tlncl ¦iiUmUi h"""ril'' employraeni thal will not take thera inm their hoiiieH and farallle. The proflU are lurue mul sure tor t'very liulusl penon, iimny have mailt' umi nre now mak 1 hl; st-vt-ral liundred ilollarN a inonth. It Is casv for any one to make SS and apwsrdi per ilay, wiio Is willlnt; to work. Klther si'x, yoana or oíd; capital notneeded; weitart ymi Everythlng ncw No special tiblllty ruíiulred, yon, reader, can do It as well uu any one. Wrlte to ns at unce forfull partlculurs, wlilcli we mail free. A il dreuH StliiKnn A ('o., PorUlXMl, .Malne.


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