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Rest For The Weary

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O wesrv HhiiiIh! that all the day Were sel lo labor hard aud long, Now solily lall the Hliadows {ray , The bolín areruug fur even ong. An liour ago the golden sun Mank slowly ilown luto tlie west; l'oor, weury Hand, your loll la done; ' 'Tls time for rest ! -"fis timo for rent!'1 O weary Keet ! that many a mlle llave trudged along a Hlony wity, At hint we reach tlie trym Iiiií mlle, Ni longer rearto go nxtmy. TluKHiitly bctidln, niNtlIug treeti Koi-k theyouiig blrtln wlthln ih ni And Hoftly nIiik" fie qulel oreeze; " '1 In time ior reut ! - 'Tin time for it'st !" ü weary líyes ! from wlilch tlie tears Kell muny a time llke tliunder rain - 'i weary lieart! that throtiüh the yeara ll'iit such bitter, retitleuH puin, To-Blght forijet the Ntormy strlfe, And know wbat Heaven hall Keud Isbet. Lay down the taugled web oí Ufe! " 'TIk time for rest !- 'TI lime for rest!"


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