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Performance Vs. Promise

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Tliere have been twenty-two sessions of Congress since the close of the war of the rebellion. By a peculiar coincidence the control of the Ilouse of Representatives, with which must origínate all legislation affecting the revenue, has been for an equal períod- eleven years - with each of the two great political partiea. While one of these partios has been cominitted to leglslation having in view the protection of American labor and industries, the other has been inritinsr the support of voters by its promises of "revenue reform," and the reduction of taxatlon. It may prove instructive to look over the reconi of each party for the eleven ycars it has controlled national legislation, and find out just what has been accornplished. The Protectionlsts, while in position to origínate legislation, passed elght acts, by which the revenues were reduced $362,504,569. On the other hand, the the party clainoring for "revenue reform" has, during the eleven years of lts supremacy, reduced the revenue but $6,368,935. The figures upon which thi's summary is made have been before Congress repeatedly, and have never yet been controverted. Upon the record thus made, - performance on part of the one, promises on part of the other, - the two parties again appeal for the support of American voters. Which is most to be trusted t


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