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The Facts Eloquently Told

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The foüowing is taken from the re inarks of Col. Ingeraoll to the West Vir ginia delegation: My friends, what the Rupublicans wan tliis year is to win, and I am glad w have an issue before us upon which w can sweep the couutry like wind fron the praries of Xebraska. We don 't tiav to revire questions of the past, or go te graveyards of history to bring back whal has been. This year we are going to talk about the present and future of this great country. We have got a baby in the eradle and we are going to rock the eradle and take care of the baby. I mean by that I am for protection nnd the Republican party Is for Protection. We want to make this Nntion great, prosperous nnd civilized. We want to diversify our industries so that every man, woman or. child thut has talent will lind use íor lt Lsbor is valued and dignlfied in proportloa to the ainount of braln that is put in lt. I know a bright little girl who is a crippie and wouldn't be able to earn a dollar a year but for the faet that she has a genius for drawlng and earns a hundred dollars a week making designs for Wall paper. Take a piece of canvnss two feet square, cover it with palnt, and it may be worth a dollar and a half. Let some'artist put his genius on it in the form of a picture, and t is worth thousands of dollars. Take a ton of iron ore in the ground and lt is worth one cent; three ton3 of coal In the gjound is worth three cents; a ton of limestone in the quarry is worth a cent; put these together and make a ton of Bes8emer steel and you havesomething that Is worth $30, and $29 95 of that is labor. A natlon that simply raises raw material and exporta It will always be poor and will nlways be ignorant. We want our people rich in money, ricli in Intellect, rich in all the graces that human mind is capable of possessing and usinif . The only way we can have that is by diversifying our industries and givlng every man, woman and child in this great nation a fair chance to use to the best advantage the facilties they possew. That can only be done in a country that protects its industries and by that raeans diverslfie8 them.


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