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1 Whnt does the republican party beieve in? This: America for Americana, by the protoction of American labor and American industries. That every territory having tlie reqnisite population should be admittud to the uu ii m of gtates. In a free ballot and fair count in every precinct in the nation, whetuer it be the slums of New York City or the shoestring oistrict of the Mississippi. In the reduction of letter postage to one cent. In the right of every American to flsh In American waters. In an lionest civil service. In & law making it impossible for an honorably dischurged soldier to become an Inmate of un almshouse. In the free colnage of goh] and silver. In the building up of an efflcicnt navy. In the nhollsliment of shot guns as "arguments1' at the pollg. In keeping the workin;men of America above the laborers of all other nations, by making better salaries a possibllity for them. i


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