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'ii! (rovor, Qrover! You're days re over ! You'll roll no more In White house clover ! The dinner pail or tlie red baudanna? Which shall it be? Cleveland should liave burned liig Inaugural advocating aone term poliey bcfore giving it to the public. Krom tlie surly tone of our Thursday contemporary's editorials of late, it looks verymuch as lf it was preparing for a jump. The laboring men of this country will never vote bread and butter out of their own moutiis. Tliey are well enough posted to know the evil results of free trade. It is said - a eumpaign slander no doubt - that Thurmun smokes 10 cigars a day. It would seem difflcult to "smoke out" such a ni a il , but it will bc done, just the same. The National, a democratie paper at Peoria, UI., belleving that the prosperity of the working classes is of greater moment to this nation tlian the red bandanna, has come out for Harrison. The largest political meeting ever held In Nebraska occured at Lincoln last Thursday. There were 3,000 men in line in the torclilight procession. That's tlie report all along tlie skirmish line. The official vote of Oregou {{ave Herman, republican, for goveruor, 32,820, and Gearin, democrat, 25,413. Herman's plurality, 7,407. How is that for a "doubtfuP state, Bro. Iiandanna's ? There are 500,000 members of republican clubs in the northern gtates, marchinjï under the American flag - made by American workmen. No red bandannas with foreign trade marks need apply. A reunión of 8,000 people wlio voted for Jobn C. Premont in 1856 was held In Danvllle, Ind., last Thursday. Their voting abillty has now more than (jnadrupled and all are for Harrison and Morton. The Detroit Tribune publishea daily a long list of veterans who voted for Vm. Henry Harrison in 1S40 and proposes to vote for hls grandson in 18S8. Thero are niaiiy in this city whose names might be idiled. What are the vast material interests of this natiou compared with just enough reverme to pay the army of offlc!al9 wlio are expected - under civil service rules - to whoop it up for Mr. Cleveland ? NothIng! Nothing! Yes, lie's tlie grandson of liis grandfather, and like the old gentleman, he lias got the "git there" mnterial all thiough li is composition. It was a sad day for the unlucky democracy when the nominalion went to Young Tippecanoe. The Irish World which has alwaye been a champion of Mr. BLiine, but of no other republiean, comes out warm in stipÍort of Harrlson and Morton, and beleves that no true Irlshinan can consistently support Mr. Cleveland wlth liis Hritish free tride policy. It beats all how the domocrats are attempting tocraw rish on the free trade business. The Free Press esiecially says that the free trade platform laid down by Mr. Cleveland is not free trade at all, but gool protection doctrine. ISosh ! You can"t hoodwink the people in that way. Mr. Tliurman has formally acceptcd the democratie vice presidential nomination. The nice oíd gentleman has nlways been unluckj somehow, and it s too bad to have hitn meet wlth BOCh a sore disappointment so very late la lite. Grover Cleveland is the son of a I'resbyleilan minister and Alien O. Thnrman ofa Methodist minister.- Democratie Exchange. That's liow they carne to be such good boys, probably, and learncd to swcar so dexteiously. O, Cleveland, you raust face dtfeat. Put up that oíd hundan na, You cannot. cannot.CANNOT beat Tbls man from Indiana, That liles the Union hauner; Wlth Harrlsou we'll win the day As aure as comes electlon, Down wlth the wlpe tlmt's staiiipeU IVoo TradeWe'll give tno protectlon ! -IN. Y. Tribune, " I bellere I shall vote tor tliose men," sald a sensible oíd democrat looking at the pioture of Hariison and Morton. " Wlnit do you want to do tlnit for?" asked a free trade by-stander. " Because," Was tlie reply, "Mr. Morton's picture ooks like Tilden, and I know he must be a good man." And stí II the converts come. Gen. Harrison ia a poor man, and if elected president it must be on liis marlt, not on liis niouey. Hfe is a man of the strlctest integrity. ind has riever been aecused ot a crooked deed in his Ufe, or anything that ever squintod that way. His moral churacter is clean and pure Biso. He will be an honor to the White House. Ilon. Geo. H. Hopkins, of Detroit, has beea chosen ch;iirm;in of the republican state central comuiittee, and Harry C. Tillinan secretaiy. It is to be business from now forvvard, with Gen. Alger, Cols. Duffleld, Atkingon, Heeker, etc., as fighting aides. Michigan will be fuund where she has been ever sitice the republican party was born, true to the principies of freedoin, and financial prosperity. We h:ive frequently been afked if any man was ever elected president alter having been once defeated? Yes. In 1800 Tilomas Jefferson was elected president over John Adam?, who defeated liim in 1790. In 1838 Andrew Jackson was elected over John Quincy Adams by whom Jackson was defeated In 1824. And in 1840 Wm. Henry Harrison was elected over Martin Van Buren by whom he was defeated in 1836. The state committee has declded upon Aug. Sth and 9th as the time and Detroit as tlie place for holding the republican state conventiou lor nouiinating republican state ofiicersand presidentlal electors. An auxillary campaign committee was appointed with Gen. Alger at the head. No man has erer shown a grander or more commendable spirit than Gen. Alger in this campaigB. N sulklng on ti is part. John Slierman should take a few lessons trom our Alger. Would you like to know who the real RUthor of the famous - or infamoiis - Mills Iiill really is? Wel!, it is quite generally understood (o be one J. S. Moore, a member of the Cobden Club, and a represen Uti ve of larjre British intere8ts in thls country. (Jongressmiui Russell, of Connecticut made the charge in Congress a few days since, and there was not a member of the Ways and Mean committe who could deny It. Pretty state of atl'nirs, is it not, to import a man from Eogland to draft our laws? In 1840 free trade had broken down business and nearly unpoverished the country. The grand leader of the Whig party, Henry Clay, advocated a protective policy and Wm. Henry Harrison was elected on that issue. To-day Mr. Cleveland has almoi-t crushed the llfe out of business by forcing upon the country once again a free trade policy, and the people will again rush to the republican party for deliverance, and elect General Benjamin Harrison president, who believes in the American policy of America for Americans. It is a question, and a serious one, too, wliether Allen Q. Thurman will support Grover Cleveland in this cauipaign. In a speech made September 2nd, 1872, at Columbus, Ohio, Mr. Thurman said these worcls whicli are respectfully referred to the mugwumps: " My friend, you will never have any genulne reform In the Clvll Service uutll you adopt the One-Terra principie In reference to lie Presldency. So long as the Incumbent an hope for a second term he wlll use the inmense patronage of the Government to procure hls renomlnatlon and secure hls relectlon. . . . In public as In private afalrs experlence Is conslantly developlng rn 1 ts that cannot wlth safety be overlooked. t bas developed the faot that the One-Term rlnclple Is essentlal to purlly In the clvll dmlnlstratlonof the Republlc. I repeat un1 tbat principie be adopted and acted upon, you will have no genulne reform."


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