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Regular monthly meetlnji oi tlic com - cil MoDday cvenlng, wlth full boud present except A)d. Hammond. The regular and tedious readlng of the minutes was ffone tlirougli with, after whlcli carne the PRK8KNTATI0N OK PKTITIOK8. Of John Manninjr, Michael Donahue and 40 others remonstrating agalnst the proposed altering ot the grade of N. Malo st. Referred to Oen. St. CotnmitÓf J. F. Liwrenee, S. Wood, Henry Cornwell and 24 other tax payers of the 3d ward, recoinmendlnK that N. Main st. be lowered to the grade as shown by the records of the city englneer and as agreed to with the purchaser of the old jail property. Referred to Oen. Street Cominittee. Of A. Feloh and A. M. Dot.y for a plank walk "on the west side of N. Thayer st. from K. Cathaiine to E. Huron st." Keferred to sidewalk coiumittee. Of A.F. Martin, and 8 others asking for a sidewalk ou 8. side of Geddes Ave. fron Elm st. to Washtenaw Ave. Referred to sidewalk committee. Of S. Bullock, 8. W. Balley and 11 others for a water hydrant at the intersection of Madison and W. Second sU. Referred to Fire Department Committee A coinmunication from Dr. W. F. l'.ii'iikcy, health offteer, nsklng that the councll takc tip and i-onsider a petition signed by a large number of prominent ni i.fiis abont one year ago, relctive to the removal of the sliiujjliter housen, and f(iving the authority of the council to act in sucli cases, viz. : Howell's statuten, sec. 1G78. Received and placed on file. Also a communication from Dr. W. F. Breakey relativo to the bill of E. B. Gidley for $75 for extra services as uiember of the board of health last year, not recommending lts ailowauce. Referred to Finance Com. Aid. Martin, from the li nance committee, made tbe following report of expenditures for the montii : lstward fund 1150 83 2d " ' 23 02 3d " " 156 20 4th " ' 174 35 öih " " .„. 18 50 8th " ¦' 9 74 Gen. Street luud 282 57 General " „ 88 55 Contingent " 46 99 Water works " 2,387,50 Total 4,O5l 25 In the report were several bilis for extra services at ftre?, which were opposed by Aid. Allmendinger on the ground of establishing a bad precedent, but were allowed ou vote of the council. Tlien Aid. Herz made an attempt to ;et the gas bill cut down because of the frequent and innumerable times [in Jauuary atul February several nights at a time to the writer's personal knowledge] there was no liht in the clock tcwer, but the council were too liberal to think of such a thinp, though whittling the Electric Light Co.'5 bill for the same reason the montli previous. Tlie bilis were all allowed and the following extra ones also: Ann Arbor Democrat, pub. ord 4 20 Ann Arbor Electric Co., st. llgbts 50 40 H. MarHli, gravel 10 00 James & Barney, stone flagglDg 457 33 Julin Mlller, labur 9 :)7 (ieo. Sclillmmer, labor 7 00 me iiquor üomls ot Millnmn tt McXalley and of August Sclmelder reud and acoepted. The committee to wbom was referred tlie mutter of opening Second st. reponed verbally throiiüh Mayor Beakes that Mr. Bucli would sell right oi' way thronuh liis property fot $1,000, but recommemled notliing. ín reference to this business Aid. Herz oflered the followiiiff, which wasadopteil: RetolveJ, That tlie Toledo, A. A. X. M. R. II. Co. be requested to present to thl councll plan and estlmated cost for the proposcd new dupot. Carrled. REPORT OF CITY OTPICBBS. Tlie reports of city offlcers were then received and ordered placed on Ule. The city treasnrer reported the followbalances : Contingent fuud on hand I 5::0!i0i General overdratt 3,!M0 LM General St. " on hand 725 OS lst wnril mud M2U 2d " (7(j 4 8d " " 15 , 4th " " 30 18 üth " " yi 98 Bth " " ïi2 17 City cemetery rund liO 82 Dok tax " loo 00 Delinquent tax " overdraft 1.562 57 Water works, on hand 3,407 08 City Marshal reported 11 arresta for June, 2 petit larceciy, 2 vagrancy, 5 drunk, 1 ilrunkurd and tippler, 1 violation of city orOinance by using profane lauguage. City Marshal Sipley reported the followlng expendituri'8 of the poor fund for the ruonth. lst ward $ 1 00 2d ' (j 23 3d " 14 88 4th " :iy ü4 5th " „, „ " 58 06 6th " _ 17 7o Total $137 81 MOTIONS AND RESOLUTIONS. By Aid. Almendinger: Jiesolved, ïhat theflredepartraentcommittee be lustructed to brlng In a report Hliowl ur a plan for ihe reorganlzatlon ol the tire dupartment, and sliowlng the probable expenae. Carried. By Aid. Herz Retotved, That John Jacob Flucher and Henry Allmendlnger be appoiuled as special pollcemen ior July 4th, to serve without cost to the city. Carried. By Aid. O'Mara : Retolved, That 8400 be transferred frotn the contingent fund to the 4th ward fund to be retransferred Feb. lst. next. Carried. By Aid. Kearns : KeëolveJ, That frm and af ter tlils date the original grade of N. Main st., between North Street and Hummlt st. be re-eittabllsheri Carried. By Aid. Miller: Whkrkas, The Toledo, A. A. A N. M. R. R requests the city councll to open 2d st., and Whekkas, The opening and proper gradlng of 2d st. wonld costa large sum of inoney therefore Resolved, Thai It Is the sense of thls councll tbat second street uuould be opened provlded the Rallroad, wlll bulld a depot siich as the slze of the city, the large patronage obtalued by the road here, and ilie liberal contrlbullons of our clllzens towards the building of the road, warrants. Resolved, That thlscouncll does not belleve that a frame depot costlug SS. 500 Is such a public linprovement as would warrant the cltr In opening and properly gradlng 2d st. Resolved, That acommlttee of three be ppoluted to confer wlth the rallroad company concernlng the mutual lutereats of the clly and company (Iemand. S. Dean being perraitted spoke n reference 'to the resolution and said thiit it woulil be utterly useless to appuiut that committee, as the R. R. Co. liave not got the money to put in the building, and could not and would not build any better building. He wanted the couneil to do one tliing or the other, t-ither take the neccessary steps to open 2J st., or refuse to do t. He didn't want the thing to dally alono; any longer. Col. H. S. Dean also spoke urging the couneil to take action at once, open 2d streef, pay Mr. Bach for lus land, and have the thing got under way. Aid. Mlller thought if the citv inveated 2,ÜO0 or $2,500 In opening d si. the R. R. Co. ouglit to build u better building thau the onepioposed. Aid. Allniendinger said thiit toopen 2d t. would cost the city $2,500 and that mis resomtion simply asked u conference and deitmnded nothing of the Co., and' thought that if the city invested' that inuch they were eutitled to some consideration. Aid. Wines offered as an amendment that the committee report to this body next Monday night. The resolution as amended passed by the following vote: Ayes- Ald. Allmendlnger, Martin, Herz, kearns, O'Mara, Mlller, the Mayor and Recorder. Nays- Aldn. Nutherland, Spokes, Ware wlnes, and Barker. ' A)d. Ware presented 11 grade of Pontiac st. 5th ward, prepared by tlie city eriffineer and the ?me was adopted. The tree around the electric lljrht on Washtenaw Ave. near Prof. IiHtigley's, were directed trimmed by the Aid. of the Oih ward; and the trees on tí. W. corner of Madison and Main sts , by the 2d ward Alderman. Aid. Miller moved that Miss Shaw be allowed $.'i.00 per inonth. Carried. The General Fund comuilttee was au. thorized to provide the drinklng fouiitaiii with cnps and remove the old pump f rom thn square. The dead trees and limbs were ordered removed f rom the court house square by the cli airman of the commlttee on parks. By AM. Ware : RuolrtJ. Thiit theCIllpfof Pollre I heieliy dlrected to recoinineiiil two patrullmcn for appoltitruKiil on lüe pólice forcé. Carrled. Aid. Miller moved tliat the Mayor be one of the commlttee to confer wlth the R. R. Co. Oarried and Alda. Mlller and Kearns were made the other members. The pólice committee recomniend!l the appointuicnt of Michael Clark and Jame Murray a8 patrollmen, and tliey were so appointed. Hy Aid. Allraendlnger: Jletolvfd, Thai a oommlttee conaiiting of the City EDKlneer, Mayor and City Attorney beappolnted as a commlttee on halla and buildings. Carrled.


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