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Elmer Beach C. E. '86, has been in the city during the week pst. Q. A. Deucher, medlc '85, has been appointed assistent in physiology. Prof. Wm. P. Wells talles to the multitude at Grand Raplds on July 4th. June 28, a little son bom to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Slocum, of the medical class U. of M. R. E. Evans, law '80, s in Dakota Neb., practlclng, a memoer of the firm of Evans Fair. E. L. McAllaster M. E. '88, has gone to Detroit to enter the Dry dock Co's. office tor the .slimmer. Joseph E. Putnam, of Rochester, N. I., will beasalstant in the physical laboratory wlth $700 salnry. Walter W. Campbell, llt. '87, has been appoiuted instructor in astronomy at a salary of $900 per year. George D. Arndt has been appolnted assistent to the chair of Surgery, etc, in the Homueop. departmeut. Harriet M. Allen will be the assistant to the chair of Obstétrica, etc., in the oma-op, department the coming year, Dr. Arndt's title hereafter will be "Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics and Clinlcal Professor of Dlseases of the Nervous System." All hands have been glven a vacatlon this week at the University by Secretary Wade, but next Monday mornlng wort will commence again and be rushed through until October. Prof. Langley's tltle has been changed Irom professor of chemistry to that of 'Professor of Chemistry and Metallurgy." Thlswill relieve him from all dutles in the medical department. The editor of the Ypsilanti Sentinel need uot " fret his glzzard " over the alumni of the university. Hls assertlon that they care nothing for the Institulion after srraduation, Is too silly for a moment's notice. Hls once aecute intellect must be going into dotage. i ne lit. class of Ta liad live representatives at the Commencement eiercises : J W. Parker, Olathe, Kansas; John Shafroth, Denver, Colo.; Prof. Delog Fall of Albion College; Prof. J. C. Knowlton, of Aun Arbor; and Probate Kejrister W. G. Doty, of tliis city. Tüey are representati res tliat the class, aud the University a!so, inay well be proud of. The regents havinjr decided that the snccessor to Dr. Dunner must reside in Ann Arbor, now thewise conree for thera to pursue i to adopt a resolutlon to the effect that all meinbers of the medical faculty must reside in Ann Arbor. Until that is done, the medical department will liever be built up here as it sbould be. No old threats of ruining this flourisliing department of our university should be allowed to be carried out. At the meeting of the American Institute of Homeopatliy, held last week at Niágara Falls, important action was taken which wlll he of benefit to the dupartnient in this UniversitF. The Inlercollegiate coninilttee recommended and it was adopted, that after the sessions of '90 and '91 diplomas would not be reco"nized trom any college whlch graduatis stilden ta in leas than tlnee full term of lectures of slx montha each. A gentleman, a good doctor and a man who has had wlde experience in hie profession, tells ua that all the lylnp in cases that the medical department could possibly u-e could be obtained here in Ann Arbor by simply making provlsions for tliein. He further says that the reason they are not obtained is because no effort has ever been mude to obtain them. But Rome members of the faculty rather remove the department and are workinir houily and persistently to that end. Hereafter instructora in the varioug departments will have no vote at faculty meetings. This is a victory for the oltler heads, many of wliom cannot appreciate the fact that they were boys themselves once. The fact that sonie of the younger professors lmve chainpioned the cause of the boys on diverse occasions and won their polnts, against the more austerc and severe Uier ruember, is no doubt tl:e man ot ttiis nction by the regenté. It inay reduit tor the bost and it muy not. (uite :i compliment wus paid Dr. MeLachlan, of the Homeopathie department at t!ie meeting of the American lust. of Honienpatliy at Niágara Falla last week, by muklnst liiui chainnan of the Bureau of Theory and Prctice. Dr. Arndt was made a nieinber of a permanent committee to edit, publish and control the " International Homeoputhic Pharmacop'la,"the officia! publication ofthatbody. Tlie Dr. was also made a member oí the Board of Directora of Drujr Provings, which is likewise a permanent commlttee, Among the viaitors In the city last week was ex-Gov. Begole, of Flint. He looks hal and liearty, and younger even than when the cares and duties of the governor8hiprested on hisshoulders. In conversation with the writer he drifted on to Unlversity matters. "Why,"says he, "the first tliinjf, almost, that I did after my election hs iroveruor, was to go about tlie state and Investígate the needs and wants of the different state institutionp, auiong thegreatest of whicli n my mlncl, is the Unïversity. I carne hert', talked with tlie regenta, wlth Pregldent Angelí and tlie rarlous members of the t:irnltif and learned what was actually needed and recommended the approprlations in my message. Now I am told that Gov. Luce never gaw the University In hls life - unies he lias been here recently" - added tlie venerable ex-Oov. "How Is a man tojiidjceof a tblng be liever saw or doesn't know anything of from peraoaal observation ? It look as lt he icted in this in sta nee from prejudice and without investigaron." "Yon were probably never a member of a bourd of supervisors?" inqutred the scribe. Oh, yes, I was. I served my town severul years as a supervisor, luit when I was called to the office of governor by the people of tuis great state, I had endeavored to outgrow the statesmanship of a body that will expend several hundred dollars of the county'i money in thelr own per diem allowance while wrnngling over a bilí of sonie deputy sheriff or coroner nraounting to a few dollars." The coíl for supper then carried the old gentleman to a more pleasitig task, and the conversatioa ended. UNIVER8ITY REPAIRS. There will not be quite asmitny repairs as usual made this aummer, yet Secretary Wade h. -is laid out enouifh to keep the force pretty busy. To start wlth the two Urge tin deck roofs on the museum building will be built over and re roofed in a manner that will make them permanent and sute. This will be a difflenlt job from the fact that there is no wood in the roof to work on. But a ncw frame and roof will be lald nbove the old one, by strappiug the timbera aroiind the iron rafters. Room 24 and rom 0 in the maln hall will be calcimined, painted and thoroughly renovated. The floors of the rear corridors running to the main hall will be renewed with limpie. The laboratory of Prof. Spalding on the upper floor of the norlh wing will have the OeltlM rnised four feet, and be otherwise greatly improved. At the Homeopathie hospital inore room will be rrmde for patiënt, but jiiat how has not fully been declded. At the ampilheater a durk room will bc built out to the light and fitted for use in adminlstcring anaesthetlcs. The Unlveiflty hospital will bc eleansed and disinfected thorotighly. The walls and woodwork will be scraped and every vestige of old paint and calcimlne taken off. Whitewash will be used hereafter instond of calclmine. The eartli underneath will be removed to the depth of two feet or more and replaced with fresh gravel or and. The large ward will be divide 1 nto three wards, so that they cao be üisinfected during the college year. The chemical vnult for whlch an appropriation was made last year, will be built this year, on the west side of the chemical laboratory, and will be quite a llttle job. The basement of the old medical building will have cement 11 ori put In. Then, and not the least important, will be the making of from 125 to 150 rods of 8 ft. tar walk. Comraencinrr at nie east museum entrance the walk will run past the fronts of the new phyaical and mechanical laboratorles and intersect the large diagonal walk, crosslng the campus from southeast to northwest. Then starting from the west front of the medical college run to the dental college passing between the mechanical laboratory and thephysical laboratory; then from the dental college to the west of the new physical laboratory to intersect the lirst mentioned walk. The steam pipes In the new boller house, and its connections will have to be covered. ,.TDere.will,be an attempt to Improve the President 3 house wlth paint, ii very commendable thing to attempt and accomplish. There will be considerable gradina, cleaning up of debrls and sreaeral slickIng up around the new buildings. All this, aside from the mauy unthought of things developed when repairs are once under way, will be quite apt to keep the workmeu busy and hustling durin the summer months. The character of repairs which have been made under Secretary Wade's supervisión has been most excellent and permanent. Ellzabeth Kelley of Northfield, dled June 30, aged 80 years, of cáncer. Lewis Faber pald Juatice Frueauff$3 costa Monday for the flzht lie had with a brother workman last month. Tliere will be such low rates mnde to the Cincinnati Centennial tliig sunimer that maDy of our citlzens wlll attend. The Germán Society A. O. U. W will celebrtae the 4th at Kellef park. Games will be had, and a usual jolly 4th enjoyed. The Presbyterlan church will probably beclosed during the coming month unle8S a new candidate for the pulpit is secured. There la a rumor'about the streets that the store of N. H. Winaiis, of Battle Creek, formeriy of this city, was burned out last Sunday night. 1 lie 'bus drivers run their teams down Detroit streel just the gaine, as usual, now that pólice forcé has been Increased perhaps this dangerous nuisance can be abated. Some of tlie colored peopie of the city are really unkind enough to ask where !¦. B. 'Ihompson got his title of Rev., and when he was ordained as a minister of the gospel? They don't seem to take everythlng claimed as strictly stral"-ht goods. " At the Sunday school of the Congregational cliurch of Augusta, near Whittaker station, they had what they called a birthday box, in which the children of the school on eacli birtüday deposited as many pemiles as they were years old which ld opened every New Yenr's Suuday. Last Sunday, when people carne to the churcn they found that the buiklinuhad been broken open and the box stolen with ts contenta, which amouuted to souie $10 or $12. A thief who would steal such a box ought to have hij feet Bcorched on burning coals forawhileand perhaps he will have some day. Among the displays at the great Cincinnati exposltlon, is one alike cred tabla to the exposition and to our city, made by O. Eberbach & Son. It consista of a complete chemical apparatna lor the estimation of organic substances, and also oue for the estimation of inorganle substances ; a fine representaron of cheniicals; together with chemical glassware forpharmareuticul preparatlons. Messrs. Kberbach & Sou are also preparing an exhibit for the next meeting of the state l'harmaceutical association, which convenes at Detroit, in September. Thls shows a coinmeiidable spirit of enterprtae on the part of this lirm, and leflects credit upon city as wel!. J. L. Stone has a Spaniel do; thafs worth havinir. Besides acting as mail carrier and delivering the letters, he does raany other remarkably brlfiht tliings. Ye acribe was passing on S. Alain straet Saturday and witnessed a scène that was quite astoniahing. Tlie dog luul madeup his miad that he wauted one of the many sparrows that was feeding in the gutter. So lio wulked leisurely along toward the binls evidently payiiif; no attentiou t them, until within a coupleof feetorso of where they were feeding, wlien he made a sudden spring and had one of the saucy little lightera under his paw, and transferred tu his innuth in a trice. It was the brightest piece of dog strategy a tul quickest movement any canino ever successfully Htlempted. If you wish to note a deliglitcd expre.-sion of countenance, just watch John L. Dutfy's face as he pulls out that elegant gold watch presented to him by his fatlitr upon the day of his graduatiou, when he ítepped up and took his piece of sheepskin that gaye him the degree of A. B. The time piece is a Imndsonie one, with Elgin workB, and was accompanied by a jjold chain and charm also. Besides lliis splendid gift of a íenerouj fntlier, John was iilso remeinbered by an uncle to the extent of a Webster'a dictionaiy ensconced In one of those aduiirable hol. Iers, and un auntgave him a goM headed cañe to celébrate the event. John can truly be luasL'd among the fortúnate, and is one of onr level-headed younjj men who is deserylng of it.


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