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"The Sllent Witness," by Mrs J. H. Walwortl), Is the last Issue of dissel iL Jo's. Kalnbow Serie of lijflit ütrature 6r aummcr rea linjf. Essays on Goethe, by Thos. Crlyle, te he lust uumher of Cassell's Ntlonal Llbrary. No person ueed go without (ood redding these davs wben ten cents uys iheaewtandard workn. Tlie jirt-atust publiCHtioti extant for the Ittle folks of the family i "Our Little Ones," publlsbrd by D. Lothrop & Co., Boston, Mhss. U 8 a charmlnjr, ,deli(fl'tfull little motithly, always fllled to overflowln witli nie, clean, entertiilnin: Iterature. " As the twig ia bent the tree nclhies," so a good thliijf to do Is to get he children started rijtht, wltli a taste for 5ood literatiire. The Monroe chapter in Wide Awnke's rrefldential series, " Cbildren of the White House" (July number). grives an account of Mudarne Oampau's famous icliool in Frnce, with Eliza Moiire attended, ivhere she wan the intímate ¦clioolmate of Hortense Beonharnais, the future Queen of Holland. The portralts whicli the Queen -Dt over to the dwiji liter of her old school friend have been eneraved for this article, comprisiiijr Hortense rs a echoolgirl. Horièuse ai Queen, and Madame Canipau. A Ppirïtcd picture is drawn of Kliza in tifter lifc, as Mis. Hay in the White Houce, wlii.-rc -lif liiaiijjurated many of the coclal perplexitles and quegtions of etiquette whicli vex Washington to-day.


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