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The American Creed

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Condensed IntO Ilie form oi' a short creed, the lepublican platform issometl i i ti ir like this: We believe in free ballot atul in liavinfr every vote counted. We believe in protection for piotecliou's sake, and we are not ashamcd 01 il. We believe la abolishing interna! t;ixc8 created for war pur-poses. We believe in the direct proteetion of American labor ugiilnst cheap foreign labor. We believe In free intornal cnmprtition. We believe in railroad regulation W believe in Iiomestead8 and gootl homestead titlea for citlzens. We believe in home rule for big anil intelligent territories. We bi'lieve in a doublé iiionetary standard. We believe in the utmost lacililics lor education as worlli all thcy co.-t. We believe in a big inerchant marine and in American (-InjiyiinH. We believe in a ood navy, jfod coa-t detenses and (jood water routes toi commerce. V believe in makini otlur imiions respect pur rights and pay for all they jet trom u. We bi'iieve in proti-cting Ameiicin citizena agninst foreign intrilereiieo. not only at bume, but in any p irt of the wond. We lx lieve in (¦ivrl-."ervie reform more Hum ever; and We believe tb at nolbinji is too foná for Ibe soldlera wbo ri.-ked thi'ii livrs to save the country, and saved it.


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