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tllMUXU' I I Uil TORI . SV VKUOR COWMANDKKY, No. IS ineetH flrst Tuesilay "I each mouth, C. K. Hlscock, E. .; John R. Mluer, Keoorder. sVtsurKifAW ühaptbr, No. 6, R A. M.- 4epU lirst Mimdny eiidi month. J. L. Siono H P.; Z. Kimth, Seeretary. BUSINESS CARDS. w. V. ICifOLS, DETTIST. K ioius Over Aun Arbor Sm inirs Bank, Opp. C.mrt HiMis Square. VITALIZEE AIR Ai'ninictr"1. U i? ¦ reeablj and easy to tako, and n prnatrolln" effbcts .oilow wliile tMtfc are ext íctod w tnont patu. CHAS. lTÁLLEÍ Contractos and Builder. Plans and Speclflcatlona carefully drawn. Kesldeuee, 46 E. Catherine St., Ann Arbor, M-ich. DR. C. HOWELL, OfFICE. K. )M I, Masón te Hi.ook. (Mee hunrs : to 12 ; 2 to 6 p. ni. DR. H. R. ARNDT, PH.YSICIA.ISr OrriCK ivkk FlttST National Hank. Hpim-i ai1 Urricm I0:8ftto n. m ; S:3i to .t : 10 i, ni. '.in Im' reaohed iiL rfstdeuce (V.( Hurón lret, th "l'rof. Nloliol bl i ,¦ i iiv lelephonc, Nu UT, aud wlll r-ply [l Oftllfl 1 N Un l'Vl'll I lili. WII.Min HSBZ, HiiuHA, S'd, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! l'piTÍ'iu', (iM.ine, (ildlng, nd l'alciminlne, nd Vork or ever; doHCriotton done n the beat style.and warrnutt'd to give Hatisfitction. Shop, No. 4 W. Washinarton St., Anr, Arbor. CLOTfl CÁSKETS, METALIC Vn. I OoraraoD Comas. Calis attented to Day or Niüht. l'.iniialiiiiiii; a speciulty. Storerooin on B. Washington slreet. KeaJdence Cor. 14berty and Klftli. %V. II. J ACKSON, r E3ii 3M1ITHIII sumí. OFFICE : Orcr Bach & AbeI's Dry Qood Store. Entrance next to National Bank. jijTfe Greatest Blood PurifierJ I TliIsGrent Germán l.-.ii. indi thc#L II lcli.;iiiostanil best. 128ttusesof SCl-#4 III llPJII lí RITTKKSfortl.Uu,les8than# 5 III Boni' rent a dose. It ill cure Üem "L wjp'i'i -i i i-osoí skln dlacase, from m Ua comniíin pimplo on tlie fai'e# if M nlM that awful iliense Scrufula. í III M l.l'lirii BriTKKS la theW g Ubct ineillclno to use Ín all# ¦easos of sucli stiihlii.rn anlfOur Kld III ¦ U'i'i seated dlseases. Uo#ney9 arP out III BLUeVlLLS iif.O ¦íri.i'iii lí jirrrKus,#matterwlltttall''ll Ime.iiS 2Ur mUdplinr Bitters [I gwiiliayflIowstli'kyjFnon'twalt untll yon El llBi]l)-.taii(-r? laytmrW&Te unabletowalkorlTI ¦ brratli foul anilJTare flat on your back, III Hoílrnsivuy Vourbut get Home at i.iht, lt III ¦ atomaih Ís ont#vi!l cure you. bulpliurlll Illof i.r.lcr. U8c#Bitter8 Ís g S' nTi.KsThe Invalid's Friend.S Hl1iii"liatlyjVThoyoiinf!:, the aget land ÍS Mi V"ur ' 'r'Wtfru' are BOOO madowell byHI ¦ toe thlck.its lícinember wliat youlll ¦ ropy, clo-rcad here, it may fia ve yourHI nnuy, ormiQ it has savea hundruda. t? fVítu't wait until to-morruw t g Try a Bottle To-day! I c m Are you Iow-Kilrlted and wcak.Bl III í #..r biifferftiir the oxísseu i.fnl l#ynutliy Jf w), sn.PHUU U1TT1;RsI) I jTwlll cure you. Seml 3 2-cent stanip to A. I'. Ontway ('n., ISoM.m, Mass., fur ijist medtcul wmk iiubilahod? C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! Ko. i South Main St., Ann Arbor. Theoldestagency In the city. Establlahed over a (marter of a century ago. Represen tlng me (ollowlng flrst-class uompaulun, wltb. 960,000,000 Capital and Aclt. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA. IN9. CO., of New York. ÜIRAKD INS. CO., of Phlladelptila. ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of London. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and GLOBE. WASHINGTON FIRE and MARINE, of Boston. Rtes Low as tlie Lowest, Losses Libera"y Adjii8ted and promptlj l'aid. C. H. MILLEN. Jerome Freeman ! Move frora lila present staml over Watts' to the POSTOFFICE, BARBER SHOP i BATH Koomis, Momiaj-, March ]!). ti BS and HOT EATHS !


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