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Where Will The Irish Be?

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Krom Tbs ínter Ocean. When we meet locaat the ballot for Natlon and for Stalt, In the battle without bloodahed wbiob mold brlühl Irt-edom'a fute; That calla ten mlllion men to act a part for you and me, Tliere's muny aak from ter and wlde, "Where wlll thelrlsh beT'' "Wherefind them, when the 'Cobden Club Ib pending Kngland'a gold To purchaae ballot for Tree wliur iivi-iiii-ii 'a rlKhtH are aold? Where Ilrltlau aaka u traille free to brtng ou labor duwD, And let her braud all good we wear wltl burly Hrlllau'a crownT" Where were they when foul treason, dark iiia.ii! rreedom'a bulwarka nliake? Where were they wheii mmiuu slrove our Inloii true to break? WIiltb were they wlieu 'neath traitora' feet was tr id our hunner free- Where elae but 'neath broud rreedom'a flag could any Irlsh be? Whlle freah In living memory la wrltten Ireland'a wrong; v IIow England'a freu trado left her where she moans her aorrowa loog; tío England doora'd her wheela to rot and brought 'long lamlne'i deartli. And drove her trlali cblldren wlde toevery cllmeon earth. Can any man with senae of rlght, wbo aaka Uut whal he'll glve- Wlio'a reail how II eland (ud'ered, and how her chlldren live - Wbo lovea lilsown lu-lht, natlve land, and flag ao proud and free. Vet ask us when rlght raeeU the wrong, where wlll the Iriau be? Sliie by slde they graudly feil for everj üag oit earlh; Allke for Brltalu'a deep, dark red, and Hsg of boueM worm : Vit.foi tlielr lives thus glven, have aak 'd for Uil In turn. Let Jusllce wrlie the record- no hlatory'a brldgea burn. I'll teil you where we'll Mud Umin, In dut)1 pal li ao i 'lulu ; There u uder the foid they fought for- the tlug without a statu I Th, re niaichlDg'rold l'rolcctlon'aranka,thelr Miiiil columna aee ! S here proudly wavea lliu flag they love.tbere wlll the friah be. Where weak are battllng wlth the atrong. m n h lUmage all around. And nilght, fuul grapplea wllh the rlght. for nye aie Irlsb fouud. Tht re, wllh Ihe couhcIoum atrenglh uf rlght, U huil oproHülon baek, You wlll Mud true Irlshinen flrm in proud lïeedom'a track. And wheu Qreat Brltlan's wltherlug breath, Umi palaled Irelund'a ahore, slmll sirlve to reacb her alater clline, acroas the wild aeaa i t, She'll lind where leada Protectlon'a tlag, and Kree Trade visión flee. In Bolld columna, rigüt and left- there wlll the Irlsh be ! You will never flnd them akulklng whlle olhera make the tlghi; No half-heart way of leaulug from the Irlah ueimeof rlght; No doubta of way they are golug, wheu on theother nlde You nee John Huil wlth Hoven-fuut, wlth huir, wilh hoinu anti lilde. While the Irlah are yet Irlsh, and Irlsh beurta are true. And whlle Brltlan la yet Brltlan, and halen both green and blue; Where the Llon lnrka beneath the folda of the I ia n u er ' Tiade la Free !" Uotelltoall wlici are aaklng, there, wlll no Irlah be!


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