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Just A Word To Say

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['ve jusl a worü tosay, nelghbor! Unly a worü toHuy. S to why I chance from Qrover And vote the olher way. Admll lie's Juut UKxl a man S lie wiu four years today ; There's Hoiuetblng elite- Ih party alu't - So let me linve my say. [he Jemoorats have had four years, Mul now are turihrr awuy ¦'rom dol n' what they 'greed to l'han seedln' time to hay. hr want aoother trial Oí four yeur more, they say; lut diirn my Nkln! tney dou't aü vanee, rhey're gol' the other way. They were goln' to taire the natlon farm Aud plow a brand new way ; 10 viso lts agrlculture To ranke lt betterpay. 'hoy've ned the oíd república toóla And farmed the self-Haine way, 'lowln' the same oíd furrow They fouud lnaug'ral day. Must be they couldn't better lt; Had to let well-'uuf h: Aml then, they dou't work hearty ; trlnij thK oíd huuds back, tor me. 'he crops aln't auv blger; 'he tases that we pay, lid dañinee to imichlnery, jrow heavler each day. My aheep are all oomplalnln' Or may be lts iny way 11 Tryln' to underntand thelr talk, A-makln' up wlmt they say. Uit Ihey're aln thiH free-%ool talk ; iy jingo! o am I: 'he sbeep and rae can 't stand lt, Aud we aiu't agola' to try. 'ulk in' to SlhiK ilown't the ralll, u my wagón t'otherday; 1 wíld llils free-llst bnsluetis I) close i hi'in, rlght away. And there would be tlve hundred liauda, i'ci work, no place to tay; And the inarket for my produce Clone. Gosht that's tnugh, I say. (ow I've been figurín', carefully, ün my savlu'- t'olher lde; All the advantage I would galn i thls Mills hlll plan waa trled. Áy bilis was heavy last year, 'or I went lt pretty, liivin' good rrops and markets And plenty of spare oaah. lut wiii'ii I took the duty ofT, ''ree-llsled all they say, wai amazlu' 'stonlHhed And saw lt wouldu't pay To lose my produce market, Take low prlce for my wool, An' ave 'bout thlrty dollars; Tliey must Uiliik I 'm a fooi. 80 that Is why I change, nelghbor ! And vote tbe otber way. I cn't vote 'Kulnst my pocket, B'cosbl It doemn't pay. Audjuítyou thlnk llover, Now, wei({ti well wbat I ay: Aml Urover'll los anotlier vote When't coinOB electlon day.


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