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The Ypsilaiiti ötn ti nel saya "Cleveland's record as a blooded democrat is not flrst rate.'1 The Stockbridge Sun believes in the practice some neighbors indulge in of borrowing papers. Well, it Isn'l a bad idea sometimos. Free wool for northern tarmers - protectedsuzar for southern planters, and yet the democratie prty oliuni9 not to be a sectional party. There are more people interested in the pledge of the republican party for one cent postale tnnn our democratie brethren are willing to admit. Matllda Fletcher, the noted lady iecturer has given up all of her appointinents to tke the sttiinp (or Harrison and Morton. The roll cali lengthens. Some of our democratie friends are accusing tlie republicans of having a free whisky plank in their platform. The idea of demócrata Onding fault witli sucli a thing '. Minister Lothrop has resigned the Knssian mission, the rigorsof the climate being more llmn he cures to conteml wltb t his stage of life. No successor h:is yet been appointed. The people wanted a change, and Mr. Cleveland wi9 clected upon that issue. We have huil a cliange, and wool Is down to 20 cents or less. IIow do our farmers like the change? President Clevelnnd's fiee trade message has cost every farmer liaving any wool to solí from 5 to 10 cents per lb. for i yjry pound of wool thoy liad lo sell. No deuiocrat dure deny it. The fact that Mr. Cleveland allowed "oircumstances" to prevent his attending the Gettysburg annifersary is quite significant. He doesn't "haukcr" after the G. A. H. boys worth a cent. P. H. Dodge, of the Stanton Clipper, has iiivented a new power press, and by the proof sent to Mr. C B. Davison of this office, t is one that blds fair to rival all kinds now in use and infringes on no one. It Iihs a half cylinder and prints as neat and clean a sheet as we ever suw. A great deal is said by our friends, the the encmy, about the Chinese and their Importauon hcre. Our friends don't talk nuich about Mr. Cleveland's policy of aduiilting the goods uiade by Chinese, who work trom ten to lifty cents a day, free ofduty. Lel'g hear something about that. Such papers as the Detroit Free Press protest against a ' 'personal campaign" tliis f all. And then turn around and abuse Gen. Harrison like a pick-pocket. If they don't want the personal char&cter of their candidates brought up they should quit lylng about the republican candiuates. Michigan farmers are asked by the democrats to vote for free wool ! Hut Georgia planters are given protected sugar! In Michigan it takes 34,036 votes to elect a congressmaii, but in Georgia 1,700 votes eleets a congressinan, and yet the democratie party is not a IMtlonal party! The democratie national coinmittce lias been glven $4,000,000 by a few Individuáis lor cunipaign purposes. And yet the dentoenta claim to be the party of tlie poor man! the frlenil of the laborer! Well inav the poor man and laborer exclaim: " Lord deliver me frooi mr friends!" The Pioneer Press, of S'. Paul, will tovver over all of lts competitors vrbeD it gets luto lts new granite building, wh'ch is to be 110 feet square and 168 feet liirli above the curb. It will be tlie hljrhest building in the United States prebabljr. It must take more than " oue ;i day " to build tliat. Rev. Washington O irdncr, the commamler of the O. A. K. of the stt reccntly refueeil tbe degrefi of 1). D. from the (iriint Memorial l'niversity because be reirarded hlinself as iwt suftlciently learned to be entitled to it. Those are just the class ot men who would honor such a title. The üeniand for Proteotion literuture la verv great f rom all sectlons of the country. The Home Market Club will furnito such document9 to all who ipply. Officials ot republican clubs, republican comtnittees and others dMlrtng such. should address Herbert Uudelyffe, secretary, ."G Bedford st., Boston. Nabob Mackey, who has come out for Cleveland, earns his money in America and spends it in Paris. Just about on a par with the Chinaman who earns his money here and sends it back to China. There is this one difterence, however: The Chinaman earns his by honest toil, a thing which Mackey has not the faintest idea of. Levl P. Morton bas a villa at Newport, a park un the Kudson, a house on Klfthaveu ti', and an office on Wall street, hut he has no place la theaSectlons of hls couotry-raen llke tbat reserved for i hut lilorlous old Democrat. Allen Oranberry Thurman ! - Lansln[ Kepabllcan. The difference In the two men Is this: Morton made hls wealth by his own hands and head, commencing a poor boy. Thurman msrried his money, and has never added anythin to it to speak of. Al pena has been devastated by a terrible tire within tíie past week, fully onethird of the city being swept away by the devourlng llames. Hundreds of families are left homeless and thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of property burned up. The more fortúnate ones immediately went to work and raised finids and adopted measures for relief, and other portions of tho state llave responded nobly. The elements have combined to make fearful havoc wlth the property of the people in many parts of this country during the week past. In Illinois, Iowa and the west it was wind, rain and hail that destroyed many thousand dollars worth of growing crops. In Pennsylvania and Ohio the floods swept away at least $3,000,000 worth of property, while the ñames worked an almost'equal destructlon at Alpena. John Heffron, who once ran for congress on the greenback ticket in Detroit, was in St. Johns this week. He announces hls intention to vote next Xovember for Harrison, Morton and protec tion. He doesn't like tlie English idea that governs the democratie party. He saj-9 that no consistent man who ever held greenback views can vote for Cleveland. - St. John's Republican. And still the procession keeps on increasing. When the democratie state convention meets in Detroit Thursday, to-morrow, there will be but one candidato for the governorship. Only one man in the democratie party of the prent state seeks tlie empty honor. He is Wellington II. Burt, of East Saginaw, wlio voted for Blaine in 18S4, and has always been a republican anti) he got mad at Congressman Horr a few years ago. He wants it bad and hopee to pave his way to victory with his barrel. Gen. Geo. H. McClellan bad a ftreat many warm admirers throughout the country, some of whom, at least, have not forgotten the contemptible manner in which lie wa8 treated by President Cleveland after elrction. At a reception in New York Gen. McClellan's card being sent tip, il was ignored, and the old veteran went home cruslied by the public -nul), given without CSBM, Such things are not forgotten. Senators Kiddleberger and Mahone both say that Virginia will be carried for the republlcan noniinees this fall. Kepresentative Brown of North Carolina, says: "The Mills bill, which i a free trade document, is repudiated by the dcmocrats in the tur heel state, and when it comes to free trade and protection the manufacturero nnd their employés of the state will favor protection. Harrlson and Morton will carry my state by at least 10,000 majority. Every Michigan mfltntior who was present refused to vote n favor of rducing thetarltTonsufiarfromtU per cent. aa proposed by the Mills bill to 41 per cent. as proposed by the republicana. The reduetion would have cheapened sugar ono cent per lb., and reduced the revenue $25,000,000. No, that is not the Idea, bnt free wool, salt and lamber for the nortli and protected sugar for a few southern planters, that's tlie scheme. The south gives the solld democratie majorilies (by aid of the shot gun and false returns) and the south must be protected. The $1.000,000 which it is assertcd that Wm. L. Scott (the great mine owner of Pennsylvanla, and chairman of the national democratie committee) gives to the democratie cainpaign fund to corrupt tho votere of the United States, will not brlng one-half the streneth to hiR ticket that tlie $50,000 given by Levi 1'. Morton in 1880 to load a shlp with provisión? for the starving pcople of Ireland. torton gave his money to benefit starviug people, and out of pure goodness of heart. Scott gives hi9 money to pollute and corrupt the people of hls own country, and bêcause of seltislmcss, in the hope of thus buying liis way to a cabinet positiou in case Cleveland Is re-elected. There are several of our democratie friends who insist upon repenting the falsehood, whicli has grown out of the general distribution of the "Oue a J;iy" postal card, that (en. Ilurnsmi in a speech once said tbat " $1 a day was enough for a laboring mun." (Jeu. llarrison never uttered such a sentence. No one but a fooi would say fiicli a thing, and if iiny man believes that story the nest thimr for him to do Is to go down to Indianapolis with liis proof and take the $1,000 thut has been deposited thcrL awaiting such proof. Money talks sonic times, and in tliis instance It appcars to pretty effectually stiuclch one of the mos1 contemptible campaign lies tliat has ever been hatched up agttlnst a candklate The Dext time you hear a man repeating that barefaced falsehood just send liin alter that $1,000. The Board of Regenta of tbe University itt its last meeting callcd a halt in tbe appointmeat of non resident professors whifth is muoh to be coiumeiided. The removal of tlie medical dcpartment of tbe univeislty, if deeirable, sbould be done only after mature deliberation by tbe Uegents and Facnlty, but by the medical professlon, the press and the people of tlie state, and should not be allowed to be accomplislied piecemeal by the appointment one after another, of the eminent physicians of Detroit to cbairs in tbe Faculty. Of course there are two sides to tbe question, but a wise conclusión i? much more likely to be reached nfter thorough discussion and the matter should not be handicapped or complicated by the appointment of practicing physicians resident at Detroit or other points tlian the seat of tbe university, Ann Arbor. - Durand Express. In the Xew York Press of a recent date there was a notlee of tlie shuttinji dowa of innumerable milis and factoiies in tbe manufacture ot woolen goods, carpets, macliiuery etc. At Worcester, Mass., tho Knowles Loon Works, the Cleveland Machine Shop, and tbe Blaisdell Tool Manufactoiy, whicb lias not closed hefore siuce 18(il, have shut all caused by the depression in trade the Mills liill bas made, and the f ree trade stand of President Cleveland. At Clinton, Mass, all the milis of tbe Bii?e'iow Carpet Co., have closed, and Mr. Bigelow states: "Oür milis are not tlie only ones eftected, but the shut down ig peneral In the carpet trade all over the country." Another uirmber ofihctirtn said: " The sluit down is the direct rcsult of the presentation of the Mills bill in the House ot' IJepresentatives, iind the propo9al to admit wool free ot duty." The Suiith Co., manuf.icturers of Axmiuistcr, Brussels and Wiltons bas also shut down at Youkeis, N. Y. Tbe Lowell Co. have shut down, at Lowcll, Mass. The Hartford Co. (Conn.) only runs tour days a week, preferring to give their haimls all Uic iuployinent pobsiblü, but will be Obliged to close entirely if business does not revive. And this is only a few of the largest establlsbments. Ob, yes, free trade is a sweet thing for the man wlio earns bis money by the sweat of bis brow. The Detroit Evening Xews Hin;s a] the trusts, monopolies and monopolist upon the republican party with as mucl ease as Sampson pulled down the column tliat crusheil li is persecutors. The mos ifi-rantic monopoly in this nation to-dny is the petroleum monopoly, and the liead front, rear, middle and all portions of i are democratie, and it was its influenc th:it electeil one of thelr number, Mr Payne, as Senator trom Ohio to sueceec tuut old Homun, Thurman. This mon opoly has its clutehes on the turoat o every railroad in the country, and it hands in the pocket of every family i the nation. It is the king of monopolies it is thoroughly democratie; and th rn i-i tl' Iris as much to do with it as th guit' 8tream with the Detroit rlver. Thn the tarift' in any way fosters monopolie Is one of the pet bugaboos of the News t frijrhten some of its ignorant reader with. Whiit is true of the Standard Oi (Jompany monopoly is true of manj others. The coal business, for Instanci with that great democratie free trade champion, Win. L. Scott, of Pa. These trusts are composed of demócrata and re publlcans alike, and free t radens ar found in their ranks quite as plentifu as are proteclionisis. The News an the democratie party It represente wil niaktf nothing by lying about these things. They might better teil the truth even ttiough they canuot make out sucl a plausible case for their side. The Register does nol bel leve that the tarlff keeps wages up; tbere U no proofof any sucli thing In tueory or ia Tact. - Keglgter. The man who wrote that sentence mus have received his practical education out ofsomeCobdeu Club text-book. Take off the tariff on printed matter, and let our markets be flooded with Euglisb and foreign printed books, and see tiie effect on the wages of printers in tbis country. Would it not efleet the wages of printers il huif or three quarters of the books sold in this city even, were printed in Englaiul f Our bookstores now have a line of English books they sell at 50 cents each that Hnd quite as ready sale as American printod books because they are superior to the American 50 cent book; and tlns Knglish book, you must remember pays the duty in the bargain. The American publishers do the very best possible, but the price of labor here will not allow tliem to fully compete with the English publisber8, even with the tariff to ht lp thom out. Ifour tariff does not keep the wagen ot our laboring men up, how is it that the laboring men of the entire world flock here? If they are as well off in thclr own country, and can cupport their families as well, why don't they all stay in their nativeland? The man doesn't live who has not a great affection for the liind of his birth, and all things belng equal he would nlways remain there with bis family. They come here to better themselves. Could they better theniBelves if we had freo trade, and our wage workers were obliged to work in competition with those of all foreign lamia? Why, the very proposltlon is the shearest nonsense. Ño man who has ever looked into the question of the tiirilf or wlio know anytliius; abuut it at all, but knowt that the fiict ofour having a home oiarket keeps the wages of tho workiiifinifii better in ttiis nation than in any other uiuler the gun. Tlie reasou that our college professor are generally all f ree trailers Is quite plaln. They all have fixed sitiarles. Protection, which permiu our laboring classes to earn from 10 to 100',i more in tliis country than any other in the world keeps the prices of many tblngsthey have tobuyup. With freetradetheir salaries, jiruriding they were not reduced in keeping with everything elte, wou ld buy more and ?o f urther, therefore they are free traders. But the workinfrman, wbo makes his liviDg by liin daily toil, the business man, who prospers when the laborer jrospers nul fails when the laborer has lothing to buy with ; the patriotic man who puts the good of the people aboye ndividual galu ; all theae can not afford to favor free trade.


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