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Democratic County Convention

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A democratie county con vention for the eleclion of delegates to the state and congressional conventioiip, was lield :it the court house last Thursday. There was a goodly atteiidance. One of the prominent democrats of the county reniarked to us, " he didn't know whether they were all there or not but he kne w the delegations were all full." üf course he ínisípoke hiniseli for hu was a delégate and perfectly fcober at the time C'andidate for Congress Hiehmond was rlevated to the chairmanship and John L. Duñy was chosen secretary, the last choice goiiiff a ood ways toward oftsetting the lirsf, which was ([uite generally admitted wasn't a very brilliant tliing to do when there were 80 man y to obote f rom. Atter the appointtnent of the usual comiuittees the couvention througli its appropriate coinmittee resolved to resolve - of course the wholo party will dtaolv next November - and the t'tïort brough forththls: ItesolvtJ, Tlmt Ihls conveution represent Ing tlie democracy ol Washtenaw county, ap prove the platform of principien enunchile by the recent National Democratie conven tioo, and heartlly and unreeervedly i'inlorthe renomlnatlon of the uoble executlve Cirover Cleveland for President, aud th DOmlnaüon of that noble oíd democrati leader, Allen U. Thurmau for vlce president Resolved, That the coming Democrati Btale Convention by emulatlng the exampl nut. Ik is li In Un' presen tatlon of principies au candldates, wllï deserve and commaud vic tory for the democracy of Michigan. llesoU'etl, That the Democratie Congress lona! convention. In a spirit of hurmony an concession, aud IgnorluK all aggreiisive clal in of individuáis or couuties, may and shouli name a candidate for representatlve In Con gress whocan command the cutiré strentl of the democracy and redeem 1 hr Sithi Congresslunal district. Which wasadoptcd. The business of the convention w:i then taken up and the tollowlng dclt-irati elected. To the STATE CONVENTION. At large- Hon. J. S. (jorman, Judge Joslyn J. V. Ilabbltt, Alpheus Kelch. Kirst District-J. V. Hheelian, Hou. O. S Qregory, Hou. C. II. Manly. E H. Pond, M. J I.ehman, John Kyaii and Kreil Howlett, Second DlKtrlct- F, I'. HoKiirdim, D, 1'. Kog ers, M. J. Kelsey, P. Mum, K. J. Swaln, Harr Hulber, Heury T. Uoe. CONGRESSIONAL CONVHNTION. Delegateaatlarge - Hon.Jno. J.Roblson. Dr 1 f. McIjaalilln.C II. Klcliiuond, and Ar ttmr Brown. Klrst district- A. Blrk, Jr.,J. S. Qormai Thos. Burlingame, J. F. 8chuh, Win. üee Chas. Dwyeranil J. Ij. Dulty. Hecond district- Wm. B. Osband, Cli-irli WoodrutF, James Lowden. Jacob Knxpp , i Ij. Yost, Krank Joslyn and J. M. tíross. The congressional convention has no been called yet, but the state conrentio wlll assemble at Uetroit to-morrow. After this the hiiDgry ears that wer arhinu for a few cheering words to en liven the mournful occasion demanded speech from somebody. Hon. John Uobison, who never heare the politica bugle cali (on hisskle) without answerine responded in a few wortfs, hutstateil Üia he had inreed to cnll on Mr. Lehman who was prepared tor the occasion. Mr. Lehman tlien answered to liis mm and scared tlie sparrows all out of the topmost rafters of the court house tower in li is eanieKness. There were BO flies about, either. Wlth one feil swoop he swept the republican p;irty up salt river, himied Cleveland back in the white house, and gave the democratie party all the pluma on Uncle Sam's trees. Deputy Clerk Urowu's tall massive form being (Hscovered in front, where he had been drinking in the pure democratie nectar as it teil from Lehman's lips, was also called for. liut he vanished as if fired out of a Flobert rifle, and made his speech to John Dufïy, belowln the clerk's office, and t was something like this : " By henip, if you ever cali on me in thnt way again, l'll publish your biogrsphy in the Saline Observer."


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