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BIG REDUCTION SALE AT D. SCHAIEER'S n order to reduce our Slimmer stock rapidly ad to make room for Fall (Joods, we wlll offer our entire Stock at ;i GREAT REICTION ! Low priees are winuers and e ar always THE OHBAPEST! Silo Wash Dress iiods at uuheard of low prices. 15 pieces White India Linens at lOc per yard. 25 pieces White India Linens at 12 l-c and 15c a jd. 20 pieces Victoria Lawns at 10c, 12 l-2c and 15c per yard. 10 pieces Dotted and Flgured Swiss at 25c per yard, worth 4Oc. 30 pieces Flgured Lanns at 5c per yard. 10 pieces Black Orirandy IiliisHns at lfl l-2c per yard. S pieces Frenen striped Cliambrays were 25c, now!4c a yard. One case choice 12 l-2c düngrliams uow Sc per yard. 25 pieces rinid and Check Uliighains were lOc, now fie a yard. IS ptoect 15c Crinkles now 10c per yard. One case ark Trinis at 3 l-2c per yard. 10 pieces White Plaid 10c. Jialnsooks now Cc a yd. Big driyes in fine White Plaid Dress (oods at 10c and 12 l-2c per yard. 100 pieces Embroiderles at 5c and 10c per yard. Closing out Swiss Flouucings at 50c and 75c a yard. Big mark dowu in Black Chantilly and Spanish Guipurc Flounclngrs and Skirtiuirs at il. $1.25 and $1.50 per yard Over 200 pieces French Lace Edges at 5c per yard. 3 pairs line Lace Curtains at $1.50 and $'2.00 a pair. 15 pleces Lace Stripe Curtain Scrim at 6c and Ne per yard. 5 pleces 25c Fancy and Lace Scrim at 15c per yard. 8 piceos Xottingham Curtain Lace at 10c, 12 l-2c, 16c, lc and 25c per yard. 10 pozen 25c Bnstles at 15c cach. Lovely White Aprons 25c and 50c each. Silk Umbrellas and Parasols to be closcd out this inonth at cost. 150 lbs Odorless (ícese Feathers at 50c a ib 200 lbs. best selected Prime Liye (iees Featbers at 85c a Ib. We can save yoi money on Feathers. Decided Bargains in Silks & Drsss Goods During this Sale. One lot $1.OO e ilorcii Dhms Silks a TSa per yard. One lot Illaek an Colored Khadamcs at 85c per yard One lot 11.00 Surah Silks at 75c pc yard. One lot $1.25 Faille Francaise at $1.00 per yard. 4 pleces 4( inc heavy 75c Hlack Cashmeres at 50c pe yard. pieces Black 42 inch all Woo Dress (Joods were 75c, now 50c pe yard. 1 1 pieces Silk Warp llcurictfas a .I. O((. si. _'.-, and $1.50 per yard. 7 pieces 50c ((iiiility Pink and Liglit ltlu Albatross at 25c per yard. :!" singl Mooi Shawls wortli si.-j.", $1.50 an 1.75, all at fl.OOeach. This is a sale every econoinicnl in the City should atttend. Are you Economical ? D. F. SCHAIRER DEPOUT OF THE CONDITION farmers' mimi' w at ANX AUIiüIl, MICHIGAN, On .Woiiduy July, 2, A. l. 1888. Made In accordance wltli sectlons 18, 19, an 67 of the i.iMn-ial Uauklug Uw as ameiulw ín 1871. RRSOUItCES. Loans and DlscounU $ 1(17 705 8 Overdrafls 2H7 Í Furnlture and Fixtures. ....'."...."...'..'. S tW7 { Expenses 4 91 Uae froni üanks and liankers. __.. 4K 963 L Itouds, Uwal ;. 2 3110 00 Cash isgjo 00 S 2#,litiS 30 LIABII.1TIES. Capital paid in $ 50.000 00 Surplus Kund t 024 1 Undlvldend Pronta i'o 7 !" rjeposltore .'.'.i...' Z.' 17(t,u:i3 3 Divldends unpaid i.suu u -,esiB Idosolemnly swear that the above statement 1 true, to the best of inv kuowledtra and belief. K _ . ,. , F. H. IÍKI-SKR, Cashler. Subscrlbed and sworn to before me this eventh day of July, ÜM. Jas, h. Uaiii, Notary Public. INSURANCE RiSAL ESTÁTE and LOAN AGENCi OK A.W. HAMILTON Office, No. 2, First Floor, Hamllton Block. Partles deslrlng to buy or sell Real F.state will flnd lt to thelr advantage to cali on me, I represant 15 flrst-class Flre Insurance Com paules, havlug an aggregate capital over 80 000,000. Rates Low. Loases Uberally adjusted and proraptly pald. I also l.ssue Life and lovestment Pollcles Ín the New York Mutual Ufe Insurance Com pany, AssetU, $75,000.00. Persons deulring Ac cldent Insurance, can have yearly pollcles wrltten for them orTraveler's Coupon Insurance Ticket Issued at Low rates. Money to Loan at Current Rates. Office hours from 8 a. m. to 12 m. and 2 to 5 p. m. ALEX. W. HAMILTON, Hatnilton Block, A I.iquid Extract of MALTjuid HOPS. MANUFACTURED BY SPECIALTY DE-T PHIL. BEST BREWING CO. Aids Digestión. Cures Dyspcpsia. Strctigffuns the System. Restores Sound, llcfreslting SleeiK JPriceless to Xursina Mothers. o RecommenuVri )y i'miiHiit Phjgleiann FOR SALE BY ALL ORUCCISTS. FOR Jams, Confections and Preserves Manufacturad by the Ann Arbor Preserving Co., jo to ÍTBROWIT dfe CADT, 1 Solé Agents for Ann Arbor, or lo the factory Plttslleld road. South. lflTIH,''a W01"" exlsl Ín thoosandsof L L Uforms. but are surpassed by the mar Hm veis of inviMiiloi.. Thosewho are Ín need of profltable work Ihat can be donewtille living at horae sliould at once endlhelr addres to liallet & 'o., Portlaud, lulne, nnd recelve free, full Information how Ither sex, of all ages, cun earn from ifl to $25 er day and upwards, wherever they Uve roa are started free. Capital not requlred' Borne liave made over $50 Ín a single day at hls work. All succeed.


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