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Ue'8 a i'i Is our U rover, Ruuud tbe throat; Hut he'U thluk tue war at n 't over Wlieu we vote. We will tach hlm In November Thut tbe soldier' frleuds remeinber He ha luid on theru a burden Tbcy wuo't tote. - [Chicaito Jouruiil. A cheap tent show coiuin". More rain needed In these [arts. "Oue a Day" has a new significance in thls city and vicinity. üeftcon Loren Mills' nnme shoulil be aduVd to the HurrUon list. Vines & Worden have put in one of theautomatic cash railroads. üepublican uounty convention cnll in jnother column for the 3UC inst. The work of renovatlng and clraning un the Baptist churoh is uow in progress. There have been severa! arrivals for the university from Japan reeen tly. The streel in the viuinity of First and V. Jefferson, 2d ward, are being greatly improved. Turn out Sttnrdny evening and help the 3d ward boys raise their Harrisou & M orto 11 pol e. Remember the Business Men'a Assoclation meetinji at the Council room next Tuesdiiy evening. Dr. Ramsay will preach Sabbatb tnornjnjrnexton " Christ our King,'1 and in tbe eveniug on " Chiist and tut poor." John Butler, who drives a hack, paid (2 fine and costs before Justice Frueauff ltsl Monilay for assuult upon Simon Preston, Quite appropri.'itely tbe wife of Torn Bonner conferred the of PA. upon Iiim) before be left tlie city last week. ff) a boy. There will be a meeting of the WashIMMW Co. Society held in the Council Chiiniber, Aun Arbor, Friday, July SOtli, at 11 a. m. The express horse driven by Quincy Turner got senred ut a bicj'de 1 ist Monday, und spilied quite a lot of berrie?, near tlie T., & A. A. depot. There should be a larger stream turned on at the drinkiiiK fountain or else the whole tliing should b turned olT. As it il no one can get a drink there. The name of O. Eberbach was unin tentionally omitted from the committee ofcitlzens having in charge the Hospital maller, in our report last week. By reason of a lire ia Evart H. Scïtt's cottage at Petoskcy, occupieil by Mrs. J. T. Jacobs and family. Miss fCutle Jacobs lost sonii! $0) worth of clothing. There are but four candidates left in tlie Held for register of deeds on tbe demmratic side (so stated) Hiid all but one of theui can be boujftat off liy a iioiiiinatldn for congres it is said. A travelinff aent wbo Imd been over the wi'-i prett}' well, made bet up at J. T. Jacoli's store .MoikImv, of a new $5 Int with a proninent demoont, that Huriison and Morton would be eleotttL If the fact of holding a democratie couiity convention bus sueh a cbllllng effect on tlie weather s it did last Thursiiay, vhal a terrible ruw time we will have when they get to holding meetings riffht aliinj; every week or so ! Burglars attempted to break into tbe house of Mis. .Jaycox, on Monroe st., lust Friday, and we re fired at by Miss Jaycox, after wliicli unkind treatment tliey coneluded to leavc. Qreat pity that tlie ball didn'l take ttVuet 011 tlie oue shot at. Queer thin;s are round in teariug down old building8sonietime?. Last Friday soine of the workmen engnged in Vearing down lilltz. & Langsdorf's store aiscovered a inink that they ïailed to capture, and another out; uneartheil a Micliijjau Argua of 1n.-:. We notice by the WMfcinjrton ilisliiitrlic-i in the morninr's dailies, that Postmaster Pufl'y haBsecured all iucrease of from live to teren carrier. Thta will ennble Mr. DulVy lo put tbe eisjlit-hour systein luto practiM hiere without dUturbiii(f the service. Uurrah for Dully ! Officer James Murray, in arrestln Billy Taylor, a eolored lad of the üth wrd, for an allesred assault, found it necessary to coax him by the use of a revolver, the bullet from whicb passed over Taylor's bead. Hilly gave up miietiy then and walked up to the Hotel de Cross Bar. A postal Ciird ha8 been sent lis anJouncins: tliat " Wm. B. Cambell, bishop )f the Kvangelist Mission of North Amerita, wlll preach at Fireman's Hall on SuncUy, July 23, :it 3 o'clock p. m , and that Hev. John KeavelU, of Cliatliam, Unt., will preacli nt Saline on the same day at 10 o'elock a. m. There will be an oíd fashloned republlMn pole raiiiiir ut Ihe opera house corner on Saturday eveninr, the Mil ward tmy having seeured a beauty of a pole 130 feet in lenytli. Good speakers will rain Httendance. This will be the lirst pole of tbe eamnalgn i" tliia Mctton, and ¦ will knock oiT t lie persimmoog too. "You can teil your readers tbat the eff'rttobring the M S. R. R. íh f rom Milán will be pushed for all it is worth. ilie people here are in earnest about it, nl ir they don't gtt the rirht cort of treatment trom the T., A. A. k N. M. R. K , VH1 be more in earnest than ever." lliat whnt a prominent business man Md lis and he looked as if he meant it. Amoni; the aspirant9 for congrossionil uonnrs from this county is C. H. Rlcb'OH(I, president of the lst National Bank tlns city. That f.ict alone would be a 'lerably gnod reoonimend for him moni a certain class of people known a lle greenbackers, to whom the demoffwy are wliispering honied words. It ia ue hoped that our city will be honored T placing Mr. Rlohmoud on the ticket. The animal meeting of the Business " Associiition has been postponed il next Tuesday evening, July 24th, thecouncil room, in tl.e court house, '"e absence of tbe president, Nelson J. Wer, ib the cause of the postponement. oMlnew of creat importance will come worethe meetlnj; and a general attend" ahould be bad. This is au organiz¦lf" tlmtshould be keptup by all ineanü. K '' Rood for the city. Ihe berry raisers entered luto a cotn"'Mtion this year, and have kept the i nee of red raspberries at 14c, and 18c. ".that but few people have cared „."yof them. This combination, . lr"8t as it miüht more appropriatsi.'ii erme(i' '8 of course the direct re" of the tarlfl. There is no tariff on Oootlf' l accordi"i!{ to the democratie wine anü "argumenta," tlie tariff must Wlv ülltme for the combination souie tlii, ,WrÍter wns in ¦ certain office in Erct ,Whe" il entleman who s a L" reftller cnie in with a bundle of Ei rV"0"K tllcm bei"K "e London, ,J;. iwlator. Opening its pages lie rennl l pmlon exP'essed thereln of the vi ñ ". 'l'tes for president and A8 Iniht be exPected lC " was "t at all fiattering, and tn n . i w"8 lna(te tllBt llle AmeriW T ; w0"1(l re-elect Mr. Clevelnnd ir,. t,"pt hl8 Kngüsh pol ley of f ree "Ul.lL Penin; up the rich markets frodl tly t(' tll; '":'"facturer8 and ;pcer ot the world. Cíulir',?"6 dre88ed IQ with uit . ' tlle otIler wearing a dark J w r . . l'row'ng about the premises of 'l" íl day n'S1'18 nU were so bold '""kttl Cam UP t0 tlie wíhüow and ctu ,LfSalurdiiy "'k'11 the' wftre Howpii yfrom tlle premises by Mr. Scbot ' V','1 Mr Uill8. an(' D-puty nlllt for tliem to ' lupr," tbev ll'l not It is the general fi wV'?' lhese fellows are tramp, Wnto h tb.e clty l8 lnfested, and who '"and V.e'he nef"' n of things sn" about this city and viciulty i .mld I luit stbuii wliero ThurmaD ulanda, And view the lumlscupe o'er, I'il fold iny red baudana up And flourUh 11 do more. . NW.nisku State Journal. The court Iiou3e lawn needs wettlnz up a bit. Quite a nuraber of Aun Arborites went to Ypsilanti to-day to see the circus. The path across the nortlieast córner of the court house lawa is a mar upon its beauty. Our annual drougth, that makes city gardeners tired, appears to have set in. Everybody hopes It won't last long. The hot dty weather guesser who dropped on tolast Thursday or Friday for hot duys must have telt like smiting himself. Bishop Gillespie was chosen president of the National Conference of charitieg and correctlons at Buflalo, N. Y., last week. The premium lists for the cmuity fair wlll sooii l)e ptiblishcd and ready for distrlbution. The 3d ward boya are wide awake, and propose doing soiiie good work th Is f all for Harrison & Morton, protection and home rule. You can buy round trip tickets to Bay View, up to the 36tta inst , good to return up to Aug. lHth, over the T., & A. A. R. R. for one far. At last the old well on the court house square has had the "ornamental" pump removed therefrom, and a stone placed over the opening. Mis. Mary C. Siuith and her son Lucius C, dent., '88, have bought out a dcntiüts business at Marshall, and will remove thereto soon. Michael Flynn of this city, died yester1ay, at the age of 81 ye.ns, of old age. Funeral Thursday, aud interment in Northlield cemetery. Mrs. Wffl. Olancy, of the fourth ward, died last niglit aged about 50 years. The funeral service will be held u St. Thomas' church to-morrow, at 9% o'clock. Bicyclers iu some instances are uslng the sidewalks for riding purposes. It is a dangerous practice, ami any one doing it lays himself liable to prosecution. Harrict P. Gates, wlfe of N. G. Gates, of the Wh ward, died July llth, aged 74 years and 5 months, of pur.ilysis. Funeral services were held last Friday, froin the house. The tried and true will go to Detroit to-morrow. Ostensibly to attend the democratie atate convention, but in reality to see the Detroit and Culcajro team play ball. Jas. Goeglian, wlio lias been eiuployed at the M. C. freiglit department, lias accepted a place as night operator at the T., & A. A, depot, and John Lynn succeeds to his old ilace. IVputy Treasurer Brehm lost a bozing glove gomewhere on L;berty st , bi-tween this city and Jacob Luick's in Lima, and 8 very anxiotis to give the other ghve to the fellow who found tlie one lost Mr?. Ticknor who has a farm near tlie stone school house in Pittslield liad a linib broken one day last week by being run over by a wa-jon attaclied to a runaway team, whlch alie tried 10 stop. Catharine Traver, wlfe of the late John Traver, of the iith v:ird, lied July 12th In Detroit, of old are having reached 81 years, and the remaiiiH were interred in Forest Ilill ceinetery last Saturday. The fire alarm last Frlday wa9 caused by the burning of some oiled raga in the puinting room at Fergusnii's rond curt factory. The early disoovery of the tire ¦lid prompt action MTed a disastrous conti itrratiou. There was a üvely timfi at the c.irncr of S. Main mui IJberty sts., Monday p. in., caused by a runaway team ninriinff into a carriage occupied by a lady. Some ilamage t carriatfc, wagou etc, bilt f.rtunately DO people lujureil, thongli tVarftilly seared. H. H;mdall h putting up h haiulsome onk stairway in hs store toadlllg to the 2.1 story, and on Oct. lst will open up a complete stock of slylish milliiiery, witli a lady frora Boston in charge of the busIneM. .Mr. i; imlall lina pu rehaced the Mi's. im-iiii-ss ni 8. Main et. We have heard the name of W. G. Doty, the preseut efh'oient and eourteous Probate Register, meotioneil in couaectiou wllh the democratie conressional noinination in tliis district. We should very much dislike to sec so competent and good a man put up for tlaaghtar (as will of necc8sity be the case in this district tliis year) but if con;ressional li;htniiig should ever happen to strike Will, we will w.ier a glass of milk shake that he will lili the l.ill. The democratie papers in speakiog of the Ypsilanti Commercial fail to note the fact that It lias been one of the hottes-t prohibition papers in the state. It has not been a republican p;iper for years. It siniply goes to show that those two parties are only a step apart, and the democrats will soon swallow the entlre outfit. Then won't It be amusing to see how the two elementa will fall about each other's necks and rejoice over the reunión. The Omaha Herald of June 23d, coutains a lengthy account of Mrs. Harnet S., wife of Datus C. Krooks, who died on the day previoii9, of cáncer, after a lingering illness coverinfr many months. The deeeased was bom Sept. 7, 1828, ws for a innnber of years a teacher in thls state, and resident of Dundee, from whence she went to Albion. There she met Mr. Brooks, whom she married in 1857, coming to Anu Albor to reside where Mr. Brooks held the asistant profeasorship of Ithetoric and Ënglish Literature, aNo assistinr in Greek. Later on he was Librarían. In 1864 the family removed to Chicago and stil 1 later to Omaha. Mr. Brooks was a great wriler and contributed many interesting artlcles to papers in this state and elsewherc. She will be retnembered by many of our citlzens who were resideuts here in the 60's. Sonie excitement has been created in tliis coiinty, especially at Ypsilanti by the asaignment of Xicholus Cordary, at that place on S itunUy last for a considerable amount ilr. Cordary's assiynnient waa a great surprise to the people who knew him. He was snpposed to be a cautlous, careful business man who dld business on a secure basis. Tliere were flve writs of replevin liled iu the County Clerk'g otlice Monday by Detroit merchants, and an injunction Í9sued by Circuit (Jourt Comniissioner McKernan, restrainin; the asignec, Win. Look, or any otlier parties from disposin;; of the goods. The tirm of Wcise I'ecse, of Detroit, file Milt araounting tol,ÜC1.30. Since tlie above has been in type two more replevin suitg have been entered. The liabilities are said o reach $50,000 with assi-tts placed at $3U,000. The statement is made tliat the wife of Mr. Cordary has a considerable property in her own name.


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