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Salt Rheum The agonies of those who sutfcr f rom severe salt rheum are lndescrlbable. Tlie cleanslng, Lealing, purlf ylng influences of Hood's Sarsaparlllaare unequallcd by any other medicine. " I take pleasure In recommendlng Hood's Barsaparilla, íor it has done wonders for me. I had salt rheum very severely, affecting me over nearly my cntlre body. Only those who have suflercd from tliis dlsease in its worst fora can Imagine tho extent of my affliction. I trled many medicines, but falled to recelve benefit untll I took Hood's Sarsaparilla. Tlien the discas began to subslde, the Agonizing Itch and Pain dlsappeared, and now I am entirely free from the dlsease. My blond scems to be thoroughly purificd, and my general hcaltli is greatly beneflted." Lyman Allen, Sexton N. E. Church, North Chicago, 111. "My son had salt rheum on hls hands and the calves of hls legs, so bad that they would crack open and bleed. He took Hood's Sarsaparllla and Is entirely cured." J. B. Stanton. Mt. Vernou, Ohio. From 108 to 135 "Iwas serlously troubled witli salt ëvum for three years, and receiving no benefit from medical treatment I decided to try Hood's Sarsaparllla. I am now entirely cured of salt rheum; my weight has inercased from 108 lbs. to 138." Mittt Alicb Smith, Stamford, Conn. If you suffer from salt rheum, or any blood dlsease, try Hood's Sarsaparilla. It has cured many others, and will cure you. Hood's Sarsaparilla UoldbyalldniKgUts. Preparcii only by C. I. HOOD CO., Apotliecarlea, Lowcll, Masa. IOO Doses One Dollar ToRent For a Term of Years. A Urge two-story Brlck House corner of División and Jefferaon treet, Anti Arbor, Mli'li. Klgnteeu room Wesldes pautry, closeU front and back lial In. Flve sults monis on second floor, four of whone aleeplng room are accesslbl Trom back hall. lioth city and doft water Imloorx and out. It Is belng palnted ouUlde and thoroughly renoval cl InHliie havlng removed paper, palnt and calnorulne. preparatory to repaperlng, decorating, palntinK aml calsomlDlng. Han au ouUlde door to tbe dlnlug room whlch Is eleven feet slx luchen by twentytwofeetaïx luches. It is well arrniiKeil for bonrdersand roomer. Locatlon un8urpHed. Will lrHiv for lnspectlon about July HMl, A D., 1888. ('11 on or addrewt A. H. CLARK, 8-.! Tliompaon Street. Notlce to Credltors. OTATBOF MICHIGAN, Counly or Washtenaw Notlce i hereby (rlvon, thatby in order of the ProbaU) Court for the County of Wanhtcnaw made on the aeventecDth day of July, A. 1). 1888, six mootha from that date were allowed for credltora to preaentthPlrclalmv agalnet theentateof Jennl N. Vandeventer, late of aald county, doceuBod, and that all credltors of sald deceaaedarerequlred to pregent thetr clalme to said Probate Court, at the ProbateOfflce, In the city of Ann Arbor, forexamln. ation au'1 allowaoce, on or before the xeventeenlb day of Jauuaiy next, and that xnch claiina will be heard befora aald court, oa Wednesday, the sevententh day of October, and oa Thurgdmy the Keventecutli day of Januarr neit, at ten o'clock In the foraooon of eacb of aald day. Dated, Ann Arbor, July 17, A. D. 1888. WILLIAM D. HAKRIMAN, 14UM41U Judue of Probate.


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