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In the Scnate on the ih the bill was passea toann'iiil the Iiiter-Stuir i 'minneree ct, and motlon to refer to the Commtttee on Pensions several vetoid pUlon bilis wus adopud. The propositlon to submll to the people of the several States a conat'tut'.onal amendment to prohlhlt the llquor trafile In the United State was favorably reportetl frum tho Commiuee on Kduuation In the Houso the amsndment to the TariH blll placing susar on the tree Hst was reJecteJ by a voic oí 37 to 108. Another amendment was offered, whlch was defeated, plitclng all Eugar and molasses on the free Hst. Sknatoh Hoah spoke on the lOth In tho Senate In opposition to the llsheries treaty. A resolutlon dirrctlnf; thr Flnanoe ('ommlttee to report In connection with revonuo bilis such ïnoasurcs as It may deein expcdlcnt to control or prohiblt all contracta, trust orcomblnatlon Ibat tend to prevent free and lull competitlon In trad wus adopted. A blll was Introduces to nienit the uct to punish postul crimes In the House tho debute on Ihe Tariff bill wat retumod. At the evenlng sesalon numerous bilis granllng rlghts or way through Indian reservatlons to vurious rallroads were passed. Tnit Fortlflcatlon and Sea-Coast Defense blll wa cousldered In Senate on tho llth, and a blll was introducía to approprlate $100,000 ior the eroction oí a public bu lding at Durlington, Ia. Severui pet.tious were presented from labor organlza'.ons prayln? fur the pasgage of a blll to regúlate and restrlct immlgratlon. The bill to prohibit the convn? of Chinese laborurs Into the United States was favorably roportod In the House a conference on the Land-grant Forfclture blll was ordcred. Tlw Senate amendment to the Agrlcultural Approprlution bill appropnatlng tlOO.ix for sorghum-sugar experiment was agroed to. The Turlfl bill was again considerad, the wool schedule belng reached before adjournment. At the evonlng sesslon a bill to provide lor Uklng the eleventh census was passcd. An auiiujtril discussion took pluce In the Senate on the lith ovor a molion made by Senator Hawley to have extra copies printed of the report made bv tho Commlttec on Pension on the Presldenl's pension vetocs. Senator Georgc spoke In favor of ratlfylng tbe nsheries treaty. The blll to pay all the Government workmen for the excess of work over elgbt houre a day sinco June L, 1863, wus dicusod. ,.,-In the House a resolution for the appointmentof a npeelal commlttee to Investígate alleged Invasions of the Contract Labor law was discusseil. Discussion of the wool schedule of the Tariff blll occupled the remalnder of the sesslon. Is the Senate ou the lath bllls were passed to bulld a across the Mlssisslppt river at Wabashu. Mmn., and to establish a branob home for soldier and sailors in Indiana to cost 1200,000. The flshertes treaty was furthcr dtscusscd. Adjourned to tho lAth....Iu the House the conference report on the Post-Offlce Approprlation bill was submltted, and all the amenaments were agreed to except the one known x the "subsidy." A long debate followed but no action wa9 taken. At the evenIng sess on twentj-four private pension bilis were passed. DOMESTIC. Ddring the lust fiscal year thenumberof post-ofhees established in tho United States was 8,3M; number discontinued, i,Ml: number of fourth-class postuiasters apIoiiited durinfr the year, 11,8."Ü; number of Président kil pOBtmasters appointed during the year, 4i Total number of Presidential post offices, :,Mi, an increase during the year of 16ti The National Department of Agriculture at Washington reported on the lOth that the erop couditions of the country greatly improved within the past month. Sbven-bigiiths of the town of Suisun, Cal., was destroyed by lire on the lllth. Loss, MOO.OOU The largre training atable of WilliamRoe, at Danville, Ky., was btirnod on the lOth, and thirty-three head of fiue trotters were consumed. The bodies of a man and woraan who had been murdered were found In the ühio river near Louisvüle, Ky., on the luth. Ki.ias Franki.iv, the Kentucky farmer who slew James Bront because of the latter's intimacy witn his wife, committed suicide on tho lOth. lx addition to the provious arrest of six men accused of. conspiracy to oommlt murder and destroy property of the ChU-aro, Burlington & Quincy railroad, Chairman Hoge, of the Grievance Committce of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, and Chairman Murphy, of the Grievance Committe of tho Locomotivo Fireinen's Urotherhood, were arrested in Chicago on the lüth, accusod of being participants in the same conspiracy. An ill-fceliiipr botween tho twp families culrninated in M.iss Hattle Debaun, aged eifihteen years, being shot and killed by her aunt, Mr. Mary Juukins, at Teoumseh, Ind., on the lOth. TnE New London & Northern Railroad Compaoy's repair and machine shois at New London, Conn., were destroyod by fire on the lOth. Loss heavy. ATOld Orchard, Me., on thelOth Thomas Riley, au American, and P. F. Mack, an Australian, wam five miles for the American chanipionship. Riley won by 30 secónos in 1 hour and 2t5 minutes. Ten business houses at üeming, N. M., were destroyed by fire on the lüth. Mus. Ki.izAiiKTii S4MON', of Douglas, W. T., on the lOth shot and killed Willium Dowling, who was attemptinj to assault Mr. Simons' young daughter. Edwabd A. Deacons, a vagrant, who last August murderod Mi-s. Ada Ktone at East Rochester, because she refused to give him food, was hanged at Kochester, N. Y., on the lOth. l'i'to the lüth over 3,300 bilis had been introduced in the United States Senate this session. In the two sessions of tho Fortyninth Congress there were only 3,3TS, aud that was more than the Senate had ever produced in any previous Congress. Mks. Rosanna Deiter, aged sixty-two years, committed suicide on the lüth at Cantón, O., by hanging herself with a clothes line. 111 health prompted the act. The sixteenth annual oonveution of the National Association of Union ex-Prisonera of War has been called to meet at Indianapolis September 18. The weather in the Northwest on the llth was hot At Minneapolis the thermometer marked 100; at Fort Sully, 104; and at Hurón, D. T., 103. Artiilr White, confldeutial olerk of Banker Charles M. Kittredge, of Denver, was missing on the lUh, and was supposed to have carried off 110,000. A Philadelphia company on the llth struck what was thought to bo the biggest gas well in the world at Canonsburg, Pa. 8tkihen Fkeeman (colored), convicted of criminally assaulting a white woman, was hanged on the llth at Wilmington, M. U A heavy huil-sturm on the llth near North Manchester, Ind., damagcJ all the crops and pelted a number of hogs to death. Near Manor, Pa., Heury Harkinson and Conh Newman were caught under a falling iron girder and killed on the llth. The great rise in the Monongahcla river and otner near streams, and tho general freshets throu(,rhut the vast territory of wlilcli Pittsburgh is on the border, were on the llth almost without parallel n that portion of the country. The rushlnir water had wTpJ "Ut prnpcrty wortti probably fa,(Kxi,(XK), Bini there had boe loss of life as well. Milllous of foet of lumbor, score ot coal craft, fence, barns and buildings of every description had been destroyed, and hundreds of people had been driven from their homes. A fibe on the llth at Alpena. Mich., originating In a sawdust pile at H. R. Morse's mili, rendercd flfteen bundred pcoplo horaeleas in a few hours and destroyed two hundred houses. Loss, f300,000. The llver.v stable of H. C. Springer & Brother, at Buffalo, N. Y., was burned on the llth, and two meo and twenty horses perished in the flamea. John Zaciiak, tho young Raeine (Wis.) farmer, who abstained from food for flftythree days, broke his long f ast on the llth and said ho would try to eat and live. The cause of his ut tempt to starve himself was a quarrel with his father. The stables of the Wichita (Kan.) City Rallway Company wero burned on the llth, oae man and forty mules perlshing in the dames. (colored)iwas lynched on the llth near Atlanta, Tex., for asaulting the se venteen year old daughter of Hardy McCoy, a wealthy planter. Mrs. Jknnie Walton was burned to death on tho llth at Louisville, Ar., by the explosión of a eoal-oil stove. She was twenty-eight yean old, and leaves a husband and oae child. The Oovernor of Missouri on the 12th refused to eominute the tentcnce of Hugh M. Brooks, tho murclcror of Arthur Preller, but granted him a rospito until August 10. At Minneupolis, Minn., the National PhotographeiV Asaociationon tho Uth elected H. McMklmel, of Buffalo, N. Y., Prosidont. Kei.i.t, IIoit.h & Hii-et, wholesale procer atMemphis, Tenn., failed on the l'ith lor $108,000. Snow to th depth of a toot feil on Mount Washington, N. H., on the 12th. Tiïb waters that had fceen gweeplng the vnlley of the Monongahela and the valleys of its tributarles for sixty hours were falling into their natural channels on the 12th. The losses ontailod by tho flood would not full short of SH,O00,0X, a largo proportion of whioh fi'U ujxmi the DÓople of the countios of Monoufcaliu, Marión, Taylor, Harrison, Lewis, Bavbour, Upshur and Randolph, in West Virginia, and the counties of Allegheny. Washington, Westmoreland, Fayette and Groene, In Penniylvanla. J. B. Chaiu-kntier, a notary public of New Orleans, Ia., disappeared on tho 12th, taking with Mm betwcen f.30,000 and 50,000 of monoy belongingto crcditors. Is Chicago on the l'ith the temperatura feil from 'J0 to BS in five minutes, one of the most remarkable changea ever known in that city. A cycloxk swept over Eastern New York and New England on the 12th. The greatest havoc in Massaohusetts wu done in Waltham, Cambridge, Watcrtown, Dedham, Brighton and Winthrop. Betwcen Pittsflold and Albany, N. Y., a clear path was swept, three paper milis and many houses being leveled. Abticks of the 12th say that many vessels had been driven ashore and sunk on tho Atlantic coast duriug the recent territic storm. Mr. M. Morkisskt, a younf attorney of Syracuse, N. Y., disappeared on the 12th, having, it was said, embezzled L15,000 from the trust estáte of Mary E. Brinckerhoff. Eiuiii -persons were killed and twentyflve injured by a passenger train on the Virginia Midland railwa.v breakingthrough a trestlo on the l'-th, uear Orando Court House, "a. The principal county offlcers (all colored) at Marión, Teun., were escorted to trains by white men on the 12th, given tickets and warned never to return. C'rop reports on the 13th from the Northwest gave indicatipns of a good yield and a prosperan season for the farmers. G.M. Rmmi was ttanged on the lHth at Marshall, Ma, for the murder of R. V. Tallant two years ago. Great suffering was reported on the 13th as the result of the recent tloods in West Virginia. Fully flve hundred persons were completely destitute of the necessaries of life. Mrs. Jam f. Crusan and her ninc-yearold daughter were strnck and killed by a Pennsylvania railroad train ou the 13th at Latrobe, Pa. Tui exanünation of the alleged dyna miters, arrested at the instance of the Burlington railroad, was begun in Chicago on the 13th, and ome very startling testimony was brought out. Witnesses swore that they sold dynamlte to Bowles, and Informcr Kelly declared that he had soen the deadly stuff in ('uuli-man Hoge's room at the hotel. Dubino the seven days ended on the 13th there were 150 business failuies in the United States, against 149 the previous seven days. The total of failures in the Uuitel States fram January 1 to date is SB3, ugaiust 5,889 in 1887. Aratii) rise of the Wabash to eighteen feet flooded hundreds of acres of bottom land near Terre Haute, lnd., on the 13th, and destroyed over half the corn orop. The Orphans' Home at South Wabash, lnd., was destroyed by flre on the 18th. Tho children escapad and the contents of the building were also saved. Tuk National Council of the National Educational Associatlon met at San Francisco on the 13th, President J. L. Pickard, of Iowa City, Ia., presiding. Wiliiam Hall, a farmer living in Cherokce County, Ala., who had been tried three times for the killtng of hls wifo twenty-three years ago, was acquitted ou the 13th. Tuk Laflin & Rand powder worka at Cressona, Pa., exploded on the i:tth, kllllng George Gillman, Charles Roed and Honry Bernicli. Miss Lena Wetzio, aged twenty years, daughter of a wealthy farmer near Bluomington, 111., was thrown against a barbwire fence on the 13th, and her entire face was toru off, with hor lower jaw and tongue, and left hanging on the fence. PERSONAL, AND POLITICAL. Thk New York State Republican convention will be held at Suratoga Spriugs August 2S. The Prohibitionists of the Fourth district of Michigan on the liith nom nated George F. Cummings for Congress. A Nationai, convenuou of the American party, for the nomination of candidatos for President and Vióe-Prefeident, has been cal led to meet at Washington on the Mth of August. The following Congressional nominations were made on the llth: Minnesota, First district, Mark H. Dunnell (Rep.); Georgia, Fifth district, J. D. Stewart (Dem. ), renominated; Missouri, Third district, A. M. Dockery (Dem.), renominated. The New York State convention of Republican clubs met at Saratoga Spring on the llth and elected four delegates to attend the National convention In Chicago. The secretary's report showed that there wjs 550 Republican clubs in the State, with an aggregate membeiMhip of eighy thousand. Thk Republican National Committee in session in New York City on the llth elected M. S. Quay, of Pennsylvania, man, aml .1 8 Pass'itt, of New York, seoletnry. Hiium Si BLE T, olio uf lliu iDunut'i oí the Western L'tUon Tologiaph Copany anda ü-kBowu .¦spiullst and seodniau, died 6t Rochester, N. Y., on the IStn, aged eighty years. Auvicks ui the UU trom NonquiU, Mass., say that Geoeral Bhtrldan contlnuud to improre, and VM able to sit up in a chair. Thirty-five days Imd passod sinee an attack oí iieart failure. J. T. Mohi:hf.aii was on the l'.'th nominated forCongress bytlio Demociatsof the Fifth North Carolina district. Tuf. resignation of George V. N. Lathrop, Minister to Hussia, was received at Washington on tho 12th. 111-health was ven as tho cause. CoNi.iiK"Mi Kandall, f i'ennsylvanla, had four hemorrhages on tho 13th In Washington, IüsLhs sixtccn ouncos oL blood. lt was fearcd he could not survive another attack. TnK Louislana Legislaturj adjourned rinr. He on tho 13th. The report that (eneral Sheridan was able to leave his bod was denied on the lSth by the (ieneral's brother, who said tho Blek man was still too weak to raise his head, but that he was gaining slowly. FOREION. Dispatches of the 9th say that the town of Berbera. on the Uulf of Aden, had been burned, and that fortv persons perished. A.v earthquako shock was feit Trom Bollevillo to Kingston, Ont., on the 9th. House were rocked and tho people wero groatly frightcned. Tnü Mexican electoral colleges voted on the 8th, re-electlng President Uiuz. AnvicKs of tho lOth from Batavia, Java, say that Bantam Insurgents had plundered ïielogon and killed the nativo chiefs aud the European inhabitants. Troops had been dlspatched to quoll tho revolt. SIu. Par.vp.i-i. said in Londou on the lOth. that the homo-rule movemcnt would ultimately result in the establishment of an Imperial Parltament in which the colonies would be represonted, each province having a Leglslaturo for its own local affairs. The Knlghts of Labor of Montreal, Que., on the llth called a mass-inoeting to protest against pauper immigration to Canada. Sxow feil in London on the Htn for tho flrst time ever known in July, and unseasonably ooid weatherprevailed in England. Tuk Berlín pólice on the llth arrested flve Socialista for pasting seditious placards over copies of the speech from tho theono. Heavy sales provailcd on tho llth in tho English channcl, and a number of small vessels wero wreckod along tho Prsnoh coast. A heavy oarthquake was feit throughout Greece on the I8th! A DisPAToii of the lïth from Cape Town, África, says that the Debers coal mine at Kimberlcy had been burned, and that üve hundred porxons lost their lives. Obn'erai. BorLAN'ORR resigned his soat in the French Chamber of Deputies on the ïjtn. A report reached Paris on the 12th that an insurrection had occurred at Port au Prince, aud that the insurgents had burned flve hundred houses, including most of tha public buildings. The Italian Chamber of Deputies on the l'Jth passed a bilí giving electoral rights to every one who is able to read and writü and who pays the minimum taxos. In the Italian Chamber of Deputies on the Ktth the questlou of granting the ballot to women ws defcated by a narrow niajority. A ikkkicne on the coast of Spanish Honduras was reportod on the 13th to havo destro.ved a number of fruit plantations, crealing heavy Iohscs. Uknkuai. and M. Floquet íought a duel with swords near Paris on the 13th. The battle was tiencly runtested, and in the second rouud Boulanger received a thrust in tho neck which might prove fatal. Premiar rioquet escajied with a f'v si'iatohes. A FiitF. on the 13th at Hipley, Ont., nearlv dostro.ved the whole business portion of the town. Twenty-six buildings wera burned. LATER NEWS. Tuk rico) . ui luo base-bal, c v. In tho National League for the woek ended on tho 14th was as follows: Chicago (gaines won), 4; Detroit, 8t; KeW York, 87; Boston, 35; Philadelphia, 81; Pittsburgh, SU; Iudianapolis, Í8; Washington, 21. Thi! American Asstxiation clubs stood : Brooklyn (games won), 47; 8t Louis, 4(1; Ciuciiinati, 4u; Philadelphia. 88; Kaltimore, 81; Louisville, SI; Cleveland, 21; Kansas City, -"O. In tho Western Association the following was the order: ist. Paul (gamaa won), 86; Des Moines, 'Jfl; Kansas City. 25; Omaha. 24; Chicago, :r; Mihvaukee, 25; Sioux City, 5; Minneapolis, 19. Gesehai. Shkuiiian wat reportad on the I5th to be steadily improving, and his recoverd was confidently expected. The ironworkers' strike at Pittsburgh, Fa , was practiially over on the 14th. But few manufacturors remained wlio had uot signed the scale. A yawi. containlngten excursionists off North poiut, near Baltiinore, oa the 15th, and Frank Vcasax, aged twentyseven, WilUain Kinn, agnl thirty, and Joseph Lutz, aged twenty-seven years, wero drowned. A cowiioY robbel a bank at La Junta, Col., on the 14th of $2."..ÜOO. He presented a pistol at the auh er and made him daliver the cash. The Cincinnati Ice-Machine Company iailed on the 14th for tl50,UÜÜ. ON the 14th Frank Stone (colored) was lynched at Peil City, Ala, for assaulting a white woman, and Jamos Farney (colored) met a like fat1 for eloping with a little colored girl. A battery of eiglit gas tanks in Ludlow, Ky., exploded on the 14th and injured fifteen men, four of them latall. . At twenty-six leading clearinghouse in the Unitud Ktates the exchanges during the weck ended on the 14th uggregated M08,815,32S, awainst feff, 12:1.574 the previous week. As comparcd with tho i-orresponding week of 18S7 the decroase amounted to 4.5 per cent. Joiin Hawkin.s, h s wife and two children were drowned on the l"th near Bpringfleld, Mo. , while trying to ford a swollen creek. Josei'u Soip, of Charleston, 8. C, while insane on the 14th killed his wife by driving a file into her head and then rut his own throat. La Fkexcieke's immense saw milis at Louisville. Can., were burned on the 14th. Loss, 1100,000. 8ii persons- three men and three women -were drowned while cnissing the Arkansas river noar Fort Smith, Ark., on the 14th by the upsetting of a boat. Their ñames were John Logan, Jess Morris, Torn Davis, Sallie Jackson, Mary Pettis and Carrie Davis. All leave families. Thh principal part of the business portion of Avon, Mass., was swept away by fire on the 14th. Tde Unitcil States Sonate was not in sessionon tho 141 h. In the House the wool caragrai h r '¦¦ Tariff bill ws diX'BMad,


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