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1 PAINT 1 Sint Fflday. run IttoChurchSunday. Eiiht 5gJ 3P I ivhton.-blc Sh.ules: l.Uck. MarooB, Vcninlion r _ f ' BI Ycllow, Oliva Lake, Brcwstcr and Wayuii a -. ffó lïrecns. No V.irnishmL nccess.iry. Drl- li.,rJ L nllb "liiuc." UiM amt job is üoitc. ïn SS YOUR BUCCY it 1 ip top for Chaire, Lawn SeaK, Sash, Flowcr y "T I .i . ).,! , Cirriagef, Curt.lln Pe.k. 1 -nniiliiir. L „o UI I „,i,t l,...r, Slore-rronls. Streen Doors. lo.ils. ,„; gm M.ui l.i. Iron Fin-.s. ín l.i t ovcrv!liinu' Ji.M = ¦ the Ülklg iur the LiJks to ue alout the hou ;..: . FOR ONE DOLLAR 1 2CÖ1TSH0NEST CÖ Aro yini e ting lo limt ttits JKJLT II ¦, don i 5 2 T Imy ,i paiut CÖutaln ny water or benzhu1 r L 5i i foi ihe uinc mony(ornerlysa) yauosa pracun '" (ll 1' k nN l'llKI'lí tliat I wrriiiU-il lo Z L tu.-.. hom m, ;:m r.K ii .si.kd-oii. 1'aist 3 f ml free from water and benzine i.. Cï rX l,rnr..l nl UW no otltr-r. McrchanH harKflltVfc = ga E it are ouc aifcnts and authorUvd ! it, 111 tltuif. .: = 3 lu urnnt II la wnr 6 VKAKS .lti StOAlMw i 3" M S VK1HS Uh 2 MUTS. Uur SI. mK-s are ihc ?= I Mest Stylei uscd in Ihe E-st now brcoijlnL _"¦ LÜ , nmniUr In lh Wt, nd up itli linies S jf - rryil i brand of IIOKKSI i'UT and you wUJ s ï "¦ ncvcr rcrtt it. This to t)ie wUc Is lulncienl -ö g HOUSE PAINT }}j I COITS FLOORfMUTS J never dricd bcyond t'ic ttkky point C wm w.ivte ¦ week, spoil the job, an;l thin . art -% Ncxt time ca for CO1T J. '0'b lOliOH "M X 4 popular aJid sultabk ihadak, wmnt4 (¦ irj U- ¦ S IHWDNT DRY STICKY g ¦ lilll il Km arded are tliooe wlio rt-acl DTP UT VtlilH and then act; Ihey wlll flnd lUUUU 1 employinent tlmt will w not take them frora thelr homes and farallie. The pro(lU) are laiie aud ure for every tudustrioua persou, many Uave made and are now innklng et-veral handred tlill:irs iniinili. It is easy for any one to make i: mul upwards per duy, wlio Is willlnt; towork. Kltlier sex, young or oíd; capital not nerded;'w' start you. Every thlng new No speolal ubllity requlred, you, reader, cim do t ! veil iis any one. Wrlte to us at once for full partlculars, wlilch we mail free. AddresH BiliiHon & Co., Portland, Malne. DrMILlS'RESfORATlVrNFnWE ÊtÊkJI cuutains no Opium or dan, CP55r gerous drug. Canbe taken #3dll tSy any une at any time. jmBmSm The latrt and bént OUja&AT KM '"vcry U,t 11 E AD ACH E. (¦'¦' MfW XKBVOISVESS, SPASMS Y"; SLKEPLESSfifE88. F1T8. 'dBHk SIM II "MkMSA, un BPPWÜIir SKBTOl-S DISKASES. old by Druggists. Sample Bottles FrM LADIES P Io Tour Own lyriurt at Home. They will dye everythinp. They aresold ererj ¦where. Price lOe.H pnekage. They have noequal for Strength, Brightness, Amo uut in Packftgea or for Fastness of Color, or non-fsdicp Qualities. They do nut crock or sraut ; 40 colora. For sale by J. J. GOODYEAR. LU MEER! LTOBER! LUMBEU! lf you contémplate building, cali at FERDON Lultr Yarfl ! Corner Fourlh and Uepot Sta., and ge our figures for all kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Lurnber and guarantee VERY LOW PRICE8 -Give us a cali and we will make it j yout interest, as our large and well graded stock fully ustain our assertion. Telephone ConneUiom with Office. r. I. KBKCH Supt. JAMES TOLBKRT, Prop Estáte oí Charles Allmendingpr. STATE OF MICHIGAN. Countj of. Washlenaw et). At a geeslon of the Probute Court fur the Countj ot Wafhtenaw, bolden at the l'rubate office, in the city of Arm Arbor, on W ednt-Bday, Ihe twt-ntysevenlh day of Jnne, iu the yenr one iho8Hiid clulit hundred and elghty-cight. Present, Williuni Harrimmi, Jude of Prohate. In the matter of tha eetate of charle Allmendti ;er, deceawd. Rebecca Allmaualncer and i'ln ion Allni;iidlnf,".'r exeentora of the Uut wlll and tegtument of 8id dreeased, Come into court mul rt-preeunt that th-y are now prepared to render thiir iinal account na such eiecntors. Thereuponlt hjordered, that Tueaday, the thlrtytlr-t dny of Jnly, next, at ten o'clock In the noon be agclned for t-xaminlntr and allowine -ü.-h account, and that the devlaeeg, Iraieee and helre-at-law ol guid dereased, and all othr pir. sons lntereeted In naldestate.are requlred to appear at a BCDgion of said court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, In the city of Ann Arbor, in sald countyand howcause, Ifany there be, why the aid account ahonld not beallowed: And It ie further ordered, that mild exrentora glve notice to Ihe puraons intereated In aid eatate.of thepundency ofxaid accounUand the heariDg thereof, by caualni; a copy of thle order to be publlshed In the Ann Arbor Oourier, a newspaperprinted and clrculatlng In said county, three successivc weeks prevlous to sald day or hearinij. A trne copv. WILLIAM D. 1UKKIMAN WM. Q. DOTY, Prohate """ÍSU. THIS PAPER --T ¦ ¦¦# ¦ III ¦¦¦¦ KOWELL CO NcwHpaper Advertising Bareau (10 Spruca ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ imbu tlslug contracta inay VCIU YIIkIí 1 made for It lo I1C ff lUHIV jnyCBTICCpC ' othen.who with (d omint HW I Ln ¦ lOtlltf thil pap.i.or obt.jn eitimatti on advertiting tpaca whon In Chingo, will firvd it on (il at 45 10 49 Rtndolph St, Dn p TlMUIfr thtAdv.,tingAg.ncyot LUHU TNOMASl


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