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NVrilten íor the ('ouriku. Wbatls Uto leam not lo hope, To Deaise lo ixpeetT To look iiot wlth Joy to tlie futun', To know but neglecl? T.ialways be sufferpd to pass, nr sik'Ml to remullí? Norlolu Ín t lio ui.lln rinií group Wllll Wrh-omt HÍÍUill'.1 Wlmt Ís Uto llst not a volee, To ice nota hand Tliai btok.niMUKl mak es tliee hjseliolct' i l lili IIih hriiíht Imnd t To know ihat focever has ceaaed TIn' hope of release, Froni iiIkIiI to the brlght suniiy day; No lose, ciiily peaee ? Poor lienrt, who must drink of Uil cup A nu iiwnr.lly lileed, Kori't nol the Ulver, look up, aihI nsk, i ii tby ueeij. l'-v'n here Hewlll urant tliy deslre MU promUe luldll, Thh ! uitVrlng louch wHh Hls Hre U'li.Mi iIi.iiik liis will. O Cmi el : fnim i ilf-cii I ask hor Invc and a borne; Por hildren, three ilear ones to elasp. To"Molher" tocóme; brotbera huí neigbbora antl frlends, Borne lost one to nave; An altar for famlly prayer, A face not too Crave. A pew Ín thechurrh i hut Is fllled, And MtinaUllog ii gve T(i iiil-sion.s at lióme auJ aliroad ; To holler live. No Imnor, dwir Lord, wonld I orivva Tlml hon.ii.s not Ttte; In the niiiUt t" ni v bleulnga 1 pray Tliv siTvant to b.


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