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Joe And John

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John hm ilsi'ii IWure the hum. HIk rows ure mllked and hls horsex íed; Jon in xoinewuere out wim hls gun, Or lyini soundly uhUm'p n hls ba'. Tull wiicts iiv wiivini; in Joseph'H Huid; Sinall nnd iiieager hls corn appears: Sniiiii ni d menger will lie (he yïelc! When II cunes lo shu.lUug the shinlnif cars. John piyHcash when ho liastobny, 11 vfriiiimhleH or ilrlnks or bt-ti; Ju. 0,-s (.ii Hok ti.l hls score runs high, Tiien pleclgen hm farm to pay hls lebu; And eacb (DutraptlDU or new derloe til iprlOKa ai) ei pullevs ;or catching fools, Joe huys-no itiutU-r linwstecp tüe prlcuXo rust un. I rot wilh hlsother tools. Johtl narden kI ves of the liegt teat, Hi-s aeldom lioihered wlih douior'H bllls' Jih1 llvea moily oq bread and ineat, Btoraaeb bittere and paCeat pills John workK hard wllh ouMeleaad mlnü, Side by sldc wlth the world lie .stands : Joe Is daily fnlllug behlud, LottDg hh anp wllh bot h bis hands. ílils relatlon Isstrlctly true, Be DO object to teil yon a lie; Johu and 3oe livo nelghbors to you. Yon know 'einJuslaH well as I. hit her y on dweil where Nature fair Hliishes wilh n.sesor pales wltb snciw, r.ihn and Joe are siure to hethere Justas I lell you - ' speolally Joe.


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