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Englatul ts a grand free trade country. ...

Englatul ts a grand free trade country. ... image
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Englatul ts a grand free trade country. [t l.iys a ux upon tea, silgar, coffee and il lier necessaries of life tbat the pnor people are obllged to liave and which can aot be growu in i tg. own country. Tlic iust ull'iirt to raise the reven ue in tbat country is to put a tax of two Blillllna US punce on all bicycles. Tliis It thinks will be suffleient to run the country unttl the democratie party gets in power In America and theti they will be ao prosperous (at our expense) that tfiey won't need to tax tliiDsrf. The Democratie Cobden club du de wlio do not know a fine woolcd buck trom a wild boar, are haring a serious time of conviticing experieneed wool growera that tree wool is more profitably produce 1 than protected wool. With these long-hcaded, calculatlng herdgnic-n an ounce or' Ameri&in ooncrete expert - ence outwuigh an autire irgo of Brltish abstract tüeory. - 3 I.'ivit Tribune. Tln'v 'lon't want any republicans to visit. Jeortria. Shoulda't thlnk iln-y would A state that il o liare faced in 8uppressin2 the votes of iu people as ia Georgia, ought to be ashamed and afraid to liave mumbers of oppoaite politlciil fait h come near them. If money can clect Mr. Burt he will be elec'ed. If bc penda $100,000, as nis friends say hi: will, It will j{o long ways in acitmpaign.


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