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lts Delicacy of FlaTor And the efflcacy of its action have rendered the tanioua California liquid fruit reinedy, Syrup of Figs, itninensely popular, lt Cleunses and Tones up the clog;ed and feverish System, and dispels Ileadaches, Colds, and Fevers. Sold in 0c and $1.00 bottles by Eberbach & Son. A patch on a boy's trousers is soinetblnjc uw nnder the sun. - Boston Travel Ier. _ Are you Goiiig to travel ? If so you must be very careful of your health, or your doctor bilis wlll cost you more than your travelling expenses. A bottle of Sulphur Bitters wlll protect you f rom all sickness incident to a change of climate. - Evening Telegram. INVM.U.VBLE POK BUKNS, SUNBURNS, DIARRHtEA, CHATINGS, 8TINGS OF INSECTS, PILES, SOBE E YES, SORE FEET. THE WONDER OF HEAUNG! For rilt, 111 i ml lilriiliiic or ItchliS, it is ttao erratCBt known remedy. For Hm ii. "- 1-, Hounil, Ilrlllites nlld Siirnlns, lt is iiiuviiallfd- stopping pain and healing iu a marvellouu ïattiuicr. Forlnflameiiiuxl lw Kyen.- Iteeffect upon these delicate organg In eimply marvelloua. It Is the I.mllrs' Ki Irml. - All fcmale complaiat jield to it woudrous pawgr. For Vloer, Oll Sore, or Open JiMilli.K hi I'.iiukIk Bi(eS of buwets, l' il, lts acüou upoo these is most remarkablc. KBCOM M I ;; UT PBTBXCZAMBt fsri) i v hospit. n.s: rtttitioii.-PO.Yrs EXTRACT has been imi,, mntdiM hoi the wordt " POND' 'S KXï'RACÏ' Urnen in tht rjlw, mi our picture trade niark on mrrvumtint buJT irrapper. None other is gettuine. AlwaiiH insist on haring POND'S EXTRA CT. fake no other preparation. Il it necer eold in bulk or by tneasure. IT IS ÜNSAFB TO CSK AST PRÏPiBiTION EZCZFT THK Ocnuilll WITH OUR DIRIOtions. Umi F.rternaUy and InlernaUy. Prices, 50e. , %, $1.75. Sold everywhere. (L7"0(JK NKW I'jM1-1I IVT WITH H !TOHT Ot UIU rHii'AiuTioNs Ban FKEK on ArucATioN to POND'S EXTRACT CO., 76 Pifth Avenue, New York.


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