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Republican State Contention

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A Republlcan State Conventlon, to noml nate candidates for State Offlcers and Elec tors for President and Vlce-Presldent of th United States and the transacllon of sucl (iluer business as may properly come befor lt, III be held at Detroit Kink In the City o Detroit, beginuing at 2 o'clock. p. ra., Wednesday, Aiig. 8th, coutlnulng Thursday, Aug. 8th, 1888. In accordnnce with a roaolutlon Adoptad n Qrand Kaplds, May lOth, 1876, every c-omit. wlll be entllled to ono delégate for each 500 o the total vote cast for governor at the las State electlon (Nov. 1886) and one addltiona delégate for every fractlon amounting to 300 but each organlzed county will be eolitled to at least one delégate. Under a resolutloD of 1853 no delégate wil be entitled to a seat In the Convention who does not reside In the counly he proposes to represent. In conipllance wlth a resolutlon adoptiil ii Detroit, June 23d, 1880, the Secret ary of each County Covnention is requesUd o forward to the Secretary of the State Central Coinmittee (1 Rowland Street, Detroit), by the eirliett mail (tfter the delégate to the State Convention ar chosen, a certUied UU of such delégate as are en t'üled to eals in the State Converüion from lhi respective Counties. EOKGE H.IiOPKINS, Chairman. H. C.TILLMAN, Secretar. Washtenaw County is entitled to 18 dele Ka tes.


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