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Oh, yes! sectionalistn has all diet out ...

Oh, yes! sectionalistn has all diet out ... image
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Oh, yes! sectionalistn has all diet out in the south, and they are all a meek as "suckling doves." Arrange menta were recently made for a grea meetingof Chautauqua circles at Atlanta Ga. Among the speakers selected were Speaker Carlisle and Representative Mc Kinley, of Ohio. Invitations were tor warded to Washington to Senutor Col quitt and Representative Stewart of tlia state to be presented to those two gentlemen. Speaker Carlisle's Invitation wa promptly delivered, but both Messrs. Col quitt and Stewart refused to deliver the one to Mr. McKinley. Senator Colquit gave as a renson: "McKinley is a repub lican and we don't want Mini to preacl any of bis ideas to our people." Mr Stewart said: "We have nothing agninst MoKinley personally, but we don't want any republicana in our country." It must be borne in mimi tliat tliis meeting was of a purely literaty character, in which politics would have been wholly out of place. Thls shows tlie aulmus that still lies buried deep in the hearts o these men who claim to represent "the new south." They don't want any republicans down there. They kill thein oll' with shot guns usuully. They are afraid to have daylight let In npon their transactions. Georgia is the state whert 1,700 votes eleets a coneressman. More votes are cast in this congressional district alone than in the whole state ol Georgia to elect ten congressmen. Which is the sectional party. Who is it that keeps up the memories of the war? Such men ns McKinley or auch men as Colqultt and Stewart? Major McKinley is considered a pretty good man up north. He is a man of liberal culture, bread state8manship, possessed of excellent oratorical abilities, and one whom any pluct trom Portland on the Atlantic to Portland on the Pacific would be delighted to honor, and he ought to be good euough to tread even the lacrea soil of Georgia, II' 1,700 of lier aristocrats are a snllleient number to elect a congressman. The Mills blll reduces the duty on silgar 17 percent. Thls Is but a Htart In the rlght dtrection. But ttien everythiug can nol be accompllshfHl at once, and lf the blll made a more radical reduction on sugur thU time it ml;;ht defeat the blll. The reduction is to le delended on the ground that " half a loal Is better than no bread." - Argus. Yes, but why not make your soutbern brothers share this half loaf? There is 11 tarift' of (i." per cent. still left on sumir, and every democrat in tie House of :,prtsentatives roted agninst reducing it any further. Why did they do it? Kice is protected too, botli pradltond by the southern planters. Whllo the people of Michiran must bear the burden of free wool, free salt, free lum!er, etc. Is that justice, Mr, Argua? Is it not cowardly truckliDST by tlie democratie party to that Bcctionofthe couiitiy where "republicana are DOt wanted f" The Mills bill is the most iifamousaml daring piece ofgectional legislution any party bas ever attempted.


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