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Wliuu'si-yerman T- llarrison. Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde- ask Bnrt. There is something rotteu in Georgia. "If the Mills bill is democracy I'm not a democrat."- Burt. The ileiiiocratic polloy as expressed in he Milla bill would pauperize the north. Burt's heautiful barrel is to burst its bountiful bung ! Beware boys ! If wool is higher. under free tradc tlian inder Uriff now will the poor man's jlanket be cheapencd. Mr. Argns? l'.v chcaper labor? We hennl i prominent democrat remark Frlday, just after the convention that linrt was a cross bctween Saín Handall ud the Mills bill. SpeaklDg of the democratie state couMiiiion the Detroit Evening Newssaid: "The average delejrate If not capable of ¦Cting without a cue." Isn't that a MW niiine for it. Bartley Breen, tlie labor man, declines tu run for Auditor General on the democratie ticket. He evidently doesn't like the outlook - but few people do care to face eertain deteat. I . 1?. DcLaod, the f aruous saleratus man of New York, and a mcuibcr of the democratie state central commlttee, has oome over to Ilarrison and Morton and oOO of his men are with him. The solid South Mils billdid it. There -is no doubt but that the Detroit club were bullied out of two games in the recent Chicago series by Baby Anson, but people hereabouts would have had more sympathy witli them had tliey hit the ti.ili juM a little bit. The lowest estímate placed on the loss to the farmer's of the northwest by President Cleveland's tree trade policy is $50,000,000 on wool alone ! How do you likeit? Southern planters nre protectet: ou silbar and rice. They will lose nothing. Self preservación is the first great rule of life, and it is upon that principie that the republicnn party stands to-Uay in lts tight agains.t thé greedy laudlords of the great English natioii who seek to destroy tlie industries of tliis country and build up their own. We are Inforrned on excellent authority ihat ex-Congressman Ezra C. Carletoa, of Port Hu ron, and liis brother Col. I. 1). Curíelo, of the saiue place, have botu renounced Cleveland and hls free trade policy and pronounced fof Harrison and Morton. It is quite arausiog to see '"veteran deniocrais" invited to take a seat on the stage, or to spcak In behalf of the party. Would It not look a little better for the kdmlnUtratlon to Invita souie of tbem to help share the plums they have been so inany yenrs helpiii}; their party to procure. Democratie "tariff reform" calis for protected sugar and rice lor Qaorgla planters - a state in which no republicau must be allowed, and where ii landed aristoeracy governsby force - and free wool, salt and luniber for Michigan farmers and manufacturera. Is there any "reform" or hoiiesty aboutthat? The follovving papers have come out for Cleveland: The London Times, The Londou Daily Telegrapli, The London Daily News, The Manchester Guardian, The Scotsman, The Scottisli Leader, The London Spectator, all published n Öreat Britall). It looks very mucb as f Cleveland would sweep En;land unaniiiiously. Some of the papers feel vcry mucli afraid that Harrison will altempt to run on his pcdigree. It would winifhedid did, liit the important issue is whetuiT the laborinij maMM of the United States shall be redaced to tlie letel of the old worlil laborersor not. It Í9 wliPtlier republican protectloo and prospeiiiy or democratie f ree trade and starvation shall i;ii r y tito day. Nono but demócrata iiiust Cread tlie sacred soil ol (ioorgia. But they iirc broad, liberal, patriotie, uniou (ovintr non-sectioniil people down there! The fact tliat i fow nion get together in eacl district and elect a congiessman is only a mere incident to show how little tliey are interested in politics! Thcy nie Uil resurrected ones of the glorioal new simth thdt Grady t:'lks so eloquentl' about ' Wheii rebel prisonera were contined a Coluinbus, Ohio, Allen G. Thurman uní to send thcm dulnlies and luxuries frorn his table. When tbc people of liclim were starving Levi P. Morton piillei $50,000 cash out of b3 oeket, loadcd a boat with provisioii9 and sent it to tliat country. Thurnian never gave a cen for tlie purpose. Botli Tlinrman an( Morton are wealthy, but that's the diffcr ence betwecii thtm. Tbere is a great preswre brought to bear on the regenta of the university to remove tlie medical department to De troit. We believe in a university n the full sense of the word. The university belonjrs to the state. It has been locatei at Aun Albor, and it sliould stay there in its entirety. Let there be no attemp to vveaken the grcat nstitutiou of learning. We say to Detroit doctors, anc ambitiousorspiteful practitioners, "hands off." - Adrián Press. Corunna correspondence Byron Herald: Ex-Senator Pulver carne to court this inorning and gave his friends an unbounded surprise by wearing an out anc out white Harrison anil Morton bat - a plug hat. He is now back In the fok trom wbich he brokeout when tlie Green back crazestruck the land. Arepublican friend, witb tears in tiis eyes, whisperec in niy ear : " Whlle the toren liokls ont to bnrn Tiie wiliicst Qieenbacker may return." Our friend of the Argus bas been poring over statisticg in the University library, and pretends to have fount figures to prove tliat wonl was higher in the lnw taritl' times of 1855-9 than in higl tiirill' time. Ves, when the tariff Whs taken ofl' of wool it went down anc ceased to be prolïtable. Farmers killee otl'tlieir llocks in 184-5 - sneep carcasses being oft'ered on the streets of Ann Arbor at il cents eacli, as many an old settler willtellyou. At'ter the sheep industry was practically wiped out of existence, the foreign wool rrowen combined km put up the price, jnst as they will do again if the .Mills bill pusses the senate. When the Argus states tliat the M. C R. R., or any other railroad in the Unitet States getg its lumber free from taritl'or in any marmer diflerent or chenper tliaii anj' individual, lirm or Corporation can get thelr lumber, it simply tells a delibérate falsehood. When papers get so hard up tliat tliey manufacture standers and teil tliings in whicli lliere is no semblance of truth they must be awfully scared. And tliat appears to be wbat ails our ustially eqnable and even-tempered friend. If the M. C.R lt.has been getting its lumbir free the editor of the Argus can make ¦ htndMUM little fortune for himself by laylng the facts before the government officials. He better put up or sluit up. Let it be recorded tliat last year Mr. Cleveland's fecretary of war received bids for woolen blankets f-)r the army, allown' all manufacturers, foreigu and domestic to compete, and he let the contract to an Engllsh lirm who bid HO cents less than an American firm. Of conree it was a big card for tlieEnglish firm, whoconld liave allbrded to have lost inoney on every blanket, and probably did, lor the sake of defeating the AmericanR. The Engliah firm pays not a cent of taxes in thi cnunti v, einploys no hands here, and is a direct enemy to Ameiican labor, yet it was given the contract, and our soldiers now sleep under English blankets because they were made a few cents cheaper than our nmtiufacturers could make theui becaused labor is puid so mucb better here lian there. This is Cleveland's policy. fiill the north and impoverish her peoile


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