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Thk Senute on the 17t& paseJ an elffnt-hour luw applylng i.j litooren, workmen or knaobsn losintne employ of the QovernmeBl; al!o a Uil pli Q Pramonl on the nuy retlreuli-t u .1 Man.: General. The KuiMlry i'ivil Approprlatlon i II (W7,a00.000) ra ifported, ¦ad [oor i'm -:: tora "ere recelved Jrom the Preildeni i" tüa Houe the TrM bui ni apain ooni tlcrn!. anti an amendment to ropeal all Intern il tazea aud one to ubolish tHo tax o Btoonmntai ¦ .ini The session was sjent In tho Sonate on the 18ihr: the blll for tho admlss'.on of Washington Tcrrttory as a State, but no aotlon was taken. The blll for the estubllsnmem of a bureau of harbors Hnd waterways was reportcd from the Commlttee uu c'uiumerce without rccoinmcndation In tliclluuse the Tarifl bill wa opnsidered. In the Sonate on the 19th a bill was Introlui-ed dei' thut heruatter no allen sull be tdmlMed to iiniuralixatioa until uftcr he shall liavju beaa u resident of the United States ave years, and requiring that ho be of good sharacter and able to speak, read and writo the English lauguac. A bil] was paued dsjlaring non-mallable all mattor ou any part of which, exter.or or interior, Indecedent, lewd, 3efamatory or threatenlng delinoutlons, eplthets or language la ritten or prlnted - In the House debate on tho Mills TarlB bill in jommlttee of the whole carne to an en'fl. TM Sinate on the SOth oonflrmed Molvillo W. Fuller, of Chicago, for Justloe of the l'nited Btates Supreme Court. The vote stood 41 aycs to 2J noes. The Naval Arpropriaton blll WM reported and placed on the calendar, and tho t 11 to prolnbit tho coming of Chinese laborera into the United Stutes was considerad.... In the Ui Senato bill appropnatinf? W50.000 to lid State homes for dlsabled volunteera was passed. The conferonco report oo the R;ycr ind Harbiir bil i .',-077,1161 was Sgrced to. At the evoning session twentytour private penjion bilU wero passod. OOMESTIC. At Stanton, Ky., Johu Hose and R. S. Hall, his son-in-law, fought a duel on the street on tho 17th, and Rose was fatally wounded and Hall instantly killed. Judue Coren filed a decisión at Water loo, la., on tho lth dcclaring that giiigerale was an intoxicating drink and under tlio bun of the Iowa law. A wiNü-sToitM at Benkleman, Neb., on tli lTth tore the Presbytcrian ohureh from its foundations and destroyed twenty frame buildings. No lives were lost. The fourth report of the Civil-Service Commission, made public ín Washington on the 17tli. showed that betweeu January lfi, 1SS8, and June 30, 1SS7, 436 examinations erare oeld In vurious parts of the country for the whole classifled service, at which IX,9tt6 man and 1,887 women wera examined und ',i. 1 Ai men and 1,530 women successfully passod. Of the sucoessful applioants 4,:i; men and VJO women received appoint menta. A FiREon the 18th at Fayetteville, Tenn., destroyed the Elk National Bank and scv acal otluu' business blocks. A m.w anddangerous counterfeit of the one dollar silver oertificate made its apnearanCB in New York on the 17th. The jiiiiwr was a poor imitatlpn of Ireasury paper, but the bill was perfect in details, and only a fractlon loner than the treasury plata I-: i -ik Kkm.v. the threo-year-old daughter of Robert Kelly, of Chicago, died on the 17th of hydrophobia. She was bitten by a black and-tan dop; a few days n,ro. Kive piiU and two boys, from ten to tlnrir.n M'.us of age, were arrested in rhilaiii'lpliia on the 17th for having, as a regularly organized gang of thieves, entered aud plundored the residence of titi zens who had left the city for the summer. The new silk milis of the Phoenix Manufacturáis ('ompany at Pottsville, Pa., equipped at a oost of fiw.000, bogan operations on the 17th, employing one thousand hands. Mi i : i : a v LiBwrs (colored) was hanged on tlie ITth at Ureenville, Mis3., for tho murder of his mistress. The Dunn breaker and buildings connected therewith ut Old Forge, Pa., vera destroyed by flro on the lïth. Los3, $1(X),(XX). The mine was also on fiie. Two boys, Joseph öippel and Anthony Smith, were fatally bitton by a large bloodhound at Buffalo, N. Y.. on the ITth. The National Education Council, in session on the 17th at San Francisco, eleoted J. L. Pritchard, of Iowa, prasldant for the ensuing ycar. In an interview in Chicago on tho 17th Chief Arthur, of tho lírotherhood oí Locomotive Enpineei'M, .-ad thc.v had been beatón in the Burlington railway strike, and that it would be better uow to declare the strike off and for the men to seok cu ployment where thev could got it. At East Buffalo, N. Y., on the 17th Mrs. Mary F. Floss and her sister in-law, Mrs. Mary V. Wittig, were burned todeath by a kerosene lamp explosión. TnE Western Iron Manufacturera' Association was dissolved on the 18th at Pittsburgh, Pa. Jacob Iu i iir:u, arrested for the murdcr of Louis Shoenberg al Denver, Col., hanged hlmself on the lsth in his cell at San Bernurdino. Cal. A WATEK-spotT burst on the lSth about eight milos soutli of Vincennos, Ind., ata point known as Bald Hill, on the bank of the River Duehee, and flooded the country to the depth of four feet, doing great damage. A skiff capsized in the river at Louisville, Ky., on the 18th, aad Jack Pender gast, William G. Malone and Dan Morrill were drowned. Two imoTUERs, Freeman by name, living in Wise County, Tex., settled a quanel about a cane-mill with rifles on the lSth, both being killed. A fire on the 18th in Julius Bauer's piano and organ establishment and in the Chicago C'arpet Company's store in Chicago did damage to the extent of $200,000. Prof. M. L. Bartlett's daughter Carrie, W. 1. C'handlers daughter Myrtie and Dr. Enfleld's daughter Urace, aged ten, eleven and twelve respectively, were drowned in (unii river near Jefferson, Ia., while bathingon tho 18th. A hvoe water-spout rushed from the ocean and passed over St. Augustine, Fla., on the lbth, upsetting boats in the river, wrocking buildings near the sea-wall and tea ring out the streets. Several dray-loads of riíh were secured on the streets after it had passed. .1 ai ob P. Reiff, an aged farmer living near Norristown, Pa., was swindled out of $10,000 by confidence men on the lSth. Tus mayor of Petersburg, Va., on the 18th issued an order to the pólice to prohibit the sale of newspapers on the streets on Suiulay. The three Anarchists under arrest in Chicago for plotting the murder of Judges Gary and Grinnell and Inspector Bonfleld were arraigned before Justice Lyon on the lSth aud their cases continuod ten days under 5.000 bonds each. Tue Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineera nas started a movement to establish a new federatiou of all labor organizations in the United Btatea Two HÜRDERKB3 wen' hanged in New Jersey on the lSth - Richard Kearney, at Freehold, for the murder of Mrs. Murgaret Purcell, aud Henry t'onrad Bbert, at Jersey City, for wife-murder. i, w , ¦ ¦ i .1 . bvoken ui ir Clnolnnati on the Itftb The momben. mn about twelvc yyars od, bul bad planned U rob a bank. TM sca-iiiii.' --.iili-tit f H Si. Aymer, ..i Baal Warren, N. J.,locatedat Wlokford was ransacked b.v burfrlars on l'le I9th unrlil.".i m bank stock carriod off. Ai c okdim. in uk! California Btate (azatecr, issued i'ii t lic I'.nh, the present popn lation of tlmt State is l,5OO,O00t nearly doublé tliai "I 1W. lx Denver on thn l'.uh Benton Khodos and Robert lio Ie ploudedjjuilty to robbing the mails on the Denver & Kio tirando road and wero eeutcuced to flye years' i in prisonment. Will Hoi'stox. wlio shot ar, .1 killed a negro Wüinan last May, was hangcil at Winstou, N. C. ou Ui. Fourteex horsos belouging to J M. Shit,-, of Kansas City, wcro jioisonctl ou tho 19th by some unfcnown p-.-raon. Heavï i .. on the lMh at Wheelinii, V. Vu. dPblis fruui the hillsides rendcrinrr some ïtreots iiupa.ifiubic. One of the Baltimore & (ihio bridgos collapsed, and it was feared tliat fr'om ten to t wenty persons were drowned. At Caldwell's Run fout' dwellinys wcro twept away, eleven persons bclng drownod. The damage in Wheeliug was placed at S60.000, while the loss to erops in the surrouiiding country eould DOt be estimated. V. S. lijitu lili, of UuUwuod, Neb . and C. J. Buehaunon, ot lCeutueky, weriMlrownecl iu tho Platte river al Bcllwood un the l'.ltïi while iishing. Thk Uvery stablo of Clark Byrne, at Loaveuworth, Kan., was burndd on tho 19th, aud iourteou horses wero uvotnated. The Diroetor ol Ihe Mint ut Washington reporti d on tho l'Jth that for the ye;ir lssr the product of ;old amounted to f:8.lKMi, 000, nnd of silver to i,arr,00O. Olnap the minta during the calendar ycar, H'A 879,161. W r Biaueheihev, liroaerick and Gcdinf, the allefêd conapirators apÉnst the Ruiling ton rallroad, wero held under tr,O(X) fonds euch in Chicago on the lith to tho Fancral grand jury. A coxFLAOKVTioN on the lOth in ÈockinghBin. N. C, destroyed the eourt house, seven stores and one clwclliiig. ir In the Standard l'heator at St. Louis on the linli iwu cmployet ware fatallv burned and othevs scriously in]ured by the ox plosión of jugs of sulphune acid. In Northern New York forest fire3 had on the 19th caused great damare. Dl'iiini; the six months ended on tháí-Oth sixty-eiglit persons wero killed on tho railroad track withiu the city limit of Chicago. At BooneviUe, Ind. , the freiht antljtaa suiifier depot was cntirely destfoyed b. Ore on the 2l)th, as ware also several freight care. 1)1 Rixo tlie seven days ended on the :.'()tl therc Tvere 141 bnslnpss failures' in the United States, against, 150 the previiuis srven days. , Simox Pitts, a blind negro, was hitïi .:¦ 1 ou tlie AJlü al Cluy luu, Ala., for the murdur of l.oudon Walker. Si.vr.x men wure killed on the 80th by a stnamboat explosión at Westport, Ind., on tlie Ohio river. ¦¦# o.. ¦A. P. Mariile, of Wor)ester, -Mus-., was elee.ted president, ui the -Nji ional Teacln-rV Association at SaTl Franc. sen on the 'Mlh, aller wnlch the i'onvention adjourneil. J k Ai.i.kx was hangüd 00 the 'iiihat Montioello, N. V.. for the murder of L'lsura Ulrich last Uctober. lx the mine ol the Lake Superior Compau.v, near Iahpmina .ngle blust on the 2 Kli dislci . a: Ing rock, welghlnar three hundr(d pounds, the gold in which was vuluod at ïlO.ih) ( to ?0.(HW. -¦-¦¦¦-¦ Bi a boiler explosión on the 301 h at Hopkinsville. Ky.. one man wa killed and two otliers fatally injurej. The 1 :r.nehouse und c Uier buildings Tere dejiml ished. W.n f: of ihi! thioe CUIeago Anarehists under for ronspiraey to murder Judges Qary and Grinnoll and Inspector Bonlield inada a confession on the 2()th. Linvu.i.i: Uotp)3, eleven years old, was on the -Jt !i imprisoned for life at Frankfort, Kv., for killing his three vear-old sister. ' V Kt Tnn New York Lngislature on tl ¦;)th abolished the use of niachinery in penal institutions, deci'eeing that convicts shall makc only and by hand the goods rouirod in tho prisou systom. A comiitok was killed and five train hands probably fatally injured in a collision in tunuel near Wilkesbarre, Pa., on tho 20th. Heavt forest lires were raging all over Arenac County, Mich., on the 'JOth and ail the way betweeu Deep river and Uladwin. Timbor of all kinds had been destroyed, fences had been burned and other property damaged. Two MBX-Charles Winkler, a wellkuown coutractor, and a laborer- were crushed to death by the falling of a wall in 'hiiugo on the 30th. HlCKS Cakmk HAEL (coloredj, who murdered Dejiuty Sheriff IShipe May 10 last, was executed on the 2üth in Knoxville, Tenn. PERSONAL. AND POLITICAL. The New York Lcgislature met in special session on the 17th tor the purpose oí appropriating funds to provide wurk for Stut o convicts. The Piohibitionists of tne Beventh Illinois district on the lTth nomlnated A. H. Hansen for Congress. TnE Democrats of the Eighth Indiana district on the 17th nominated E. T. Brookshire for Concress. The National Democratie Campaign Com mitteo met at New York .-on the UtU aijd elected Calvin S. Brice, of Oaio, chainman. Hom. P. Darhe.v, Uraad Master of the National Crangc, died at his home in Jefferson County, Miss., -a the 17th. tt Faxxï Havenpokt was on the Isth. in New York. granted an absolute ditoreë ' from her husbund, Henrv -M. PrioS, Ukmocuats of the Seoond Misdsaippi district on the ISth renomínated J. B. Morgan for Congress. The Republicana of the Tweuty-fourth Pennsylvania district on tho 18th renoininated .1. Warren Euv for Congress. The Teunessee Republicana met at Nah ville on the ISth and nominated Samuel W. HawkinB, an ex-Cnion soldier, for UovSrnor. The platform indorses tho Chicago platform. Gexerai. Suejuüax passed a goed da.y ut his cottage in Nonquitt, Mass., onthel8th, showing decided evidence of inereasing mental activity and nerve force. Mits. Aox es Boy i dled at Kewanee, HL, on tho 18th, at the advanced age of ; one hundred aud üve years. , The Democrats of the Eleventh Illinois district on the 18th nominated William Prentiss for Congresü. (ir.SKK.w. Fohxev was renominated for Congress on the l'.tth by the Democrats of ths Sevénth district of Alabama. Wii.liam W. Wfm, a veteran of the war of USl'i, died at New Y'ork on the 19th, ; aged ninety-six years. Tuk Republicans of Minnesota will hold ' their State convention at St. Paul September 5. Tuk Democrats and (ireenbaekers ol Michigan held tlieirconventionon the 19th, the formcr at üotroit and the latter at " Tramt Rápida A (Oíllition ticket w.n aomlaated. the Gwanbackera seuurlng tho Attorney-W-nertl. i he Auil. tur General, i ha Qmimissiauer ui the Lamí ( illitk:, ..,,i .. , . . .r. furtíi.' ¦¦ ¦¦¦i, l.uhth and l .... . .- ¦ .-. vts The Domocrats ap propriate.l the rest of the ticket, oominatng Wellington B Burt, of S njinuw tor Qovernor. TiiKXKiiuocrui.' "i tbc iTourtb Missouri aistricton tho Iflth roni'minati'd Jame N. Burnes for Congres. The Kansas l'rohibitioiiists metatHutchinson on the 19th and nominated a full Btote ti.ket. with Kev. J. I). lfodkin, of u -hita, for Uovcruor. The platform favor ivomrn suffrage. roncal i'f the tuiff luw, onddemand al)üohit; proMbltlon of the liquor trafile. Tuk Kcpublican State Central Committee of Arkansas on the 19th decided not to put a State ticket in the fleld, but recommouded Republicana to support the Union Labor ticket, headed by C. M. Norwood for Govsrnor. Tuk physiciam of Benaral Sheridan rep rtid on the 'iOth that hts oonditiou had ¦ially altered in the last three oprovintf. Kïv. E 1' (ton. the weü-kiiown novolist. Jied in Kawburgh, N. V., on the 'íOth, of i, Ki'.ilf'ia of the heart. airod flfty years. Tni 1' 11 i.-rati nt theThird Tennessee district on 'm1 lOtn nominated Creod F. Bates tor Cumiiuii on the 848th ballot. üeohge C. Calkixs was nominated for Congres on the 20th in the Eigfath lowa district by the Union Labor party. Lester Ho e ilied on the 2Lh at Cobleskill, N. Y.. agod terenty-eight yoars. On Ma.v 88, 188, he discovcred tho now famous Howe's cave, next in sizo to Mammoth cavo. All his children wee married in 1m cave. Tu.: l;. ,.,!in .i!. S" convcutiiui for ¦¦ .¦. i a.,. - w ill be ii. 'M ín ESoncord Boptam bui' t. Sbskral Thomas yoiTSO, ex (iovernor of Qhio and a inember of Conijress in 1878 and B80, dled at Ui resldsnoe ut Cincinuati on the Üth. -Ü.IÍOREIGN. BrnoLABS entereil the house of Wilson Houghton, a qiiiet and inoffensfte old man, m Tilbury Center, Ont., on tho 17th, stolo f500 and shot Mr. HouRhton dead. Seves persons couöned in the jails of Havaiiii, C'ulia, uharged with kidnap i uk, uriv reloaed on the lTth, their innoceuca being shown. FoBQIDOne hundred franc notes of the Hank of France WBN dUoovered in circulation in Far.son the lstli. A Gi km v. nii-n-liant in Vienna, charged with sp(akinpr disrespectfully of the Dowaprer Kmpre.s Victoria, was on the lsth genteneed ta ëlghteen months' imprisenment. advioes of the 18th say that a volcanie eruption had oceurred at Makmats, in Japan, by which four hundred persona were killed and one thousand Injuri'd. Tnu steamer Austriano, with eight thousaud barrels of petroleum, was destroyed by an ex]losion at Kouen, Franee, on the 19th, and eitfht men were killed. Heavy storms on the 19th in Spain eaused the loss of many ooasting vessels, and in Rome a cyclone did great damage to lioperty. i Aiivice-.s of the l'.tth from Adelaide, Australia. say tUat the Brit ish ship Star was vrec;ked in Aldinjror biiy and that twenty persons were drowned. A COKMITTM aiioiiited by the British Bbuse of ('oiiiiiions submittod a report on ttu'jJOlii reoDiuiinjudiinf perpotual Sunday iif? in all purtj oí Ireland, and alsi tbo .is: of iniis at ii uu o'ciock on Satur day nifxlits. I In the criminal court at Dunglee, Ireland, on t lic 20th fourteen men were ien(onced to thrce months' iiuprisonnient ou the charpe of rlotinp. The pólice of Madrid, Spain, on the 'JOth loarched the hóuses of persous suspected oí plotting agallUi the (iovernment and lonnd three thousand weapons. Neah Ht. Maurieg, (.'au., fourteen men on a log-dïtve oa thoMattawan riverprocured gome whisTcy and, in a dranken freak, deCided to run the rapids on the'iOth, but tho bont was capsized and all were drowned. LATER NEWS, Tuk n ¦ ¦ of the base-ball c ul) In thn HuUvi' for i h" -.vele andad iu the 3ut was a follows: Chicago (jramos ?on), 4i; Detroit. 4; New York, 40; Biistun. ;H; l'hiladelphia, 84; Pittsburp-h. 5R; Indianapolis, 2S; Washington, ¦_':(... Tiie Amcricau Association i -lulis -tood: Brunklyn (games won), i; St Louis, 4; Cinoinnati, 4:; I'hiladelphia, til; H.iltiniore, :i)l; Louisvillo, 36; Cleveland, ï."; Kansas City, 21. In the Western Association the íollowinf was the order: St. Paul iframos won), :(9; Des, 3'J; Omaha, 27; Chicago, 28; Kansus City, 98; Milwaukee, 27; Sioux City, i; Minncapolis, 21. Skven cises of yellow fevor were reporti'.l al Plant City, Fla.. on tho22d. . Bï the upsetting of a bout on tho 21st on a pond at Krooktteld, Mass., tho wife, daufihter and two grandchildrcn of W. B. Jones were drowned. A total eclipse of the moon commonced at9;5ö o'clock on the evening of the 22d and continued four hours. It was generally obBorvedthroughout the United Ktates. A" exploded on the "lst at the coal shafts of Williams & Moss. at Zion, Ky., klllingfour men. Fkekjiit trains collided on the 22d on the Norfollt ; Western road, uear Lynchburg, Va., and both engineers, one fireman and five 'of"tne crews were killed. The property loss was (100.0001 A fihk on the 'ilst in a mine at Sunny South, Cal., oaused the death of six miners. A SAiL-upjbT c .intaining iour youngmen was upsèt 'on Lake Minnetonka, opposite NorÖi-ood, Minn., on the 21st, and all were drowned. General Kiiehidan enjoyed his best day at Ñonqui tt, Mass., on the 22d. Ue was and rpstful in mind, his appetite anddigestion were satisfactory, and all hUother syniptoms were favorable. Miss. Thomas Haktwio, a wldow with six children, was accidentally drowned on the J?4 ilftlie river at Logansport, Ind. Mrs. (i i:ii mi celebrated her twontyfourth birthday oa the 21st at Washington. A ïTEW oil furor was started in the PittsburgU reiiiou uu the 'lst by the discovery of oil in the abandoned territory around Pithole, whicü was supposed to be worked out years ago. Alix c'oi.i .ivs. of Marietta, Ind., was attaokedjlvy two roughs on the S3d, and in defendJng hiniself fatally cut both of them. The flrm of Ross, Haskell & Campbell, wholesale dealers in fancy goods at Montreal, failed n the21st for il()U,0UO, lx the United States Senate on the 21st the bill to reimburse the depositors of tho Fi'.'.'dinairs Bank was disoussed and passed. Jt appropriates 1.(XX),OUÜ. The fisheries treaty was discussed in open session, Mr. Teller speaking against the measure. In the House the Mills Tariff bill was passed by a vote of 1B2 to 14Í, two Republicans voting, for and. four Democrats agafnst the measuro. A bill was also passed Jo próvida for rthe adjucation and payment c.f clanna ai'ising from Indiaa aepredations.


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