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$1,500 In Cash Prizes

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FOR THhtE BEST ADVERTISEMENTS. The Chicago Daily News has reduced its pnce irom wo cenrs to uc Fer copjr. For . y pl iU sales have heen over .'.-million-a-week and it bclicves it now sces the way to safely le.d in ptacmg an idea] America d.ily pr upon the basis of the lowest unit of American coinage-ONE CENT. To successfully accomplish this end two things are essential: ¦ . T mUa u rnod a newSDaner as the best, if not a little better; second- to let every man, woman and child in the Northefów !s bcfjone, anTdat one cent'a day. Th. Nsws believes that it .s competent to ake care of First Cash Prize- For best advertisement, $1,000.00 Second Cash Prize- For second best advertisement, 300.00 Third Cash Prize- For third best advertisement, 200.00 Total, $1,500.00 The advertisement may be a single announcement, or a series of announcements not exceeding six n number. The pac required must ñot exceed that occupied byrtis advertisement-eight inches deep, s.x and one-quarter uiehes wide. For the ircneral miidance of all who enter the competition.the following ten pointe are briefly stated as being tbose which Tui Daily News will require to be most prominently brought out. The advertisement must emphasize : . Th,i Thb Dahy News isa daily paper for busy people. Because thii is 6- That Thb Daily Nbws s a happy paper. Because it believes in the ,_That Th. Datli NJ Je is the busicst part of practical wisdom of being good natured of being eenerally &fe, it. Most ueonle haven' the time or patience to read a " bfanketrathcr thn everlastingly disiat.sned The chromc fault-nnder .s a iheet ""thiy aosoTutdy Vaven'tanyuseforit. Newspaper reading, imiiance and The Daily NBwswillhave the east posible oí hint. alMü but a "nrid?m ófUfc, Jt lïï chief business. Therefore the worfd is better than it used to be.and beKr every day. Th" Daily News is a short-andlto-the-point-paper Ifs a good place to hvc in-let make the best of ju ,_jl,at Th Daily News is an independent, truth-telling newtpaper. 7- That Thb Daily News costs a great deal of money to malee. Because Becaitse the American people are intelligent enough topreferhonest, thcre is sometimes no way of demonstrating the value of a (hing, to impartial journalism to the misleading, tmth-discoloring dishonesty some people, so conclusively ai by showing, even in part, what 1 of the regulation political "orgaru" Everybody really wants to costs to make it. There are peopleon the regular weekly pay-roll know the truth in political mattere ; the most violent partisan docsn't of Thb Daily News, and their salaries range from $5,500 to $6jmo want misinformation for a daily diet. And as to editorial expression, per week, aggregating $30000 a year. 1 he white paper cotu even the most unreasonablc partisan will rarcly take lasting offence another $300,000 a year. The aggregate expenditurts of 1 lis Uail at an adverse opinión, o long as he U confident of the lumesty 0 News for 1888 will vary but a trille either way from $900,000. And furpost back of the opinión. It's pot the mere fact of disagreement yet . that makei trouble, u's the suspicion of 'f.í's s_That The Daily News now costs the reader only Oog Cent Day. 4- That Thb Daily Nbws Is family paper. Because this is the age of , thcnewipapcr,- a time when everybody readsit. and it is all-imporo- That Thb Daily Nbws is now luerally everybody t paper. Becaun tant that the newspaper should be made with direct reference to the heretofore metropolitan daily papers have been too expensive both needs of all the memben of the family. Woman and her interests in price and in time required to read them to make it practicable for never occupied so large a share of the world's thought aa toKlay- a the farmer or the raechanic to take them. Now this is changed. The fact not to be ovcrlooked. The moral tone and innuence of a daily larmer particularly should take a daily paper now that it costi but paper must also bc constantly watchcd, for children read it. Thb i little more than the old-time weekly, and is condensed so that he can Daily Nbw is for the home, and thcrefore it follows g also afford üie time to read It He 11 save its yearly cost over and „ ,. . ,. over aeain byknowing the market pnces every day, instead of weekly 5- That The Daily News is against the saloon. Because "the liquor as heretofore. interest " arrogantly assumes to domínate in American politics, and . Thb Daily News believes ihat it is not for the country's good that jo- That The Daily Nbws now inaugurales a newspaper revolution. Be anyone interest should thus over-ride all others, much lesione which cause luch a combination of values as it now offers the reader ii stands asthe representativeof all that ismostun-Amerrcan amongus. absolutely without parallel among American newspapers, aüd it 1. The Daily News is not the organ of prohibition. It is not sure that liound to make the dry-bones rattle. 1 he result of this revolution i( prohibition is the best thing. Good people who have made this subtbat every English reading person living wilhm daily newspaper disjéctalife-longstudydonotagreeastotheremedy. ThbDailyNews lance of Chicago can now afford, both as to pnce and time, to hav tas no eutopian hope that it is possible to legislatc men into goodhis city daily. Otherpoints will suggest themselves to the regular reader of the paper itself, and may be introduced according to the judgment of the adrertisement writer. Outline illustrations and jjoetry may be introduced if desired, but they are not necessarily essential to success in the competition. The prizes will be awarded to the three most successful advertisements, the publisher of The Daily News being the sole judge, whatever may be the absolute grade of their merit. All advertisements must be received before September ist next, and the awards will be made at the earliest date practicable thereafter. Intending competitors must apply for the paper"s complete pro, pectus, and advertisements must be submitted under the conditions therein named in detail. VÍCTOR F. LAWSON, Publisher The Daily News, Chicago,


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