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Who Is It?--harrison

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WllO Is tli man that'n bouml ti win, And Ui Whli House . in.i In, In nplle oi uil ihi-ii tniu.l and Int HarrlHcm, our Hartisou. Wlio In lt Unit wlll oom lo stay, On tlit; next electlou üay, And wleld a II rm but loving swuy? Han Ison, our ILuiUni. Wlii) Is that the Ëugllsh fear. And t ivin'iii' wlicu hls uame they baar, Aud wlah he wan't quite so ueai ? ' Hurrloon, our iliirrlsim. Who waa lt took n noble stand. Wit li H'Oker and hls uoble band, To drive ttie rebel Trom our laud? Harrlson, our Harrlsoa. Who Is lt we wlll vote for and elect. And knoiv he will our trade protect, And l'iinmi dutles he'll collectT Harriaou, our ilarrlson.