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Republican State Convention

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A Iiepubllcan State C'onventlon, to nomi nate canclúlHtes lor State Offlcers and KlectuiB for President and Vlee-rresldent of the United siatcs and the transactlon of such otber hu-iiicss iis may properly come before lt, w 1 1 1 be held at Detroit Kink in the City o Detroit, beglmiing at '2o'clock.p. m., Wcdiiesday, Xug. 8th, OOOtlnnlng Thursday, Aug. 9tn, 88.s. Iu aeeordance with a resotution adopted a ii mul Rapids, May intli, 1870, every county wlll be entltled to one delégate for each 500 o the li. lal vote cast for governor at the las eleetlon (Nov. 1886) and one addltlona delégate for every fractlon araountlng to 300 hut eiich organtiad county will be entltled to at least one delégate. riuhr a resotntlon of 1853 no delégate wll be enlltled to a seat In the Convention who do nol reilde In thecounly he proposes to represent. In compllance wlth a resolutlon adopted In Detroit, .June Zkl, 1880, the Secretary of each County Coonention is requetted to forword to the Scrretary of the State Central CommUtee (1 Rowland Street. Detroit), by the earlieêt mail ater the delégate to the State Conrention ar choseti, a certífted list of sueh delegat es as are en t,i;,.l ! ítuls in the State Convention from thei respective Counties. UEURGE 11. HOPKIN'S, Chalrman. IÍ. C. TILLMAN, Secrelary. W'uslilenaw County is entitled to 18 dele tiUtt!.