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Tli ¦ Mills bilí was carrled by the un...

Tli ¦ Mills bilí was carrled by the un... image
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Tli ¦ Mills bilí was carrled by the un lucky number of 18. Sure death. - Tjiu Argus reiterates in ita last issue tlii'.t;ilse statement that "the 51iclii:ii Centra) is cnabled to get luinber withou payltijg any taz on the lumber.'1 As no railcoad in the United States can import or obtaiu a foot of lumber tree froin tarifl any more than a private individua i ;m, il wouHl seem more clear titan ever tbat i lic falsehood is delibérate. Tilo New Brunswick, (N. J.) Hoiery ('n.,, i liut down its milis on the28th inst. thrqw ngSOO men outof employ ment. The reaaou given is this: "We were obliged to simt ilown on account of stagnation in the ooi trade caused by the uncertanity produecd by the tariff legislation. It is sim])! y suicide for us to manufacture ííoods, that a few inonths henee we ma; In' obllged to Bell at from one-third to over (ine-half their value." Is the south tril ], Aicy of free trade a pood thing ? In 1800 the Southern Confederacj r.ided by Knglish inlluence and sustainei by Biitish capital, attempted to destro; this nikUon by force of arms. They faileii Iu 188 the Southern people, aidt-d b; this hum K nglish ïnlluence, and sus t&lned by tliis same British capital, are nttempting to accomplish by legislatioi what they failed to accomplish by force of arm?, viz: The destruction of northen industries, enleiprise and prosperity. I roiiiuiiH with norchern people to sny whuthcr or not they shall be successful Do the Engüsh Lords, nobles aiH wealthy men who put their money iuto the C'i)!leii Club - (vvhicli expends maní thousnnds of dollars every year in the l'ree circulatlon of free trade literature ¦uid text books) - do so becauseof the fjooc it may do our luboring masáes and people generally, out of pure, Christian, phll anthroplc motives? Or do they do it ou ofselfish motives, in the belief that by s. ciirinir the desired end the money ex pended will be returned a thousand folii ? Uespectfully referred to the democratie party. I. B. liarry of Iv. ofL fame in au ín tervlew In the Saglnaw Labor Unionis Siiys " I iJon't tliink Burt'selection wouli liclp labor one iota. His opponent wil certainly do as mucli for labor as he wil ever do." Wlien askcd if he thought Burt would re ceive tlie labor vote, lie said "It dependa upon liow mucli salt aiu pepper or ihist can be thrown in the eyes of labor all around. Mr Burt marte a írreat many promises during the great mili strike in the SafflnAW Valley three years ago, but none of them were ever fulfitled." Can heavy tnxutlon make a country proaperous ? Wlll the Cocbier answer?- Argüí As tliere is no possible wny of inakin onr contení porary see the dlfference be tween the workings of a tiirill'aml u tax there is little use of trying to enlighten li i ni mi the subject. II by a jndicious iii vestinent a man can benefit himself is he not foolish if he does not make the in vestmenl ? And what holds true in pri vate business holds true in governmeB buslnew also. And our tariff has proveí iNiOt a judicious invetitment for the peo pie. Wr not ce that the New York Tribune of a recent date had a very ill-tempered and foolish article in reference to severa prominent demócrata of Michigan. That will not help republicana to gain votes in any way. Personal warfare should be refegtited to tbe dark ages wliere t beIodjcs. rostmister Genera] Dickinson, one of tbe pentlenien spoken of, is thoughi a great dea] OÍ by people of Michigan in a'l partlef. lie is a keen, upright, honorable gentleman, and we venture to assen is the brainleat member of the cabinet Hia management of the postofflce department, has been progiessive and satisfaetory to the people. The Michigan appnlntments of Mr. Cleveland have been generally gpeaklng quite satisfactory alio; for instance we do not believe that Aun Arbor ever had a inore methodical prompt aud business like postrnaster thau ehe lian to day n Mr. Dully. The personal arfare uriimt Mr. Cleveland, anc liis ciibinet should be diopped, aml tlu liglit made on public issues and party principies. Tlie republicana believe in proteéHOD to American labor, American industries and American capital. The demócrata helieve in free trade. Let's go to the country on this issue umi win 01 lose oo Uk; inerits f the case as presenteü to the people. Personal abuse should be dispenied wJtb. The last presidentiai campaij{0 was foogbt on that plan and it was dltgostiDK to decent people. Let's bare a olean fight on principies