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Justices Of The Peace

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The following list comprises the Jus tices of the Peace of this county, together with their their postofflce address and the date when their term expires: Name. P. O. Addrete. Term E. K. Pond Ann Arhor 'l891 .. ;K. Frueauff 1889 Wm.H. Bishop Whittaker 1889 . J. Rust Newcomb 1890 Thomas Wardell Oakville 18H1 Watsoa Harr Ypsllantl 1892 .j eti?zel1 Clinton 18M Adam Reldel, Sr Brldgewater 1891 Hobert McHenney ....Clinton 1892 Wil Ham Clark Plnokney 1889 Í Kaapp.. Brldprewater 1889 Wm.Beuerley Manchester 1891 Lander Kaston Uezter 1890 2?"f.uel Jfeaey Chelsea 1891 Pbillp Blum Ann Arbor 1889 tiooi-Ke Mann BrIJgewater 1K90 IXinielD.Seyler Ann Arbor 1892 almon Kreas " igi ÏVS MaJív, -L-nadilla. .."y.!'.: 1890 Andrew.J, Boyce Stockbrldge 1894 sa„, ad H Porkli. . . . . Manchester ...... 188 b ranklln Huil ioon A.Conklln . ' .. 1H1 iIIe"ry,'i,ul,'K, An" Arlmr. .¦.'.'.¦.'.' 1889 James Welch .. j890 ÍJlcl'afl Dufly Whltmore Lak'e. 18H t;„ , 'i'!l'.r Bailne 1889 James DAlllson.... Pittsfleld 181 ShxIou Maeomher Salem 1889 Kmidall C'huumnn ' " isui JKMÖ; 8aïM:::::ii.:::r 9 John McKennon '.'." ¦' " wS! Fred J. Feldkarap ... 1J9J David Allmendluger.. Ann Arbör.'" ' 1889 A.emnderD.Crane...Dexter... .. ..." 1892 íí- -"vmier Manchester 1SH0 Henry L. Renán ¦ mi RiL"8,'nltI.and Ann Aroor. :::::: im gobeit Martin l'lymouth 1890 fcilgar S. Ueer Ann Arbor ' 1891 Jonathan R. Holmes. Manchester. .'. .'..'. 1892 1. V Quackenbusli... Superior 1892 Z Iu' . KnaPP Chelee i Tlmothy McKune ... " ,H0 J. D. Schnaltman ,iai UeorgeW Phelps....:Dexter ::.":.:: }W Winer fc .. Cushman .. .Delhi Mili 1891 Henry H. Wilson Webster 18S2 ííf4e! I Gold8mlth....York '. 1889 W. W. Kelsey Nora 18H0 "eryoe Urania imi ív ií ," Ypsllanll 1890 traik Jonlyn ¦ 189) A. Oraves iouq James U. Berols 189 V. Irving Yeckley ...Rawsonvllia !.''" is'i2 There is hardly a typo in the city bilt kDowa Willlam Acton, and every one of them will be glad to leani tliat he has been granted a relósue of hls pension. Wm. is a deserving old soldier who will be benefited by the government's grant. A granery filled witli farm tools, belongingto Mrs. Ellen Miller, of Superior, Sec. 27, was biirned Saturday nifht. Building is insured for$50 in the Washtenuw Mutual.


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