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The most Marvelons, Interestln?, Instructie and Retlued Exhibltlon ol" the age and the only one of the kind in tho nor ld. OPERA HOUSE ANIST ARBOR, MTCII. ONE WEEK. 8 Performances, Commenciugr, MONDAY, AUGUST 20th. Manager John D. Mtshlcr has the honor to presji.t PROF. QEO. BAKTHOLOMKW'S EQUINE PARADOX, i f24-EDUCATED HORSES-24 DOEVERYTHINGBUTTALK, Ever Eyenlns at O'elocV. TWO AFTERNOON PERFORMANCES. Wednesday - Saturday, 2:30. At the Wedneaday Matinee, each lady wlll be presentad wlth a liaudsorne souvenir palettie ofNellle. Reception by all the horsen on the stage after the performance, to which ladles and children aro apeclully lnvited. i'i; 1 1. neins Gallery . ... '25 cents. Admission . . . . 35 " Reserved Seats . . . 5O ' For Sale for all of the 8 Performances at Wahr'i book store on and after Siturday, July 18. Matinee'8 door open 1:30. Cominence at 2:30. Evenlngdoorsopen atï:lf. Commenoe at 8. Performance over at ten. Afternoon performance same as evenine. The horaes wlll ranke a parade over the principal Blreets, leavlhg the Kui'ink 1'ai.ack Cars at twelve o'clook, Monday. 8honld the weaiher be tinfavorablo the parade will be made Tuesday. The public are invlted to lnspect the largest, most coatly and most complete cars over built for horses, bfctweeu 2 and ) P. M., Tnesday or Thursday. ')t $$&% Á Coaeentrated Liquid Extract of MALT and HOPS. o MANUFACTURED BY SPECIALTY DE'T PHIL. BEST BREWING CO. Aids Digestión. Cures Dyspepsia. Strengthens tlte System. Restores Sound, ltvfreshing Sleep. Priceless to Ntirsing Mothers. Becommended by Eminent Physicians. - o - - FOP SALE BY ALL DRUCCIiTS. DRJdlLES' RESTORATIVE NERVINE Mrf k cnntuins no Opium or danWBWK gerous drug. Can betakeu ¦pEL Hy any one at any time Jffli Yhe latest and brut lia CZ3jS ,,,,-r. fol II 1 1 I A H K. Mr íBl MM NKiivoi sm-:sn, spasms W FX 8LSEPLKSSJÍES8. H IH YmKjSSIKi sii w, wt:AKES8, an JWBWW NKBYOliS DISEASES, Sold by Druggists Sample Bottlei FrX ÜDÍlPPi Do Tour Ovrn Ij-Iiik, Kt Home. They will dye ewrything. Thejr reaold eyery. where. Price lOo.a package. Theyhavenoequ! for ëlrength, Brightneis, Amouut In l'cVK'- ..r for Futui'iu of Color, or non-fadisir Qumlitu. They do not crock or smut; 40oolori. For sale by J. J. COODYEAR.


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