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I PAINT jjj ' l-.Hit rnday, run it to Church Sunüay. Lu' ¦&S Fathionablc.Steuiei: Etock, M.uoon. l'lu. . Ycll..w. Olive Laks, Brrv 1 í"j i.i -... No i.'wr ' r necessan Drim tmrj ¦ ¦ "- .. lih a".hiae." Ono Cujc and Job b don ' '¦ YOUR BUCCY L TÍp toP fo' Chairs. l.-jwn Seal - Pott.lI.Yby Carriages, Curtaln lolcs, hnrnitm l i rut I '¦ Mf Storcfron'.s, ben n Joors. ' . Tg le. Iro Feni-i.-s. i-i í ¦" :ne Üiiij fur the ladie? tu use aboni Ibu hoi S: FOR ONE DOLLflP 3SGIT8H0NE8T C') ie j.-u -iin: ¦ ¦ i !;!¦ j i ig water or benzioc ' L t..f ¦ '.- saine nioncy lor ncarly so) prí iif íOIT X (''S n Ull PAINT t ii í, mrrMl4 ¦ : : ,uiiiiiM. i.i:ipk i'.MKiinn, rw? 'g fgp) md r ! írom wnter and benzine. UrMatfl tlilt í , J - _ 1.I-UI..I ,ti'! laVa no ullicr, M t warnatlL lo wcar YtUJIrt !k t lUAiSsr I 2 " pv 1 VKlKt Klth - li'Vls. o - ; LJ " , ¦ -rt Irytin, l.r.d of lliJM.X I". í I I " never rt-)T' t it. Tliis to the wtee is sufficiriti U g HOUSE PAgftST jij I COIT'S FIDOR MWTS; Ü Piint tliat nrver fine-I beyon ' t, 35Z v ¦¦ .i ve k, m . ¦ ¦ i "" ? N. (t tiin Jt i r I -)l r ív (O:, í'1,Mí:í !wM ÍT X ' populor and irmfe ¦! : Arj L , ., . ¦P hxrd R a rock imr mtlii. No troul te No - -) 3WQNT DRÏ STinxyiS Notlce to Crodllors. TATBOF MICHIGAN, Coantj ol TaAtaMw Nolice s liereby givi'n, thatby an oriW of ihc Prolmte Cnurt for the County of Waabtenaw raadoouthusevenieenth day nfJiily, A. I), lsxx, six nniMtlii froin tlmt. date rere alliiwiid lor creditora to preaentthetrclalnu aijniTist ÁaMtiteof Jenole N. Vandereoter, 1-nie of aid cuaoty, deceased, and ihnt all creditore r i-uid deoeued are reqiilred to pn-H'-m thelr claims ! Mld Probate Cotart, al finProbaMOBce, in tlie cltyof Aun Arbor, fur (xiiinin atlon ari'1 atlowance on nr betbre the íeveateenth day ol .lanuaty next. ntid th:it Bnoh clami will be hearri before aid court, oh WYilntduv, the f-cvriiWciith dsy ol October, on Ihurada; 'he teven t.intli ilay ol .lanuary oen, al leo o'clock in the forenoon ol each ol faid dny-. Dated. Aun Arl)or. July 17, A. D. IS88. W1LLIAM 1). HAIIH1MAN, HI2 1410 Jadee ol I'rohat--. Esfatc of diarios AlIinciidhigTr. STATE OP MICHIGAN, Oounty of WaahtënaW Ét. At a sesslon of the l'robiit.' Omrl for the ('otinty ol W'anhteimw, hulden a( Ule l'rol.ute office, in ihe city ol Ann Arbor, on Wednradaji the twentyseven'hday oí Jane, in the ycar one Ihonsund ei'ht hundred and etghty-elght. Praent, Wllllnro D llarrimini, Judr ol l'iolute. In the matter of tbe estáte or Charles Allmcndligcr, dereiiHid. Ki becca ADmeootrger and Climoii Al'iu i.dini_'.r ezecQtora of the uut wil] and tustum-iit of tud deceaaed. c ma into 'uirt nnd repreMOl ihat th' y ure now preparcd to tender tbelr final Hcconntni s.ich txi cntora. Therenuon it is ordered, timt Tueariay, iba thirtyfln-t day of July, next, a! ten o'clock in tLe noon bu assined Tor exaralnlnt; nnd allowhtg iuch account, and thnt the duviseei, ! ettert and heirs-at-law ol said deicased, and all otln-r pernous interested in said estate.nre requlieil to appcar at a seenion of sald court, then tp be holden at the Frohate office, in the city of Ann Arbor, in said countyand Bhow cause, ifany there be, why tlic s-aid account dhould not be nllowrd : And It is ftirther ordend, tbat sald exrcntors glve notice to the pernons interented la raid rstatcol tuependenoy ofsaid account.aud tbe hearing Uureof, by causiiiir a copy of this order to be pablished tri the Ann Arbor Vourier, a newspaperprinted and circnlatinp in sald couniy, Ihree surcepsivc weeks prevtouetosaiddHy olhearine. A r me copy. W1LLUM D. IIAHHIMAN. WM. Q. DOTY. Probate Rer f 'ÜH fl f flflT V "vardwl ure tliose wlio rpad n iH iTtllB "'"' u"'" "'¦'; lliiy w" fli"J MiUMWl iKMiunlile employineut Ibat will not tako them f rom their homes and families. The proflts nre larse mul lure for every lndusti urn-, per lany liave inailearja are now miikhiK leveral luindred dol Hm ii month. It In easy for any one to make 8.) and upwards p(-r day, wlio is wIIÜiik to worU. Klther sex, young or oíd; capital not nemled ; we start you. Kverythlng new Nd special Hbllity required. yon, reader can do It nx well as any one. Wrlte to os at once for ruil particulars, whlch we nmll free Address silnuon Co.. Portland. Main e. FOR Jams, Confections and Preserves Manufactured by the Ann Arbor Preserving i'o., Bo to fBROWir 3c CADY, a Sole Ageots for Ann Arbor, or to the fac tory Plttefleld road.s,uth. Mf1rl!i,Sea wdrs exist In iliousands or UUforms bilt are s,„ pass,, 1 by the n,ar UMUè veis of Inventlon. Thoso wl.o ure in „„ "A )f Profltable work 'hat -an l,e enclthelr uddress to Mallet & Co., Portland, elíher'se? rf,'1'6 free' fu" 'nformatlon bow elllier sei, of all ages, can earn from $5 to fü per day and upwards, wherever tliev livo Yonaw tórtetffree. bapltaj Dot rqo red] HA MACJOjMAC. Summer Tours. Palace Steamera. Low Ratea. j Tour Trip pep Woelt Botweon a DETROIT, MACKINAC ISLAND ü Bt. CUir, Oakund Houe. M.rlno ci'ty. 5 Jivory Wook Doy v DETROIT AND CLEVELAND D 8pUl BumUy Trip, during July ud Auu.t. J' OUR lLLUSTRATTr7AMPHLETS w by your Ticket Agent, or ddre. Li E. B. WHITCOMB, G.n'1 P.„. Ag.nt, Fi Detroit & Cleveland Steam Nav Co DETROIT, MICH. Q,


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